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Volume 2 Value Manendra


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In depth look at a volume based channel mgt model at CISCO

THE PAST(pre July 2000)

Cisco offerings

Channel structure

Channel incentives

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Volume 2 Value Manendra

  2. 2. •In depth look at a volume basedchannel mgt model at CISCO •THE PAST(pre July 2000) •Cisco offerings •Channel structure •Channel incentives
  3. 3. KEY PROBLEM UNDER VOLUME BASED SYSTEM1. Lack of partner specialization and expertise2. Lack of partner certification3. Structural incompatibility with VAR channel4. Inability to stabilize partner margins.5. Weakening customer experience
  4. 4. •Post 2001•Switched to value based channel management model• Enable partner to add value•Enable partners to benefit from breadth & depth of experience
  5. 5. POST 2001: VALUE BASED CHANNEL MANAGEMENT •MARCH 2001 CISCO switch to value based channel management •The core initiative of value based channel management model 1. Partner value add 2. Partner benefited 3. Reward system
  6. 6. •Partner investment•Sales growth•Customer satisfaction with partners•Partner profitability•External reputation