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Intro to ipad - Activities tutorial


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Beginner general iPad use
Photos for Profile, A-Z and editing Activity
How to take Notes
Saving Battery Charge

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Intro to ipad - Activities tutorial

  1. 1. Intro to iPad Tutorial & Activitiesby Mandy Billingsley (February 2013)
  2. 2. Intro to iPad Tutorial & ActivitiesThe iPad is an electronic Touch Screen Tabletwhich is a great learning and work tool.It is also a light weight and Mobile CommunicationDevice, creative and fun with games, and useful toengage students within the Classroom to accessthe internet for interactive Social Media activitieswhich include blogging and searching informationand resources for learning.Try as many of the Activities as possible on youriPad.
  3. 3. 1. Turn On and Off• Press the On/Off Button to turn off iPad and leave in Stand-By Mode.• Press and Hold Down the On/Off Button for approx. 7-10 seconds, then a Red Slide Button will appear – Slide to Power Off.
  4. 4. 2. Home Key• At the bottom of the screen, round indented button with a square on it.• Press Home Key once to get out of Application.• Press twice to go back to the Default Home Page.
  5. 5. 3. Slide button to unlock screen.• When you Turn On the iPad it may take half a minute for the Grey Slide Button to appear at the bottom of the Screen.• Slide to unlock.• You may have to also Enter Passcode if you have it set up on your iPad.• Passcodes are used to secure your iPad, Private information and deter people from using/taking it.
  6. 6. 4. Slide with hand on the screen to view pages of App buttons.• 3/4 of the way down you iPad Page of Apps are a series of Dots which indicate how many Pages you have and which Page you are on.
  7. 7. 5. Volume & Mute buttons• Locate the Mute Switch at the Top Right Side of iPad. Turn the Switch button down to turn on Mute.• Locate the Volume button at the Top Right side of the iPad below the Mute Switch. Use the up and down button to lower or raise the Volume.
  8. 8. Note: The Mute Button can also be changed to beused as the Rotation-Screen Orientation Button inSettings, General, Use Side Switch to: LockRotation or Mute.(Settings is the Mechanical Wheel App.)
  9. 9. Lock Screen Orientations
  10. 10. 6. Lock Screen Orientations• When reading in Bed and Demonstrating, it is good to be able to lock the screen in place to stop it moving from Portrait to Landscape.• Double Click on Home Key, then at the bottom of the screen in the line Slide your hand on the screen from Left to Right.• Tap on the Circle Arrow – Lock Screen Orientation Button.• You can also Play Music from this function.• Change Volume using Right Slide.• Change Brightness by using Left Slide.
  11. 11. Ice Breaker - Activity• Take a picture of yourself and other students, also ask for others to take a picture for you.• This is great for Social Media communication for people to see who they are talking to.• Edit and Crop Portraits and load when possible to Twitter, facebook, Skye and Online e-Learning Sessions etc.• Store in a Cloud for all devices to have access to load Profile pictures when appropriate.• Make sure its a professional / appropriate picture for current and future possible employers to find suitable.• Even people who are phobic about having their picture taken have fun with this activity. Note: not all Tablets have a Camera, Trainer and Students encouraged to share and cooperate in these activities.
  12. 12. 7. How to take Photographs Take a Profile Picture of Self for your e-learning sessions and Social Media Accounts.• Select the Camera App button.• Slide to Photo or Video.• Press the Camera Button (Picture of a Camera in a Circle to take a photo or to start or stop the Video Recording.• Flash Auto, On or Off.• Change Camera View Forward (Away from you) or to Face you. (Using the Picture of the Camera with 2 Arrows around it.)• View Camera Roll to look at your Photos by selecting pressing the Home Button and Selecting the Photo App – Yellow Sun Flower App. App – is short for Application Software.
  13. 13. 8. ScreenShot – Copy the Screen as a Photo. 1. Hold Down Home Key and Press On/Off Button. 2. View the ScreenShot in Photos – Camera Roll.Note: ScreenShot can be done on the iPad, iPhone andother brand of Smart Phones with Touch Screen andInternet ability such as the Samsung Galaxy Phone.
  14. 14. 9. Camera Roll• Select the Photos App with the Sun Flower• You can create different Albums to group photos on a particular subject• The Camera Roll has all the Photos that you have take, all screen Shots and all images save to Camera Roll from other Sources, the Internet etc.• Add a New Album – While viewing all the different Albums, Press Edit, select New Album, Type in the New Album name in the Box and Press Save. You will then be able to select photos from the Camera Roll to Add to your New Album. Tap on the desired images for a Tick to appear and then Press Done.
  15. 15. 10. Editing Photos (1 of 3)Go to Camera Roll and Select a Photo, then Select the Edit Button at the Top Right of the Screen.
  16. 16. 10. Editing Photos (2 of 3)Once in the Editing area Select the Crop button at the Bottom Right Corner.
  17. 17. 10. Editing Photos (3 of 3)This is what the White Cropping Grid looks like. Onceyou have the desired image within the Grid, Select theGolden Crop Button at the Top Right of the Screen and then a Golden Save Button.
  18. 18. Basic Photo Editing• You can improve your photos by using Crop, Resize and Delete Photos etc.• Select your Yellow Sunflower App to view your Photos from you Camera Roll and any Albums you have created.• Select a Photo.• Tap Screen for Menu to appear.• Select Edit, then Crop, Move the White grid by holding down the corners and moving in and out around you Photo.• To increase to size of a picture – touch the screen with 2 or more fingers and spread fingers out.• You can also move the photo around to centre the Subject/Cat within the Grid by holding one finger down on the screen in the grid and moving the photo.• Once you are happy with your Picture Select the Top Right Golden Button Crop, then the Save Button to save your edited/cropped photo.
  19. 19. Ice Breaker - Activity• Ice Breaker / Learning Activity / Literacy Activity for Students to have fun as individuals or in teams to take pictures within the room of objects from A to Z.• Students can save to camera roll, a EverNote or add Text to the Photo in Pic Collage.
  20. 20. 11. SlideShow of Photos with Music Turn your iPad into a Digital Picture Frame.• Go to Settings Button, Select Picture Frame, Shuffle On.• Select how many seconds per slide, Select All photos or an Album. Select by Tapping the screen on your choice for a Tick to appear.• Press Home Key to exit out of settings.
  21. 21. Activate Picture Frame – Turn Off iPad to StandBy, then Press the Home Key and select FlowerPhoto button on the Taskbar for the Shuffle ofPhotos to begin.(Note: this uses a lot of battery charge)
  22. 22. 12. How to Save Battery Charge• Log out and Close Applications – Double Press Home Key and close Apps still running. Hold down one of the Apps until Red Circles appear, Press the Red Circle with a – Minus to Close down the App fully.• Turn Off Notifications, Locating Services etc. in your Settings.• Turn Off when not in use.• Turn down your Screen Brightness. Go to Settings App, Select Brightness & Wallpaper, Slide the Auto- Brightness down. (Note: Switch for the Auto-Brightness must be ON to use this Function.) (Settings is the Mechanical Wheel App.)
  23. 23. How to Save Battery Life• Save battery life by using as much charge as possible before recharging.• Send iPad or iPhone back to Apple to replace Battery.
  24. 24. Battery %• You can Turn On your Percentage next to your Battery image at Top Right of you iPad Screen.• Go to Settings, Select General, then Select Usage and Switch On the Battery Percentage Button.• (Settings is the Mechanical Wheel App.)
  25. 25. 13. Notes• Notes is great to type Meeting Minutes, Class Notes or To Do Lists and then you could Email them to yourself, edit and into a more formal format and email to others.• Press the Plus + button to Add a New Page.• Write a Short Catch Memorable Title in the First Line. This will appear when searching through all your List of Notes.• Lower Buttons – Previous Page, Email or Print, Trash or Next Page.• Search for Notes using the Notes Button and the Search Box using words that may be in the Note that you want to look at.• Select the Microphone Button to record Audio.• Separate the Keyboard. Place your fingers or thumbs at both sides of the Space Key and slide apart to separate. Slide back together in a pinch.• Close App by place 4 fingers on the screen and sliding them together into the middle. Or Select the Home Key.
  26. 26. Corrections:• Double Tap on a Word for the Menu to appear, Select Suggestion and hopefully your word will appear with the correct spelling for you to select.• Hold down your finger over the letters for a Magnifying Glass to appear and move the Cursor to the Letter you wish to change.
  27. 27. Split the Keyboard• Using 2 fingers to pull apart on the Space bar or on the keyboard.• UnSplit drawing the 2 pieces back together again.
  28. 28. 14. Increase Text Size• Go to Settings. (Settings is the Mechanical Wheel App.)• General, Accessibility, Large text, then select your preferred size.• Now look at the Text in Notes and your Emails how large they are.
  29. 29. 16. Manipulating Apps & FoldersMoving and Deleting Apps, Creating and Renaming Folders
  30. 30. 16. Manipulating Apps & Folders Moving and Deleting Apps, Creating and Renaming Folders1. Go to the Page of Apps you wish to Move.2. Press and Hold Down one of the Apps and ALL the Apps on the screen will start wiggling and a Black circle will appear with a cross.3. To Delete the App Press the Black Circle.4. To Move the App around the Screen or to another Page of Apps, Press and Hold the Wiggling App and Move to your desired location.5. To create a Folder of several Apps – Press down on a Wiggling App and Move over the top/onto another App that you want in the same folder. Both Apps should then be popped into a new folder which should appear. Usually iPad will detect the type of Apps you have placed in a Folder and suggest a Name for the Folder automatically.6. To change the Name of a Folder, Select the Folder App while it is still Wiggling, Tap on the Text to edit and Type in your new name.7. To Stop the Apps from wiggling on the Page, Press the Home Key.
  31. 31. 17. Safari Search the Internet & save to Bookmarks.• Increase Text Size – Turn to Landscape or Tap twice on the screen when using the internet.• Type what you want to Search on the Search Box with the Magnifying Glass.• To delete the wording from previous searches, select the X.• Type in your Website Address in the Address Box. You do not have to type http://.• Go on a Safari around the Internet.• Try a Safari Treasure/Scavenger Hunt, it’s a great Learning Activity.
  32. 32. Ice Breaker – Activity Safari Scavenger Hunt – Activity SheetINSTRUCTIONS: Open a new Page in EverNote to save all your images from your Safari.You can use Copy and Paste or ScreenShot to place all 10 items into your EverNote App Page. (Or othernotes creation App.)LIST TO FIND1. Find a of an Elephant, copy and paste into EverNote.2. Find a Chart to Identify Australian Spiders, copy and paste to your EverNote Page.3. Find out the name of the First Australian Prime minister. Write this name in EverNote.4. Find a recipe for Spaghetti, then copy and paste into EverNote.5. Find a Map to your nearest Training Organisation, Neighbourhood House or School. Place a copy into EverNote.6. Find out the phone number of your local training Organisation and place into your EverNote Page.7. Find the V-Line (Train) Time Table from Traralgon to Melbourne during the week. Copy the Website Address and place it into your EverNote page.8. Find Melways and look up 1 of the following; Where you Work or go to School and Place a ScreenShot of the Map on your EverNote Page.9. Find Telstra White Pages and look up a Phone Number and place a ScreenShot on your EverNote Page.10. Find iPad Help and Search Delete Apps and take a ScreenShot and place on your EverNote Page.
  33. 33. Ice Breaker – Activity Safari Scavenger Hunt – Activity Sheet ContinuedTIPS• Save images to your Camera Roll or use Copy and Paste. Tap the image for a Menu to appear, select Copy, goto EverNote and Tap the Screen, select Paste from the Menu.• Tap in the Website Address Box, when the menu appears select Select All, then Copy, then go to EverNote and Tap the Screen, then Select Paste.• To take a ScreenShot, Hold Down your Home Button and press your On/Off Buttons at the same time. A white flash will appear across your screen and the image will be saved to your Camera Roll.• Ask your Trainer/Teacher for help.• Option: Students can do this as an Individual or in a Team Activity for the Class Room or Homework. Depending on Trainer/Teacher requirement for the Task.
  34. 34. Coming Soon Helpful Future iPad Tutorials on Apps• Faster Scanner HD vs Photos• Screen Chomp vs DispRecorder – Video Tutorial makers. Screen Chomp with the same App on a Board and can insert images and draw. Or DispRecorder can take you into various Apps on your iPad.
  35. 35. Coming Soon• Facebook – Load App, Need an Email address to Sign Up & Sign In, load photos & Profile pic, place messages your wall and send to friends, search for friends & personal safety with location Pins.• Dropbox – saving your files up in the Clouds via the Internet, to access on Smart Phones, Tablets, Laptops or Desktop Computers. Sign Up for the Account via the App or the Internet.• Skype – Talk and View friends, Colleagues or Students over the Internet. Sign Up for an Account via the App or the Internet.• Twitter – Tweet messages and Friends, Network, search & exchange information. Sign Up for an Account via an App or the Internet.
  36. 36. Coming Soon• EverNote - Create Notes, insert images, add Tags to assist with subject searches, Place Notes in NoteBooks on a Particular Subject. This saves to the Web so you can access from your desktop, Laptop, remote devices such as smart Phones and Tablets. You will need to Sign Up for an Account and Sign In.
  37. 37. • EverNote – + Plus to Add New Notes
  38. 38. Coming SoonBump – Got to Settings, General and Turn On Bumping.• Turn On Location services for Bump in the Settings.• Bump 2 iPads together to share photos. (or iPhone & iPad)• Both iPads need Bump Apps.• Select the contact person to share with and give permission.• Select Connect,• Type a message or• Select + to send a photo, select photo to exchange.• Note: this depends on the Bump App you are using.
  39. 39. Students and Trainers to use Professional,Appropriate Names and Content for Email or Social Media Accounts. Future and Current Employers will be looking.