Marketing criteria for the evaluation Part 1


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Marketing criteria for the evaluation Part 1

  1. 1. Marketing criteria for the Evaluation Parveen Kaur
  2. 2. In what ways does your media product use,develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products? I designed my ‘The Base’ music magazine around the current musicmagazine ‘Vibe’ and ‘The Source’, and also got some ideas from other R&Bmagazines such as ‘XXL’ and ‘Ebony’. I used these magazines becausethey were all from a similar genre to my magazine. I mostly followed the‘VIBE’ magazine and got most of my ideas from there as it was one of themain R&B, magazines throughout the world.
  3. 3. The colour scheme used (pink, black and grey) are used very effectively as they stand out on a white background which makes the magazine look sharp and eye catching. This will then attract the reader straight away which will pull their attention to reading ahead and hopefully purchasing the magazine.- The skyline is used to inform the reader of what’s in the magazine and who is in there.They do this to show their range of artist in an easier and effective way. That’s why it is laid out at the top of the page as it’s difficult to throw everything all at once as a cover line. - The design of the page is very clear as its most important information is in big font and is laid out on the left hand side of the page. E.g. they do this because as the reader pulls the magazine out of the shelf, the first thing appears is what’s on the left hand side. Therefore all the important information will convince the reader to read ahead. - Underneath the artists name it quotes ‘Play the role, be the baddest bitch’. The word ‘baddest’ isnt a word in the dictionary but is used to illustrate the way the target audience talk which is effective.- A mid-shot image is used and in front of the mastered and other text which represents how important she is and is a direct mode of address as the models eyes are directly looking at the camera which then has and automatic eye contact with whoever looks at the magazine. This creates a personal interaction with the reader and encourages to buy. - The tone of the image is very laid back and calm as the artists facial expressions show this. At the same time it also creates a sense of power as her arms are besideher hips which shows sophistication, hence why they use sharp colors such as red and black to show power. - The cover lines are brief information of what’s in the magazine. This is here becauseit is more effective than having just one topic on the front page. Each artist’s names are in color order such as black, red, black, red which doesnt make the magazine cover look so dull. - The connotations used e.g. ‘be the baddest bitch’’ which creates a sense of feelingwhere the audience feel that the model has even more power which makes them want to read on. Also the use of the star* (Bit*h) is effective as it slyly represents fear and
  4. 4. I decided to use a simple mid-shot photo for myfront cover as most ‘VIBE’ magazines do this as theexamples show above. I committed to the tone anddressed the model casually and her facialexpressions are plain and simple. The modelsmise-en-scene helps blend in with the tone,representing the model as a relaxed person. Ideliberately used a necklace on a model as themajority of models on the magazine ‘vibe’ and ‘thesource’ wear a necklace to represent either fashionor wealth.
  5. 5. For my masthead I used the font ‘Eras Bold ITC’ as it was firm clear and seemed reasonable andappropriate for and R&B style. I particularly picked this font as it represents the tone of R&B as its prettylaid back. In ‘The Source’ magazine I had liked the idea of the ‘THE’ on the left side placed vertically andthe idea that on the ‘Vibe’ magazine the masthead is calm, short and cool. Therefore I had mixed both ofthe ideas together and then came up with my idea of ‘The Base’, with the ‘The’ placed vertically on the leftside of the masthead. Also the word ‘Base’ is to do with sound as my target audience liked playing musicwith base. I used the idea of a skyline to put above my masthead as most R&B magazines do this and highlight other artists who are in the magazine. This is very effective to readers as its a quick and neat way to outline what else is in the magazine. I decided to be creative and use the colour scheme pink, black, pink, black which made my skyline stand out rather than having just one colour.My main headline is about the main story in the magazine. The artists name was written across the modelspicture. I decided to use the font ’impact’ for my headline with a black outline as it stands out against thebackground. I used a pull quote just underneath my headline. My target audience are young, live and are familiawith informal language such as slang. I used words such as ‘baddest’ and ‘bitch’. This is very effective as it isattracting my target audience wanting then to read what the articles about. The font for the main cover line isMyriad Pro because it attracts attention when you look at the cover. Most of the time, in my genre R&B,magazines such as vibe have one or two fonts on the front page, so therefore I decided to use one font all overmy front cover apart from the masthead as its supposed to be the same font thought all its magazine issues.
  6. 6. I followed codes and conventions whilst using puffs on my magazine. The majority of R&B magazines have a number in large font. This is also very powerful as it shows the reader that theres a lot to explore in the magazine. I decided to involve fashion in one of my puffs as my intended audience is young and like to be updated with the latest fashion trends. Most R&B magazines tend to have a list of which artists are in the magazine as this gives the reader a taste of whats new and what to be updated with. Some puffs sometimes use a different colour or font for either the artist or the information below it. Looking at mine, I decided to highlight the main bits of the stories in a bold black and pink. Both of these colours stood out together as it followed the colour pallet of the cover.I have put a barcode at the bottom right of my front cover to follow conventions of a magazine which makes itprofessional. I put it in the bottom corner because, though people don’t really take notice of it, it is needed whenyou are purchasing the magazine so putting it in the bottom corner keeps it out of the way of other text or imageson the page and doesn’t ruin the design of the cover. Most magazines such as ‘VIBE and ‘THE SOURCE’.I used a banner at the bottom of my magazine. Magazines such as ‘The source’ and ‘VIBE’ tend to have theirmagazines website at the bottom, however I decided to be creative and to advertise instead. My target audienceare very fashionable and are up to date with the latest trend. Street unique clothing gives the idea of what type ofclothing straight away which is very effective. I also mentioned ‘for those who want to rock’ which is a powerfulway to attract customers as a pull quote.
  7. 7. -The colour scheme is black, grey and white as this isdone purposely as it allows the pictures to stand outeven more as my target audience agreed that its thefirst thing that pulls their attention.- The Title ‘Contents’ is laid out in a certain way toshow that its different and creative. It is written halfwhite half black overlapping an image whichrepresents that they are artistic.-In the contents, the page numbers are used on theleft side of the article description in bold black as thearticle description is in grey. This shows that the pagenumber will appear first as the reader will skimthrough the description. This is effective as there ismore chance of the reader turning to the page.
  8. 8. I decided to use a range of shot types such as a mid shot, low angle shot and a full shot. I believe its important touse different types of picture shots as one type may seen dull, boring and effortless. My full shot image was usedto represent fashion. This is ideal as my model shows and models her fashion head to toe. This is what my targetaudience want to see. I decided to dress her the way my target audience dressed and in their type of fashion.E.g. Glasses, chinos, braces. The pose my model is making is looking away with her hands on her hips and aknee bent, showing great attitude to show power. The second image I used was a mid shot taken slightly higherthan the model. I used a beat box which represents R&B music as my intended audience said they thought thiswas ‘cool’ and ‘wicked’ and shows their commitment to music. My model is wearing a chain (which is the mainpiece of jewellery my intended audience wear) and is dressed rather casually, keeping the tone on the imagesettled. Also the setting of this picture was against a brick wall, which is showing that my intended audience liketo roam the streets showing off their music. This background was an ideal setting to take the image and itsupports R&B tone ‘laid back’. My third image was taken in a skate park at London South Bank. I used thissetting as it is a rare place to have graffiti against the walls. This represents my target audiences personalitiesbeing creative and fun/physical as it is a skate park. A bike was also used as a prop which settles in with the toneand blends with the models and background. The clothes the models were wearing were to blend in with thegraffiti, which represents the models fitting in and mixing in. The photo has been taken at a low angle torepresent their power in the photo which is very effective. My models positioning is very different, one behind
  9. 9. My masthead on the content page overlaps my image with the first three letters of‘contents’. I used the same font as I did on my front cover ‘impact’ as I thought anotherfont wouldnt be appropriate and it would look more professional. The first three lettersare in white bold font and I chose to do this as it overlaps to stand out on the darkimage behind it. As for the rest of the masthead I left this a bold black font, standing outon a white background. I decided to do this as magazines such ‘VIBE’ and ‘THESOURCE’ tend to be creative with their mastheads. Looking at ‘VIBE’ they lay‘Contents’ out on three lines which is eye catching and is laid out differently comparedto other magazines. They also have their magazine masthead somewhere laid outacross the page, as vibe and the source have theirs beside their masthead. I also didthis but on the top left corner of the page. I decided to do this so the reader would thinkthere’s something unusual about the picture and will realise the logo which again isvery creative as they would pay more attention to this rather than the logo laid outnormally. I used elements from indie magazines to use on my content page as it makes my magazine different from similar magazines. I believe by doing this, I have a niche in a media distribution company as it would be another great magazine to publish as the smallest elements make the magazine unique. I also did this with the plus list, as its an easier and sufficient way to work around the images. I highlighted the stories in a bold black with the numbers in a grey, making the stories stand out more than the numbers.
  10. 10. For my features, my contents page is veryinformative for the reader and as it has boldguidelines and large bold page numbersdirecting the reader through the magazine. Inthe contents, the main titles are in bold blackwith information underneath giving the readeran outline of whats in the story in a greycolour which is effective as the writing in boldblack represents its importance and isnoticed first. Features on ‘VIBE’ contentspages usually do the same thing, importantinformation in bold and the relativeinformation in a thinner font.