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Business By Design


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My talk at India UX/UI Design Week 2014

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Business By Design

  1. 1. Bu$ine$$ -by- Design Tathagat Varma, VP Strategic Process Innovations and HR, [24]7 Innovation Labs
  2. 2. What is Design? h"p://y'­‐as-­‐john-­‐heske"2.jpg    
  3. 3. Dieter Rams’ Ten Principles of Good Design h"p://    
  4. 4. Elegant Solution
  5. 5. ROI of Design h"p://­‐can-­‐drive-­‐excep'onal-­‐returns-­‐for-­‐shareholders/    
  6. 6. Are you a UX Statistic? h"p://­‐sta's'c/#Development    
  7. 7. What I Have Learnt... Pic:  h"ps://­‐lessons-­‐learnt.gif?w=529    
  8. 8. Keep the user in mind. Always.
  9. 9. (WE) Software Engineers make (really) terrible designers!
  10. 10. Design is not ivory tower h"ps://     “We designers,  we don’t work in a vacuum. We need business people. We are not the fine artists we are often confused with.” – Dieter Rams
  11. 11. Good design is original! Great design is copied!! Transparency (Windows Vista “Aero”) Live Wallpapers (Android) DESKTOP CLOUD Apps (Chromebook) Card Multitasking (Palm) Tags and Tabs (Multiple) h"p://­‐ideas-­‐apple-­‐gleefully-­‐stole-­‐from-­‐google-­‐twi"er-­‐and-­‐microsoQ    
  12. 12. Process is changing, so should design methods Traditional Web Development Process, circa 2000-2007 Agile Web Development Process h"p://­‐development/agile/    
  13. 13. Instinct Vs. Data? •  Use Data to know – Customer behavior – Decide among options •  Use instincts to decide – product quality – Long-term impact h"p://­‐ar'cles-­‐And-­‐news/The-­‐Capable-­‐Marketer.aspx?pos'd=113     h"p://­‐world-­‐stop-­‐figh'ng-­‐over-­‐data-­‐vs-­‐ins'nct/    
  14. 14. Design management scorecard Design is based on concepts developed by others. Design conceives and develops products, packaging, interfaces, services, or messages. We work to unify design with other design groups in your organization We conceive customer experiences and work with project teams to make the experiences a reality We use design / Design Thinking to participate in developing new markets and business strategies h"p://    
  15. 15. References •  Design Can Drive Exceptional Returns for Shareholders, •  Agile Web Development That Works, •  Goodbye, Google, •  What is Windows Aero?, •  How and When Do You Make Decisions, •  Balancing Design Instinct + Judgment vs. A/B Testing for design changes, •  Cover slide pic: •  Why We Crave the Last Drop •  What is the real value of design, What_is_the_Real_Value_of_Design_Jeneanne_Rae_Motiv_Strategies-WEB.pdf •  Good design is good business, •  Design the new business,