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The Other Side of the Story – a School’s Perspective


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Speakers: Lynnette Louth, Teacher, St John’s Church of England Primary School and Keith Alexander, Director, ArtisanCam - What makes a successful trip outside the school? Hear from primary school teacher, Lynnette, about how you can support teacher’s visits and develop sustained
partnerships with schools and discover how the award winning ArtisanCam site
works with museums, galleries, artists and schools to create online video, interactive
resources and compelling cultural experiences for learners. Inspiring stuff!

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The Other Side of the Story – a School’s Perspective

  2. 2. The Walk Home by Julian Schnabel<br />A fantastic art work that inspired our children in the classroom.<br />Walk of Art with Pippa Crouch connection artist Richard Long The Line.<br />
  3. 3. Tate Partnerships<br />Teachers in Partnership Year 1<br />Tate BritainTate LiverpoolTate ModernTate St Ives<br />TiP 1 is a professional development programme which aims to develop relationships between teachers who are keen to explore opportunities to work with art as a teaching and learning resource. The course is open to 20 teachers per gallery each year. The programme takes place over three terms and includes four sessions at your chosen gallery. Through a combination of InSET and artist-led workshops with your students, you will be encouraged to develop an innovative arts project, including a visit to the gallery for you and your students. <br />TiP 1 is facilitated by experienced artist educators who are part of our team that regularly plan and facilitate the Tate Schools and Teachers Programme. The course is introduced and overseen by the Schools and Teachers Curators and Assistant Curators. <br />Objectives:<br />To use Tate's collection as a basis for developing subject knowledge of historic, modern and contemporary art<br />To explore a range of strategies for using the gallery as a teaching and learning resource<br />To identify strategies for engaging children with the Collection and extending their experience in the classroom through practical and theoretical work <br />To bring artist educators and teachers together to provide a bridge between the classroom and the gallery and to facilitate practice-sharing <br />To provide opportunities for teachers to reflect on their professional practice.<br />
  4. 4. Essentials for a good trip<br />Do’s<br />Pre-visit.<br />Assess any hazards.<br />Choose helpers carefully.<br />Set out ground rules for the children and adults.<br />Plan the day. Inform everyone in the party of what they will be doing<br />If possible make a power point of the journey. <br />First aid covered.<br />Enjoy the trip!!!!<br />Check register often.<br />Don’ts<br />Visit unprepared.<br />Forget to do a risk assessment.<br />Take unreliable people.<br />Let people know what they should be doing.<br />Forget first aid kit!<br />Forget any children.<br />Panic.<br />
  5. 5.<br />LONSAS London Schools Art Service<br />For Lots Of Information and ideas.<br />Artists directory<br />Courses and Competitions<br />Funding etc<br />