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The "ASAP" Journey


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My talk at Scrum India meetup on 3-Mar-2012 at SAP Labs, Bangalore on our journey of enterprise-wide Agile adoption. "ASAP" stands for Agile and Scrum Adoption Program, and also signifies that the change program also needs to show level of urgency commensurate to what is being sought in product development.

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The "ASAP" Journey

  1. 1. The “ASAP” Journey Tathagat Varma Yahoo! India R&D
  2. 2. Who Are We? premier Yahoo! is the digital media company.
  3. 3. Vision:To deliver your world,your way.
  4. 4. Mission: Create deeplypersonal digital experiences
  5. 5. Our Context  Consumer Internet space  Critical success factors  Innovation  Speed  UX  Agility is more about results than beliefs, labels or rituals
  6. 6. the “ASAP” journey Self- Sustaining Scaling Up Common ProgramEstablishCredibility
  7. 7. Establish Credibility Learn from history…but don‟t be enslaved to it Identify passionate practitioners…and let their voice matter Learn the “real world” first…don‟t simply forcefit process to it Don‟t preach from the top…demonstrate proofpoints Validate ideas externally…but don‟t hardsell them internally Don‟t try to boil the ocean…rather, establish beachheads Socialize with key stakeholders…multiple times
  8. 8. Common Program Top-down mandate doesn‟t work – let teams figure own process Acknowledge the “Change Iceberg” –  10% Visible (Process, Rituals, Artifacts, etc.)  90% Invisible (Feelings, Concerns, Issues, Anxieties, etc.) No prescriptions. At best, give guidance and offer to facilitate “ASAP” = Agile and Scrum Adoption Program, started mid-2011  Center-wide program to coordinate agile adoption  Solve common problems like training, dashboard, reporting,…  Create internal community of practitioners and experts  Maintain focus, speed, direction and alignment
  9. 9. Scaling Up Don‟t worry about „charter‟ – earn it based on results Process change is just a small part of the change – maintain a focus on intangibles that lead to holistic mindset change –  Training – general, specialized, key stakeholders  Leadership development – collaboration, servant leadership  Org structure – roles, responsibilities, performance, rewards  Tools “Name and Shame” is short-term shallow tactic – better celebrate solid success stories Remember – the goal still is better software, not 100% adoption!
  10. 10. Self-Sustaining We are just entering this phase, so still experimenting  First principles  Establish measures of success – tie-up efforts to “end-results”  Showcase results that highlight success  Reward and recognize individuals and teams for end-results  Celebrate newer ways of accomplishing better results
  11. 11. Metrics Strategy “Effectiveness ” “Efficiency” “Adoption”“Readiness”
  12. 12. Lastly…  Any change can be accomplished if we acknowledge people are “superheroes” in their own right  Our role is to facilitate change and enable collaboration  Even the smallest of results speak louder than noblest of intents
  13. 13. Thanks!tathagathead, strategic programs and biz 23