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Ems11 Programme

  1. 1. 17th – 19th October 2011 Düsseldorf, Germany www.ems-summit.comStrengthening yourmanufacturing operations tocapitalise on growth marketsLeading experts include: David Simchi-Levi, Professor of Engineering Systems and Co-Director, Leaders for Global Operations, MIT Dr Andy Wood, Chief Executive, AdnamsOfficial Sponsors:Lead Category Sponsors:Other Sponsors: PROGRAMME Researched and produced by:
  2. 2. The 7th Annual European Manufacturing Strategies Summit 2011 will equip you with the tools to improve operational excellence across your operations. As manufacturing recovers from the recession it is critical that you improve business performance, develop flexible responses to changes in demand and reduce costs to stay ahead of your competitors. Previous attendee Top 5 reasons to attend: feedback: 1. Strengthen your response to changing market conditions “ Great opportunity to network with other companies and to hear about new trends “ 2. Develop strategies to transform your organisation by creating in operations, manufacturing and beyond. a Continuous Improvement (CI) culture VP Operations and Development Europe, 3. Identify how to implement best practice and lean management Roche Diagnostics GmbH systems across worldwide operations 4. Gain insight into how to implement green practices without reducing profits “ A unique platform to share your ideas and “ challenges with colleagues which are on the same level. 5. Discover how manufacturers are extending operational Senior Consultant, excellence programmes across global facilities Royal Philips Electronics “ ? A well organised event with highManufacturing is as competitive as ever “ profile speakers and a good networkingand economic growth continues - is your opportunity.business a leader in the field Director Manufacturing Performance, Bombardier Transportation Strategic Manufacturing Awards 2011 Don’t miss out on joining the world’s leading manufacturing professionals from around the globe on 18th October to celebrate and congratulate those companies awarded for their outstanding contributions to the manufacturing industry over the past twelve months. Categories include: Plus, this year will see 4 new categories for entries: • Innovation Award • Outstanding Achievement in Continuous • Operational Excellence Award Improvement Award • Manufacturing IT Award • Distinction in Global Operations Award • Green Manufacturing Award • Quality in Manufacturing Award • Demand Driven Manufacturing Award • Operations Director of the Year • Manufacturer of the Year Award Will you be entering? Get your entries in before the deadline – visit www.manufacturing-awards.com for more details on registering and entering your organisation for the awards. TO REGISTER: Call the booking hotline on +44 (0) 20 7202 7560 or fax +44 (0) 20 7202 7600 or visit www.ems-summit.com
  3. 3. TO REGISTER: Call the booking hotline on +44 (0) 20 7202 7560 or fax +44 (0) 20 7202 7600 or visit www.ems-summit.com Attending the 7th Annual European Manufacturing Strategies Summit Who you will meet 2011 will enable you to learn, interact and network with 300+ senior level manufacturing experts, with the following roles and responsibilities. Delegate Job Roles Delegate Industry Sector Manufacturing 30% Industrial 13% Automotive 10% Operations Directos 20% 0% Food / Drink 10% Production Directors 20% 0% % Performance Directors Chemicals 9% 29% 9% % (inc. Opex Directors) Energy 8%Manufacturing Directors 17% 7% % CPG / FMCG 6%C-level (CEO, COO, CFO) 10% 0% Pharmaceuticals 5% Other 4% % Electronics 4% Healthcare 4%One-to-one meetingsNetwork and do business EMS 2011 will feature three sessions of pre-arranged one-to-one meetings on day one and two of the conference programme. These meetings take the guess work out of networking and ensure that you meet fellow delegates and solution providers with which you share common interests. For solution providers, this is a powerful business opportunity to meet only those that are pre-qualified as being in the market for the products and services you are offering. Contact us for more details.For all sponsorship enquiries:If you are looking establish your brands presence within the manufacturing industry and generate quality leads in 2011. Why not participate in EMS 2011? We have a range of opportunities to suit your budget and ensure that you get the best return on your investment. For further information please contact:Simon WrightEMEA Sales DirectorT: +44 (0)20 7202 7690
  4. 4. Focus Day 7th Annual European Manufacturing Strategies Summit 201112:35 Registration and Refreshments12:55 MANUFACTURING IT CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT (CI) Capitalising on the benefits of business IT in manufacturing Taking CI to the next level: Transforming your organisation by Ensuring IT plays a strategic role in process improvement creating a CI culture Effectively managing your IT systems and ensuring they deliver value for money How do you generate passion for Continuous Improvement in a large organisation? Utilising IT to improve flow systems Global organisations face different cultures in each region. How do you minimise the Capitalising on the benefits of data systems, without removing the vital role people play impact of this on the roll out of CI processes? in continuous improvement Overcoming resistance to change - both from senior management and shop floor staff Successful strategies for implementing Continuous Improvement13:35 Interactive Workshop Interactive Workshop E-manufacturing tools and methods for the factory of the future Are you a learning organisation? Achieving the next level of Continuous Improvement Led by Enterprise Estonia Led by TRACC Integrating business and manufacturing planning using e-manufacturing Which stage is your organisation at? There are 5 stages in the CI journey: Networking manufacturing Developing solutions to reduce costs q Stage one: No Continuous Improvement How effective are online monitoring and diagnostics solutions? q Stage two: Expert-based Benefitting from the flexible solutions designed in Estonia q Stage three: Functional excellence q Stage four: Integrative improvement system q Stage five: Learning organisation Understanding the role of leadership in meeting the challenge of becoming a learning organisation14:20 Interactive Workshop Interactive Workshop Achieve Business Excellence Today - Make it Future proof for Delivering World Class Performance: The Shingo approach to Tomorrow Operational Excellence Led by Cognizant Technology Solutions Led by The Manufacturing Institute Today: Business excellence is a never-ending journey of overcoming numerous Driving your organisation through the levels of transformation business challenges Building a solid foundation for deep cultural change Aligning organisational principles and core values with business systems q How to adopt, achieve and sustain business excellence in operations Embeding lean principles into work and management systems q Reduce operation costs through end to end visibility Identifying areas for focus and improvement q Success of extended enterprise Improving core business and competitiveness q Dynamically respond to changing conditions, evolving constrains and emerging Eilish Henry, Head of Practitioner Services, The Manufacturing Institute UK opportunities Tomorrow (Future of Work): The Future of work is no longer the future q The New World of business q The New way to work q The New Worker q The New Technology15:05 Using Operational Excellence to sustainably improve the performance of your business Setting challenging top down targets Changing hearts and minds by bottom up solutions Making it stick - sustainable change Vision: Going beyond one-off improvements Getting the most out of a partnership15:30 Refreshments16:00 What is the role of PLM in production development? Identifying global PLM trends and what they mean in practice for manufacturing Utilising PLM in lean manufacturing for driving innovation Practical examples of how PLM can help business16:25 Masterclass Masterclass Understanding how cloud computing is revolutionising the Boosting creativity using CI as a driver manufacturing industry Promoting creativity in the workplace: Setting a matrix for idea systems Successfully driving cloud computing solutions across manufacturing networks whilst Exchanging and celebrating successes:Forming communities of best practice in an integrating processes within a business organisation Utilising cloud computing to achieve a significant ROI by reducing infrastructure Creative leadership: Involving passionate champions to drive inspiration in optimisation costs manufacturing Clarifying how global operations can improve innovation and collaboration across the value chain by using the cloud Realising efficiencies for manufacturing through the cloud17:05 Interactive Workshop Interactive Workshop Can Lean stick by using Manufacturing IT? Operational performance management made easy for SAP run businesses Led by ATS International Led by Every Angle Are successful Lean and Six Sigma implementations dependent upon behavioural Successful operational performance management is based on three pillars: Measuring, change? Analysing and Improving business processes Can we use Manufacturing IT to support process compliance? Improving business processes requires insight in the processes and in the relations Practical examples from Bombardier, Carlsberg, Schweppes and Unilever between the processes (creating end-to-end supply chain visibility), calling for heavy How do Manufacturing Execution Systems and Continuous Improvement Programs analysis on highly detailed process information, which is not an easy task in an SAP complement each other? environment Ideas to take home, discuss and implement Every Angle delivers these process insights and details fast (and if necessary ad hoc) Mike James , Vice-Chair , MESA EMEA Netherlands Martien Haverkamp, Lean / Six- to business users in SAP run businesses, making operational performance Sigma Black Belt , ATS International BV The Netherlands management easy, and with little need for IT support: From idea to KPI in minutes – from KPI to improvement action in seconds Jacques Adriaansen, Managing Director, Belgium and co-founder, Every Angle Belgium17:50 Welcome drinks reception
  5. 5. Day One 7th Annual European Manufacturing Strategies Summit 201107:30 Registration and refreshments08:30 Chairmans introduction Shekar Natarajan , Supply Chain Director, Pepsico USA08:35 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: Examining how current economic trends impact on manufacturing Growth forecasts for manufacturing industrial production over the next two years Understanding the dynamic between Europe, Asia and America Identifying emerging markets in manufacturing Coping with the challenges presented by cheaper manufacturing in China and Eastern Europe09:00 e-F@ctory: Building a truly world class store of knowledge related to production excellence Understanding how to unifying control hardware and networks with enterprise IT systems Reducing the cost of total development, production and maintenance Exploring how to visualize plant operation data and streamline production processes09:25 OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE GLOBAL OPS STRATEGY SUSTAINABILITY LEAN Growing in a Down Economy: Creating a global culture of Making green pay: Justifying Utilising lean inventory Achieving Operational standards in Autoliv investment in environmentally management to reduce stock Excellence to Grow Market Understanding how support for APS at friendly processes and increase turns Share a senior level ensures the success of Defining your carbon footprint on both a Methodically identifying issues in the Learning the nine tough questions that standardisation factory and company-wide scale supply chain which create excess enable Operational Excellence Emphasising a respect for standards, Identifying which processes could be stock Achieving Operational Excellence does and a need to improve them all the time made more sustainable Working with the supply chain to define not rely solely on good leadership, but Implementing common scoring systems Striking an optimal balance between inventory policies on a monthly basis to rather a step-by-step methodology for understanding the extent of green elements of manufacturing and improve lead-times and batch sizes Companies who achieve Operational implementation of processes profit Collaborating with suppliers to create a Excellence take market share from their Why is it not easy to maintain standards What is the real cost of carbon?: proactive approach to tackling demand competitors and grow their business globally? Understanding how this impacts on spikes Operational Excellence will create a Overcoming local cultural differences businesses business that is designed to grow between different worldwide locations Dr Andy Wood , Chief Executive, Kevin J Duggan, Founder, Institute for when implementing new processes Adnams UK Operational Excellence USA What are the benefits to customers of having similar standards across the world? Svante Mogefors, Vice President Quality & Manufacturing, Autoliv Sweden10:05 CASE STUDY: Developing global manufacturing excellence Integrating an existing ERP system with new technology to improve efficiency, collaboration and quality Establishing a Centre of Excellence to share process innovations and best practice Standardising practices across global manufacturing operations Improving production status reports to contain granular detail so queues and bottlenecks can be identified quickly Robert D. Borchelt, Ph.D. , Director, Manufacturing IT Systems and Industrial Controls EBU Global Manufacturing Engineering Department, Cummins Inc. USA10:30 One-to-One Business Meetings, Networking and Refreshments11:50 Back to Basics: Lean Technologies for Cost & Capacity How progressive pharmaceutical companies are finding shelter within their own factories The Austere “New Normal” in the Economy and what it means for pharmaceutical manufacturers in 2011 How “Old Normal” Tech- solutions are missing the target Workforce “Back to basics” is back in fashion – the old/new approach to igniting workplace productivity Mark Sutcliffe , Senior Vice President, CDC Software International USA INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS12:15 OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE SUSTAINABILITY LEAN Successfully delivering new global IT The cost of energy in renewables - catch Utilising lean growth tools to establish systems on plan and on budget the wind breakthrough developments Improving availability, reliability and consistency of Competitiveness of renewable energy sources regional and global business information Challenges and success factors: Cost of energy, Simplifying a complex IT landscape across worldwide technology, reliability, funding locations Value drivers for progressing renewable energy Led by Lean Horizons Consulting Decommissioning 56 ERP systems and moving 99 Strategy outlook 2020 for new industrialisation Strategic deployment of growth tools in the business countries onto new SAP ERP systems was a Thomas Göttle, Member of the management team, PA strategy challenge, but how was it achieved? Consulting Germany Arne Mathias, Senior Consultant Improving global efficiency and sales growth through Achieving regional ownership of the new programme and Renewable Manufacturing Expert, PA Consulting lean and operational excellence tools Group Germany Developing a contimuous improvement culture that drives growth Case studies from process and discrete manufacturers demonstrating how organisations are achieving successful deployment and rapid growth Roger Burghall, Managing Director, Europe, Lean Horizons Consulting UK Mark DeLuzio, President, Lean Horizons Consulting USA12:45 OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE GLOBAL OPS STRATEGY SUSTAINABILITY LEAN PANEL DISCUSSION: World CASE STUDY: Improving Installing renewable energy Ways to reach operational Class Manufacturing: What practices by adopting new generation to meet green goals excellence in manufacturing does it look like? automation processes Why adopt renewable energy Management by objectives (KPI) Reorganising the manufacturing Outlining the problem: Why the system generation? Value stream mapping and design footprint to maximise efficiencies needed improvement, and what the Understanding the costs and funding Manufacturing layout redesign Consolidating manufacturing operations ideal solution needed to include options for installing renewable energy Creating autonomous teams/production to reduce waste and reduce costs Balancing the pros and cons of generators in European manufacturing units Fine tuning manufacturing and different solutions plants Ensuring effective shopfloor supporting processes to develop a The final outcome: Key learnings for Can renewable energy meet management world class business future improvements manufacturing needs or is the energy Developing a culture of Continuous Innovating beyond lean and six sigma generated best exported to the energy Improvement Providing education in manufacturing to markets? Nicolas Le Feuvre, General Manager, support staff Thorn France Creating a self-healing flow where operatives can identify problems with flow and solve problems quickly Mike James , Vice-Chair , MESA EMEA Netherlands
  6. 6. 13:15 Lunch and informal networking14:15 PANEL DISCUSSION: Responding to the latest TRACC research into Continuous Improvement in manufacturing Hear the panel discuss the findings of the TRACC Integrative Improvement System Diagnostic (IISD) survey, carried out over the Summer of 2011. In this session you will have the opportunity to join manufacturing leaders discussing the main findings of the report, and compare your own organisation’s score from this complimentary benchmarking tool. Our panel will discuss the key findings from the IISD survey with a focus on: q Strategy: How can organisations ensure that there is a clear and well communicated end-state vision? q Standardisation: Top tips for developing a standardised, logical, execution plan q Tracking results: What can be learned from monitoring progress and implementation? Roddy Martin , Former SVP Value Chain Research & Product Supply Network Strategy, AMR Research Ed Koch , Head of Manufacturing Development, SABMiller UK Thomas Pfeiffer , Programme Champion DPS EMEA, Dupont INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS14:45 OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE SUSTAINABILITY LEAN Realising real business benefits through a Reducing water use and improving water Improving shareholder value – marrying plant-wide process solution treatment in manufacturing the Lean journey to the strategic vision Communicating the business case for reducing water use to management Implementing multi-disciplined automation across the Objective setting for water reduction and management plant Measuring water use and reduction: Benchmarking Utilising information enabled systems to improve data How the Lean tools apply to value creation and how to year-on-year and against other organisations create meaningful business results management and decision making Innovative methods to reduce and re-use water in Best practice case studies: Understanding why Outlining a journey and best practices to get rapid and manufacturing sustainable results with an enterprise-wide process projects have worked Understanding the treatment required before water can improvement be reused and the costs associated with this Using Lean as part of a comprehensive management system to align strategy with execution Customer case study: How to successfully leverage a principle driven and strategic lean approach Gary T Hoover, Managing Director, TBM Europe Germany15:15 One-to-One Business Meetings, Networking and Refreshments17:00 EVENING KEYNOTE: Green and lean: Achieving zero waste to landfill The Maine facility is the 9th P&G manufacturing site globally to reach zero waste, but why is the company driving this green initiative? Exploring the measures taken to achieve zero waste Future milestones: Whats next for the P&G green machine? Scott Burns , Associate Director - Global Asset Recovery Purchases, Procter & Gamble USA17:30 Chairmans closing remarks and preview of the Strategic Manufacturing Awards 201118:30 Drinks Reception, followed by the STRATEGIC MANUFACTURING AWARDS The Strategic Manufacturing Awards celebrate excellence in all aspects of manufacturing. The categories are: q Operational Excellence Award q Innovation Award q Manufacturing IT Award q Green Manufacturing Award q Demand Driven Manufacturing Award q Quality in Manufacturing q Outstanding Achievement in Continuous Improvement Award q Distinction in Global Operations Award q Manufacturer of the Year Award q SMA E-F@ctory Hall of Fame
  7. 7. Day Two 7th Annual European Manufacturing Strategies Summit 201108:45 Registration and refreshments09:15 Chairmans introduction Professor Richard Dashwood , Deputy Director, WMG (Warwick Manufacturing Group) UK09:25 KEYNOTE ADDRESS: How flexible are you? Responding to the market in times of change Outlining the changes in the market to which manufacturers must respond: Supply and demand, commodity prices, labour costs, transport and logistics costs Beyond the buzzword: What is flexibility? Applying flexibility to gain competitive advantage, reduce cost, improve responsiveness and manage risk Exploring different types of flexibility in manufacturing and how to define and measure them David Simchi-Levi , Professor of Engineering Systems and Co-Director, Leaders for Global Operations, MIT USA10:05 PANEL DISCUSSION: Improving demand management and forecasting in manufacturing operations q As the need for accurate forecasting focuses the boardroom agenda, how are organisations implementing new demand management strategies? q Establishing key models for successful forecasting q Developing a forecasting strategy, managing expectations for its accuracy and setting acceptable margins for error q How could the evolving market impact on your forecasting processes? q Ensuring there is flexibility in production capabilities to respond to the current business forecast q Top tips for refining forecasting models Eric Hopstaken , Supply Chain Director, Cargill Refined Oils Europe Netherlands Stephan Bily , EMEA Global Supply Chain Operations Director, Lexmark International Ltd Switzerland Tim Lawrence , Member of PAs Management Team and Supply Chain Expert, PA Consulting Group Germany10:35 One-to-One Business Meetings, Networking and Refreshments11:20 OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE GLOBAL OPS STRATEGY SUSTAINABILITY LEAN Capitalising on the benefits of In-house versus outsource: Is PANEL DISCUSSION: Achieving a lean culture at Additive Layer Manufacturing the case for outsourcing Implementing leading edge United Biscuits: One year on (ALM) strengthening? energy management systems Overview of goals set one year ago: How is ALM already changing Managing overheads: Calculating your Gaining buy-in to save energy from What have we achieved since then? manufacturing? costs and identifying what needs to be senior and production floor staff Return On Investment (ROI): How has Practical examples of what works, and outsourced Streamlining production to reduce the adoption of lean principles affected the limitations of ALM Deciding what to keep in-house: energy use the bottom line? Evaluating how ALM could change Balancing the need to reduce costs Understanding how manufacturers Analysing our successes: What manufacturing in the coming years against the need to retain control over have introduced energy efficiency worked, and what hasnt? Jonathan Meyer, Research Team Leader,, all aspects of manufacturing systems Continuing the journey year on year EADS Innovation, Airbus UK Developing methods to control and Deploying energy management Billy Storer, Group Lean Controller, United reduce the costs of what you keep in systems: Which are most cost- Biscuits UK house so it remains efficient effective? Does outsourcing simplify processes? INTERACTIVE WORKSHOPS11:55 OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE SUSTAINABILITY LEAN Building upon a structured approach to Boosting your carbon offsetting through Capturing the best of lean manufacturing effective operational excellence wind power generation principles and applying them in your offices Myth busting: How difficult is it to generate wind power Led by Solving Efeso to meet the needs of manufacturing facilities? Applying the World Class Operations Management Cost-benefit analysis: Monitoring power generation to (WCOM™) system to manufacturing, commercial ensure the investment delivers value for money operations, administration and throughout the supply Exporting unused power to local communities Led by Siemens Educating administrative staff on the benefits of lean chain and demonstrating the value it has already created in Ensuring advanced programmes in operational manufacturing excellence are sustainable and cost effective Standardising financial processes and removing waste Creating a more skilled, more effective, and more to allow profit growth satisfied organisation through employee engagement Creating a visual management system in the office to Leveraging the strengths of Lean, TPM and Six Sigma highlight processes which need improving to build on existing operational excellence programmes12:30 PANEL DISCUSSION: Understanding the risks associated with IT and what you can do to protect your business q Identifying emerging trends in IT security q Key issues to watch out for q How can companies protect their automation systems?13:00 Themed Networking Luncheon Join an informal topical discussion host over a networking lunch. Topics for you to share knowledge and best practice on will include: Implementing processes across global operations Best practice in operational excellence Ensuring sustainability initiatives drive profits Managing demand management14:30 Reducing logistics costs by looking at new ways of localising plant operations Scrutinising the pros and cons of large central manufacturing plants for meeting supply and demand Why are some organisations changing their operations to create more, smaller factories to serve local markets? Ensuring customer satisfaction through quicker delivery times Understanding how rising fuel prices will impact on factory locations in the future Shekar Natarajan , Supply Chain Director, Pepsico USA15:05 Disaster Management: Ensuring your supply chain can respond in times of crisis Understanding what different types of disaster could mean for your supply chain Managing risk: Clarifying which parts of your supply chain could leave you at risk of downtime Strengthening relationships with suppliers and ensuring they understand your business continuity plans Responding to disaster: What should you do when disaster hits your suppliers? Ensuring inventory levels are set to cope with breaks in supply
  8. 8. 15:40 PANEL DISCUSSION: What direction is manufacturing going in? A take-home guide for the coming year q Identifying emerging trends for 2012 q Key issues to watch out for q Product development: Is collaboration is the future of innovation? David Simchi-Levi, Professor of Engineering Systems and Co-Director, Leaders for Global Operations, MIT, USA16:05 Chairmans summary16:15 Close of conference
  9. 9. DELEGATE REGISTRATION FORMTO REGISTER – please select one of the following options: • BOOK ONLINE at www.ems-summit.com Select delegate booking and quote the booking code in the box below. • Fill out this form, scan and email it to jessica.archer@wtgevents.com • Fill out this form, scan and fax it to +44 (0)20 7202 7600 • Call the booking hotline on +44 (0)20 7202 7690 For all enquiries:COMPANY DETAILS Booking code: Contact: Jessica Archer, Marketing Manager Company Name: Email: jessica.archer@wtgevents.com EMSPDF Call the booking hotline: +44 (0)20 7202 7690 Address: YOUR DELEGATE PACKAGE INCLUDES • Full access to all Conference sessions including Tel: Fax: streams and pre-workshops in October 2011 • Pre-arranged meetings with leadingDELEGATE DETAILS manufacturing solution providers • All networking activities including drinks Name: reception • Lunch and refreshments on all days Job Title: • On-line Summit catalogue with detailed Email: information on all attendees Hotel accommodation is not included in the Direct tel: Mobile: registration fee. Information on suitable hotels will be sent out on receipt of the registration form. Yes, I would like to attend the European Manufacturing PRE-ARRANGED ONE-TO-ONE MEETING Strategies Summit 2011. World Trade Group reserves the right to refuse delegate participation in the one-to-one meeting sessions if entry criteria is not met. Contact us for Industry delegate package: £1495 more details. + MWST @ 19% per delegate BOOK for the Strategic Manufacturing Awards 2011: £150 There’s no substitute for being there, but if you + MWST @ 19% per delegate cannot attend, purchase the On-Demand package which allows you to relive all the sessions at thePAYMENT DETAILS summit. This entitles you to: An 8% service charge will be levied • An easy to navigate password protected web site to cover all administration services • Access to presentations and accompanying No. of Delegates: Amount: £ completed per delegate prior to video and audio up to 12 months after the event the event. Please send me my login for the EMS CREDIT CARD Summit 2011 On-Demand package at GBP £ 495 + VAT @ 20% (Payment must be Visa Master Card Amex received before login details are granted)Card Number: TERMS AND CONDITIONS Participation at event:Issue Date: / Expiry Date: / Security Code: Organiser will prepare a schedule of meetings and individual delegates will attend the business meeting appointments as detailed on the finalPrint Name: itinerary presented to them at the venue.Signature: Cancellation policy: Delegate bookings are transferable but cannot be cancelled. World Trade Group reserve the right to reject delegate applications. BANK TRANSFER Payment terms:National Westminster Bank Plc,Cavell House, Please check that you have signed. Personal 14 days from date of invoice. All bookings are 2a Charing Cross Road, London WC2 H0NN, UK. Data is gathered in accordance with The Data Protection Act 1998. We may make made in accordance with World Trade Group’s your details available for use for other terms of business. Details available on request.Account Name: World Trade Group Ltd selected companies in the UK and otherAccount No: 30516390 countries for marketing and sales purposes.Sort Code: 604005 If you do not wish your details be passed on World Trade Group Ltd,IBAN: GB94NWBK60400530516390 to other organisations, please tick this box. 90 Union Street,SWIFT Code: NWBKGB2L London, SE1 0NW, Registered in England No 3278627 United Kingdom