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Sourceweb e-sourcing solutions


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SourceWeb is a complete eSourcing suite where we provide solutions that help organizations get more savings by conducting sourcing activities in a very efficient and collaborative manner.

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Sourceweb e-sourcing solutions

  1. 1. Do you hesitate to upgrade your purchase department just because you are concerned about heavy upfront capex to incorporate any new IT systems? Are you worried about lack of audit trail in purchase processes? Do you wish there should be a way to get quotes from supplier in a fashion so that you can compare & evaluate them objectively, at click of a button? Are you looking for a way to shorten negotiation time with your vendors and close your purchases faster using processes like reverse auction, etc? Are you lost in a sea of emails while looking for specific communication with suppliers for details like queries, clarifications, addendums, quote revisions, etc? Do your regular purchase tasks leave you with no time to scout for new suppliers? Are you unable to easily find your contracts when you need them? Do you end up overlooking key contract provisions like renewal date, deadlines, price renegotiation windows etc.? Welcome to SourceWeb, the next generation eSourcing tool SourceWeb - eSourcing made easy Our offerings Proposal (RFP/RFQ/RFI/Tender) Management Solution Reverse Auction Software and Services Supplier Registration Portal Contract Document Management Solution SourceWeb’s mission To empower businesses to manage their sourcing function in the most efficient way- by widespread adoption of innovative, easy to use, rapidly deployed and cost effective applications
  2. 2. Company Highlights  100% yoy growth  Strong Sourcing domain & IT capabilities  Dedicated as well as shared helpdesk & support setup as per organization needs  Modular offerings  Option of subscription based model to start saving with no IT investment by paying on per event or per user basis  Clientele includes o Large Multi-national Korean mobile & consumer electronics firm o International children Welfare Fund o Global Consulting firm o Advanced Materials Manufacturer o Leading Global Automotive Supplier About SourceWeb SourceWeb is an e-Sourcing software and services company based in Gurgaon, set up by experienced professionals, aiming to disrupt the way e-sourcing tools are used by procurement teams and help organizations save more by following technology enabled sourcing processes. RFX (RFP/RFQ/RFI/Tender) Management A tool to make your RFX process interactive, highly efficient and completely collaborative with your suppliers  Template based RFX creation, create scope, deliverables, questionnaire, etc  Get real time status of sourcing event at click of a button  Comparative response summaries and supplier score for quick evaluation  Technical evaluation by grading suppliers responses to your questions  Send instant messages, capture & clarify suppliers queries online  Detailed audit trail for all sourcing activities across various events  Notifications, To-do action items, Approval workflow, Sample tracking, Auto reminders, Downloads & export and numerous other useful features Reverse Auctions - Managed events An online negotiation platform to help you achieve tremendous savings  Highly configurable platform for conducting reverse and forward auctions  End to end offering covering activities before, during and after the event  Real time bidding graphs and detailed post auction reports  Code based nomenclature to hide suppliers identity during auction  ‘Beat own bid’ and ‘beat winning bids’ modes to choose best auction strategy  Secure and non-intrusive platform giving you complete control of the event  Ability to generate auction from existing auction or RFX Supplier Registration Portal Expand supplier base, engage existing suppliers, court new supplier 24 x 7  Web interface for new supplier registration and existing supplier profile update  Keep control of supplier empanelment process with approval workflow  Map suppliers to goods and services they provide; auto listing of suppliers for relevant RFX and auction events  Enhanced supplier communication for relevant organization updates Contract & Performance Management Effective Contract management system for mitigating process risks, facilitating stronger governance and tracking vendor performance  Collaborative contract document authoring with approval & audit log  Define and track contract KPIs and milestones, evaluate supplier performance  Gain visibility to achieve higher compliance and prevent missing deadlines  Web based repository that enables permission based access  Ability to integrate with other modules for seamless information flow SourceWeb - eSourcing made easy For details, please contact: Manesh Jain, +91 98997 56997 Benefits of eSourcing  More savings by use of online tenders and reverse auctions  Shorter event turnaround time & faster closure of projects  Improved efficiency & repeatability in sourcing process; centralized information  Superior audit governance & control  Instant feedback and closure through an interactive bidding process with suppliers  Standardized vendor registration and performance tracking mechanism  Collaborative & automated process  System driven sourcing processes rather than being individual centric