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Demystifying DevOps


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My invited talk at KLA-Tencor's Software and Apps Engineering Conference NEOTERIX 2016 at Chennai, Aug 25

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Demystifying DevOps

  1. 1. Demystifying DevOps Tathagat Varma Knowledgepreneur
  2. 2. The journey so far…Developersbuilt andranthe systems Developers built the systems Operators ran the systems Developers built the systems Testers tested the systems Sys Admin managed the systems Operators ran the systems ???
  3. 3. We “created” silos... Developers Testers Operations Code Software Service
  4. 4. Agile. Circa 2001.
  5. 5. Key changes… •  From top-down predictive planning => team-driven adaptive planning •  From documentation-driven sequential phases => working software each iteration •  From episodic delivery of all features => incremental delivery of highest-value features •  Dev + Test => One team / agile developers –  Old Dev + Test capabilities => New Dev –  Old Test + Dev capabilities => New Test
  6. 6. But some silos continued… Agile Developers Operations
  7. 7. …and the problems ensued! Deployment was still a major risk When deployed, software would invariably underperform Changes were episodic, and way too risky When problems were found, “Us Vs They” blame game Time/cost to find issues was huge, to fix is even more …
  8. 8. The Wall of Confusion: One Company, Two Mindsets…
  9. 9. So, what is Devops? The term was coined by Patrick Debois in 2009. He wanted to extend Agile principles into sys admin and ops. Enable collaboration between all teams involved in building, shipping and managing a feature Developers don’t just focus on functionality. Performance and Reliability are just as important. Operations don’t get involved only towards the end, but throughout the development lifecycle. Tools might help, especially for large deployment, but culture comes tops.
  10. 10. From Agile to DevOps
  11. 11. DevOps Principles Develop and test against production-like systems Deploy with repeatable, reliable processes Monitor and validate operational quality Amplify feedback loops DevOps for Dummies – Sanjeev Sharma
  12. 12. DevOps cycle Pic source: CollabNet
  13. 13. Why DevOps?
  14. 14. Shift Left DevOps for Dummies – Sanjeev Sharma
  15. 15. How DevOps?
  16. 16. Success Factors
  17. 17. Challenges…
  18. 18. Benefits
  19. 19. 2016 State of DevOps Report
  20. 20. So, what really is DevOps? Process? Method? Tool? ???
  21. 21. The key is… Mindset Culture Process Methods Tools The crux!!!