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Innovation Games - Making fun work for you!


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My talk on Innovation Games at India Business Excellence Summit 2014 at Bangalore, Mar 13

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Innovation Games - Making fun work for you!

  1. 1. Everyone wants Innovation! h"p://­‐impera:ve-­‐print-­‐infographic_Lores.png    
  2. 2. Why is innovation broken?
  3. 3. Dysfunctions proudly sponsored by… “mindsets, policies & politics”
  4. 4. HiddenBarriersto Innovation? h"p://­‐hidden-­‐barriers-­‐to-­‐innova:on/    
  5. 5. so, how to innovate?
  6. 6. Work is boring…
  7. 7. …let’s play games!
  8. 8. Innovation Games®