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Lead by Influence


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My talk to Cisco India's leadership team on my personal experiences in leading by influence. In this talk I also introduced the concept of 'gentle credibility' which I have been developing and practicing for several years now.

Lead by Influence

  1. 1. Last four experiences… Huawei: Product ownership NetScout: Center operations Yahoo!: Strategic programs [24]7: Global change catalyst
  2. 2. Product ownership • Core router (2001), • 3G SoftSwitch (2002), • Routing Platform (2003) Complex products • Hi-tech domain • Lack of architects and techies • Working from China (2002) Challenges • High focus on grooming techies • Build Your Own Processes! • Meticulous planning and execution How
  3. 3. India Center Operations • Led Sniffer inside McAfee • QA, Sustaining, Module Dev2003 • Setup Network General India • Engineering ownership2004 • Acquired by NetScout • Product ownership2007 • Startup culture • Deliver resultsHow
  4. 4. Strategic Program Management • Head of Biz Ops++ • Agile and Lean transformationCharter • Highly matrixed, • Vertical vs. Horizontal • Too many changes Challenges • Built credibility • Internal networks • Empower capable folks How
  5. 5. Global change catalyst • End-to-end Execution Framework • People, Process, CultureCharter • Product ‘startup’ inside BPO • Indian Products MNCOpportunities • T-shaped professional • Seeker first, enabler next, learner always but ‘expert’ never! How
  6. 6. My mantras…
  7. 7. T-shaped Professional… Medici in the Mind
  8. 8. From fearing “challenge” to embracing “change”
  9. 9. Build 360 degrees of network
  10. 10. From “Let go” to “Let’s go” Ditch the ladder… …embrace the lattice Enjoying being an IC (since 2007)!
  11. 11. Take initiative…and deliver Level 1: Wait Level 2: Ask Level 3: Recommend Level 4: Act independently but report Immediately Level 5: Act independently and report routinely
  12. 12. Build “gentle credibility” Evangelist: You refer to other’s / expert’s works Experimenter: You try out things (some work, some don’t) and talk of your own work Influencer: You recommend or endorse other’s work Expert: Your work is referred by others
  13. 13. Recap... T-shaped professional…Medici in the Mind From “challenge” to “change” Build 360 degrees of network From “Let go” to “Let’s go” Take initiative…and deliver Build “gentle credibility”