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  2. List of Topics ● Cross-platform Development ● Fast-moving Development ● Pleasing UI ● High Performance ● Huge Community ● Cost-effective ● Integrations ● Continued Growth ● Enlarging Support ● Enhanced Performance ● Google Services Integration ● Adoption by More Companies
  3. Introduction Flutter is the most popular open-source mobile application development framework which has achieved colossal popularity since its launch in 2017. Developed by Google, Flutter provides numerous features that make it a perfect choice for mobile application development. Here we will discuss why to choose Flutter.
  4. Cross-platform Development Flutter offers cross-platform development, wherein you can develop applications for both Android and iOS platforms using a solitary codebase while helping developers save time and effort. This is the key reason being developers prefer Flutter over any other development framework.
  5. Fast-moving Development Flutter has a hot reload feature that allows developers to see changes in real time without recompiling the code. The feature helps developers to build and test applications swiftly, which improves the development process and saves time.
  6. Pleasing UI Flutter has a wide range of customizable widgets that can be used to create interactive and engaging user interfaces. Flutter’s UI toolkit is designed to provide a modern and gleaming look to applications, which is an essential feature in today’s competitive market to stand out.
  7. High Performance Flutter’s framework is built on the Dart language, which is fast and efficient and accurate. Flutter applications are assembled directly to native code, which helps them run faster than other applications. This feature makes Flutter an ideal choice for high-performance application development.
  8. Huge Community While more and more mobile application developers are adapting Flutter, its community has been increasing immensely. The community of developers actively contributes to its development. This community provides support, updates, and new features, which makes Flutter an authentic and sturdy framework.
  9. Cost-effective Flutter’s cross-platform development feature and hot reload feature save developers time and effort, which makes the development process more cost-effective. Flutter offers time-saving and efficient features which is the primary reason for developers to switch to Flutter while it is a free open- source platform to build mobile applications and that makes it a good attractive deal for developers and businesses alike.
  10. Integrations Flutter allows integrations with many popular backend systems, including Firebase, GraphQL, and more. This integration feature enables developers to build applications that uninterrupted connect with other systems, making it the perfect choice for developing scalable and excellent applications.
  11. While Flutter is developed and supported by Google it allows developers to build high-quality native apps for both android and iOS. Since Flutter is offering exceptional features and smooth integration along with a seamless experience of mobile app development, it has a bright future and stronghold.
  12. Continued Growth Flutter is becoming more and more popular in recent years, with a wide range of developers adopting this framework for their app development. Flutter is developed by Google and it is investing huge to keep up the regular updates and enhancements. Since more developers and companies have started using Flutter, the community is becoming larger and is believed to be increasing immensely.
  13. Enlarging Support While Flutter is providing support for web and app application development, it is certainly anticipated to get additional platform support in the near future. Adding up features like embedded systems and IoT devices will give Flutter more exposure and will attract more developers to jump in.
  14. Enhanced Performance Flutter is one of the most popular names in the market for its performance and speed however, there will be enhancements for sure. Google is persistently working on optimizing the platform to advance the features like rendering, animations, data management and so on.
  15. Google Services Integration Since Flutter is developed by Google, the other Google service platform integrations can be launched soon. This will help developers to encompass Google services such as Google Maps, Google Cloud, Firebase and many more within the app they will be developing.
  16. Adoption by More Companies Flutter is already being used widely by giant companies over the globe like BMW, Google Pay, eBay, Toyota, PUBG Mobile and many more. Smooth functioning and speeding make Flutter an attraction for companies to adapt and build quality mobile applications. Flutter Development Services are insanely increasing as the demand for this framework is at its peak. Source: 9series
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