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Design Thinking


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My keynote talk at Veritas' Cutting Edge CE2016 event on Aug 9, Pune

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Design Thinking

  1. 1. Thinking Thinking Thinking Thinking Thinking Thinking… D E S I G N
  2. 2. Let me tell you some stories J
  3. 3. 2009 $200/week Now $900m (2015)
  4. 4. What’s common in them?
  5. 5. A Design Thinking Process
  6. 6. d.Mindsets
  7. 7. Application and Impact
  8. 8. Recap v Design Thinking offers an interesting approach to solving people’s problems v It is as much a mindset as a process, though not a ‘process’ in traditional sense v It integrates elements from people (desirability), technology (feasibility) and business (viability) aspects v This is specially relevant as we create more and more products and services for real humans!