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Mangham dawn brand identity guide


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Mangham dawn brand identity guide

  1. 1. Running Head: BRAND IDENTITY GUIDE 1 Brand Identity Guide Dawn T. Mangham BSB August 19, 2012
  2. 2. BRAND IDENTITY GUIDE 2Brand Name Admittedly, when the course started, I had no given much thought to acompany name or brand name. As the weeks have progressed and theimportance of branding has been demonstrated, it has become apparent that Ineeded to revisit this component of my business. For week one’s assignment, Ichose Mangham Management because it was simple. It did not require any realthought. However, I am looking to change the name I previously submitted to TheMaxima Collective. That being stated, this change is tentative. The backstory for this name is two-fold. The first aspect of the name is tohonor my mother. Her name was Maxima. The second aspect is what the wordmaxima means. Merriam Webster (2012) defines maxima as “the greatestquantity or value attainable or attained”, the plural of the word maximum (para.1). I chose the word collective because my company will be a group of peopleinterconnected by purpose and driven by vision. It will be a body of peopleworking collectively to empower our clients. This name actually falls in the suggestive category of trademarks. Thisname, as Hoosear and Evans (n.d.) state, “makes no direct reference to theproduct itself or to any component, characteristic, feature, or ingredient of theproduct” (p. 2). The name does not immediately convey what the company does.However, the connection to the name lies in the concept that The MaximaCollective will provide services that help clients reach their greatest attainablevalue.
  3. 3. BRAND IDENTITY GUIDE 3 Finally, the company name is protectable according to the informationsearch on the site. Additionally, the domain name is available(, 2012). Unfortunately, an alternative domain for a shortenedversion of the company name, The MC, is not. This shortened version seemedlike a clever play on the concept of MCs commonly referred to in music.Logo The Maxima Collective logo, while relatively simple, reflects the heightsthat the company would like to take its clients’ careers to. The logo is constructedof a star with one side bearing a golden color with the other lines dark blue, thecompany name and tagline beneath in dark blue. This simple color palette doesnot distract and draw the eye in too many directions. It keeps a very elegantform. This elegance is something that The Maxima Collective wishes to keep. This logo is successful because it speaks to the concept of greatness andhigh-mindedness. It actually gives the person viewing it the feeling of ideals. Thismessage is very concise. However, as is intended, it does not readily expose theproducts and services that the company offers. This aspect is intentional for tworeasons. First, it does not pigeon-hold the company to a specific type of client.Second, it rouses a curiosity in most people to inquire. If a business card isplaced into someone’s hand bearing the logo, it is likely that they will have thequestion, “what do you do?” This opens the door for further dialogue.
  4. 4. BRAND IDENTITY GUIDE 4Tagline “Excellence runs in our family” is the tentative tagline for The MaximaCollective. This tagline is symbolic of several things. The first is that the companyoperates under the premise that clients should be treated with the considerationof family, fairly and ethically. The Maxima Collective wants to stand as anadvocate for our clients in the way that a family member would, fervently.Second, The Maxima Collective is devoting our efforts to helping our clientsreach their greatest success and excel. Based on the categories presented, this tagline is descriptive. It conveysthe brand’s promise. Further, it should speak to customers and clients because itsets an expectation for the level of service they will get by doing business withThe Maxima Collective. Additionally, it should convey that once they partner withthe company they are a part of the family from whom excellence is expected.
  5. 5. BRAND IDENTITY GUIDE 5Corporate Culture As previously stated, The Maxima Collective is a company that wishes toaid and empower emerging artists in their quests for success. To this end, thecompany has several important objectives that will be the foundation of itscorporate culture. One objective is to advocate for clients to receive fair andethical representation. Our focus is to protect artists from being taken advantageof by a morally bankrupt system. A second objective is to empower clients byproviding accurate information. Our commitment is to be forthcoming with theinformation that people need to make the best decision. A third, and final,objective is to put relationships over profits. Our desire is to convey to our clientsthat they are a priority. To carry out these objectives, The Maxima Collective will implement threemain practices. The Maxima Collective will maintain an open, transparentbusiness operation, keeping detailed accounts of all business done on clients’behalves and conferring with clients about all decisions that affect their careers.The Maxima Collective will maintain a staff that display concern for putting theclients’ needs above momentary gain and that staff will be regularly evaluated ontheir performance by client reviews. The Maxima Collective will also host periodicevents that bring staff and clients together to foster dialogue and gain newperspectives.Mantra The Maxima Collectives mantra is “Relationships before profits”. Thecompany wishes to impart on its staff and clients that with an excellent product,
  6. 6. BRAND IDENTITY GUIDE 6dedicated work ethic, and positive disposition profits will come. The company’sfocus is to treat everyone with the respect and decency that one would extend toa member of their own family. Doing this, the company will build a reputation thatgoes against the image that most people have of artist management. While this mantra speaks heavily to The Maxima Collective’s employees, itis a mantra that translates just as easily to clients. It speaks to the desire thatpeople have to be treated with respected and dignity. This mantra is concise andmemorable and demonstrates the promise that The Maxima Collective makes toeach client it represents. Finally, it challenges every member of the company toselflessly approach their work.Product Mock-up
  7. 7. BRAND IDENTITY GUIDE 7Competitive Brand Analysis The following logos are from three business competitors. These logos arevery succinct. The are basically comprised of the initials of the company or thecompany name. The only logo with any complexity is the RecThisCity logo withhas the company name laid over a city. These logos do not necessarily givegreat insight to what the companies do. One would have to do a little research tofind out what services the companies offer and what genres of music theyrepresent. None of the companies had a clear mission statement. Each, though,appears to be determined to offer competent artist management to their clientbase. Additionally, none of the companies had a tagline. However, RecThisCityManagement (2012) conveys the initiative of “finding the truest, most talentedartists and producers” in the Hip Hop genre (para. 1). The company boasts asmaller team that can dedicate itself to the success of its clients. This is very similar to what The Maxima Collective wishes to offer.However, The Maxima Collective will not be limited by genre or size. The conceptof The Maxima Collective is to offer a personalized approach to careerdevelopment regardless of company size and across many genres of music.Therefore, the vision is for the client and the company to reach an unparalleledlevel of excellence. Competitor Logos.
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