Muffin Man..


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Timothy (2 years 8 months old) loves the muffins that his sister Rachel makes; they’re gluten free, of course.

Photographing this was like photographing a lion chewing on a wildebeest: the subject is quite happy to be photographed as as long as the photographer doesn’t try to take the food away.

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Muffin Man..

  1. 1. Come and meet Muffin Man
  2. 2. He's on his fourth muffin...
  3. 3. ...and he's starting to feel full
  4. 4. Muffin Man is flatulent...
  5. 5. Muffin Man is fastidious...
  6. 6. Muffin Man likes to think deeply...
  7. 7. Muffin Man works hard at keeping his facial muscles supple. ..
  8. 8. And now, for the grand finale, Muffin Man will attempt to inhale a muffin...
  9. 9. Success!
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