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Have a funday at work


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I had a wonderful opportunity to talk to KPMG's managers and process experts on how to improve collaboration and think innovatively by introducing creative and fun activities. I used some ideas from agile, innovation games and bodystorming. I created/used a term 'funday' to reflect how a day at work could be made much more fun and productive by fundamentally changing the way we conduct meetings, which tend to be the biggest drain on people's motivation and productivity.

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Have a funday at work

  1. 1. Have a funday at work J Tathagat Varma VP, Strategic Process Innovations and HR, [24]7 Innovation Labs
  2. 2. How is your typical work day?
  3. 3. h"p://­‐the-­‐leaders/    
  4. 4. Stand-ups?
  5. 5. Innovation Games® fun ways to collaborate with customers to better understand their needs
  6. 6. Collaborative Play Co-creation Visual Thinking
  7. 7. Four Defining Traits of a Game Game Goal “sense of purpose” Rules “unleash creativity and foster strategic thinking” Feedback system “provides motivation to keep playing” Voluntary participation “establishes common ground” “Reality  is  Broken:  Why  Games  Make  Us  Be"er  and  How  They  Can  Change  the  World”  –  Jane  McGonigal  
  8. 8. Silos à Co-creation h"p://­‐to-­‐use-­‐co-­‐creaHon-­‐to-­‐market-­‐your-­‐blog/    
  9. 9. Literacy à Numeracy à Graphicacy
  10. 10. 65% Visual Learners Faster  processing   of  visual  info  over   text   90%   InformaHon  coming   to  brain  is  visual   StaHsHcs  source:  h"p://       Improvement  in  learning   through  visual  aids  
  11. 11. In the book…
  12. 12. Which one to use when?
  13. 13. Product Box h"p://­‐box/     Goal: Identify the most exciting product features
  14. 14. Product Box Ask your customers to imagine that they’re selling your product at a trade show, retail outlet, or public market. Give them a few cardboard boxes and ask them to design the product box that they would buy. The box can contain anything they want—marketing slogans that they find interesting, pictures, price points. They can build elaborate boxes through the materials you’ll provide or just write down the phrases and slogans they find most interesting. When finished, ask your customer to use their box to sell your product to you and the other customers in the room.
  15. 15. Show and Tell Goal: Identify the most important artifacts created by your product
  16. 16. Show and Tell Ask your customers to bring examples of artifacts created or modified by your product or service. Ask them to tell you why these artifacts are important and when and how they’re used.
  17. 17. Bodystorming •  Goal: To help designers derive new ideas and unexpected ideas by physically experiencing a situation. •  Bodystorming is a unique method that spans empathy work, ideation, and prototyping.  •  Bodystorming is technique of physically experiencing a situation to derive new ideas. It requires setting up an experience - complete with necessary artifacts and people - and physically “testing” it. •  Bodystorming can also include physically changing your space during ideation. What you're focused on here is the way you interact with your environment and the choices you make while in it.
  18. 18. Why Bodystorm? •  We bodystorm to generate unexpected ideas that might not be realized by talking or sketching. •  We bodystorm to help create empathy in the context of possible solutions for prototyping. If you're stuck in your ideation phase, you can bodystorm in the context of a half-baked concept to get you thinking about alternative ideas. •  Designing a coffee bar? Set up a few foam cubes and "order" a coffee! Bodystorming is also extremely useful in the context of prototyping concepts. Have a couple concepts you're testing? Bodystorm with both of them to help you evaluate them. Developing any sort of physical environment demands at least a few bodystorms…
  19. 19. How to Bodystorm? •  Let’s do it J …
  20. 20. Wrap-up Make meetings optional Make them short Make people get up Visualize your ideas Play games Have funday at work J
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