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Is Nature Agile?


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My keynote talk at DiscussAgile Hyderabad 2016 conference. In this talk, I deconstruct #agility and compare and contract with nature. Feedback welcome :)

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  • The original presentation has lots of videos. Unfortunately, when I saved the deck at pdf, they didn't show up as videos anymore. You can search for those keywords and find videos on them on YouTube and elsewhere on the net. Hope you like it. I am particularly interested in hearing back views on the elements of agility, especially from different practitioners point of view.
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Is Nature Agile?

  1. 1. Is nature agile? Tathagat Varma
  2. 2. What is agility? The ability of a “body” to • sense, analyse and comprehend expected and unexpected situations as they unfold, • respond and organise, self and collectively, quickly and gracefully to planned and unplanned changes, • anticipate potential issues and avoid or mitigate them as required or as possible, • exploit unexpected opportunities and maximise gains before they dry up, • initiate potential game-changing ideas well-ahead of the market, and • learn and adapt from previous experiences, make sustainable improvements and evolve on continuous basis.
  3. 3. Elements of Agility Aware Assess Act
  4. 4. Being aware of the changing dynamics and evolving situation Aware Filter out noise and analyze, corroborate, and synthesize various signals
  5. 5. Aware of the present moment
  6. 6. Possess the knowledge and skills to anticipate the projected future (positive / negative) Assess Being able to discern the situation and decide best course of action (avoid / mitigate / continue / exploit)
  7. 7. Assess the projected future
  8. 8. Respond in a timeframe and intensity commensurate to the problem Act Continuously improve subsequent responses based on earlier results
  9. 9. Act towards the desired future
  10. 10. Act towards the desired future Assess the projected future Aware of the present moment
  11. 11. Aware Assess Act Agility Lights Out Just Do It! Newshour Debate Indiana Jones Little Professor Classroom Debate James Bond Ethan Hunt Agility Matrix
  12. 12. Software Team
  13. 13. Nature?
  14. 14. Sunflower Garden
  15. 15. Venus Flytrap
  16. 16. Honeybees
  17. 17. Fireflies Flashing
  18. 18. Flock of Birds
  19. 19. School of Fish
  20. 20. Ant Colony
  21. 21. Slime Mold
  22. 22. Robots next?
  23. 23. Is agility “one size fit all”?
  24. 24. Recap • Aware, assess & act • Agility is an outcome! • Agility helps nature evolve • Teams can learn from nature