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Building a future in the future


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My talk at Swaprerana-ICGF on Vocational and International Service organised by Rotary District 3190 in Bangalore, Nov 17

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Building a future in the future

  1. 1. Building a future in the future… Tathagat Varma Country Head, Chinasoft
  2. 2. How many here work in IT?
  3. 3. Longest continuous journey by a driverless and autonomous lorry The longest continuous journey by a driverless and autonomous lorry (semitrailer truck) is 212.433 km (131.99 mi), and was achieved by Ottomotto LLC and Matt Grigsby (both USA) in Fort Collins, Colorado, USA, on 20 October 2016.
  4. 4. Commercial flying today is already almost totally on autopilot. “Most flights are flown 98 or 99 percent by the autopilot,” said Stephen Rice, an associate professor of Human Factors at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. “A study showed that Boeing and Airbus pilots only manually flew the plane for three to six minutes per flight.”
  5. 5. 2018 Lumen Prize Winner. The Lumen Prize celebrates the very best art created with technology The Butcher’s Son by Mario Klingemann, Germany Klingemann described the work as a “neural network’s interpretation of the human form.”  Art?
  6. 6. And getting smarter…!!! Hans Moravec’s “Landscape of Human Competence”, 1998
  7. 7. The future: scary or bright?
  8. 8. Something BIG is coming soon…
  9. 9. The Future of Jobs 2016, WEF More than 54% of India’s employees in 12 sectors need reskilling by 2022. Of this, while 35% would need at least six months worth of reskilling, 10% would need more than a year of training.
  10. 10. Workforce disruption by industry
  11. 11. Employment Outlook
  12. 12. What’s driving this change?
  13. 13. We are already in the future!
  14. 14. So, what should be the strategy?
  15. 15. But there are barriers! How many believe it should be your individual priority?
  16. 16. Increasing automation!
  17. 17. Humans need not apply!
  18. 18. So, how to build your future?
  19. 19. Recap We are transforming into a creative society We are in a great position to leverage it Those who adapt faster will thrive IT is the 4th “R” of literacy Cognitive and social skills will be even more critical! Skills = Lifelong and Continuous Learner + Knowledge + Skills + Ability + Initiative + Problem-solver + Maker + Doer + Giver + Teacher + …
  20. 20. References The Fourth Industrial Revolution - Klaus Schwab, 2016 Life 3.0 - Max Tegmark, 2017 two-countries 1.%20Trillion%20Dollar%20Economy.pdf