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Live Like a Child!


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I presented this invited talk my friend Prashant's company Leap & Scale's third anniversary. I have used the metaphor of how children learn, have fun. innovate, and enjoy. The key message is that grown-ups need to learn to live like a child!

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Live Like a Child!

  1. 1. Live like a child!Tathagat Varma
  2. 2. Congratulations on “finishing” your education!
  3. 3. Now…we will do the rest!
  4. 4. Until…
  5. 5. Let’s build a life…
  6. 6. Observe like a child
  7. 7. Test yourself…!
  8. 8. Question like a child
  9. 9. Try like a child
  10. 10. Experiment like a child
  11. 11. Take Initiative like a child
  12. 12. Deal with failures like a child. When a child learns to walk and falls down 50 times, he never thinks to himself: “maybe this isn’t for me?”
  13. 13. Let go like a child
  14. 14. Learn like a child
  15. 15. Color like a child
  16. 16. Self-control like a child
  17. 17. Help like a child
  18. 18. Socialize like a child
  19. 19. Play like a child
  20. 20. Have fun as a child
  21. 21. Recap • As children, we build a world for ourselves by focusing on learning, play and fun. Without a need to comply with any social or behavioural norms and an insatiable hunger for anything new, we truly live like a child! • However, growing-up is double-edged. We are taught (and often forced) to conform so that we can “succeed”. Invariably, the things that make us successful also lead to our gradual (and unnoticeable) decline (and eventual downfall). • As grown-ups, we must continuously re-learn how to live life as a child once again. Treating ourselves as a beginner allows us to think from a fresh perspective and enjoy adapting to newer situations with creative ideas.