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Cox&king manendra shukla


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Published in: Travel, Business
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Cox&king manendra shukla

  1. 1. Cox & king holidays Mini project “Integration Project – 1 andIntegration Project – 2”
  2. 2.  Cox & Kings is the longest established travel company in the world, its history stretching back to 1758 when Richard Cox was appointed as regimental agent to the Foot Guards. Cox & Kings is now an independent tour company with offices in the Australia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, India, the United States and Japan. Its global headquarters are in London.
  3. 3.  Cox was born in Yorkshire in 1718. His father, Joshua, had made a good living as a lawyer and had moved from his birthplace in Clent in Worcestershire toYorkshire. He then bought an estate near Quarley in Hampshire. Richard Cox came into the service of the English General, Lord Ligonier, as a clerk in the early 1740s. In 1747 he married Caroline Codrington, daughter of Sir William Codrington who was an established military figure
  4. 4.  Communicating information Promotion is persuasive Communication- Promotion serves as a reminder- PROMOTION MIX Brochure printing Social Media
  5. 5.  Personal Selling. Sales Promotion. Public Relations. Direct Mail. Trade Fairs and Exhibitions. Advertising. Sponsorship. Online promotions
  6. 6.  Product life-cycle STP Analysis Swot Analysis
  7. 7. CATEGORY Mar’ 11 Mar’ 10 Mar’ 09 Mar’ 08 Mar’ 07NET SALES 487.13 468.75 393.06 352.73 232.31NET PROFIT 117.84 102.76 83.41 80.52 41.76SELLING,DISTRIBUTION &PROMOTIONALEXPENSES 210.05 185.52 179.35 150.31 101.20