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Agile Software Development - Learn It Yourself


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My webinar with Temenos on my self-published book series "Learn It Yourself"

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Agile Software Development - Learn It Yourself

  1. 1. Agile Software Development – Learn It Yourself! Tathagat Varma
  2. 2. About me •  Product leader and Technologist •  Published “Agile Product Development” (2015) •  5000+ trained / coached •  200+ talks / papers •  150+ articles / blogs •  100+ Startups mentored
  3. 3. What is “Learn It Yourself”? •  A series of booklets for new learners •  Diverse topics ranging from Agile, Lean, Creativity, Innovation, Design Thinking, Lean Startups, etc… •  Each book consumable under 30min •  Each topic discussed in single page •  Each book at $0.99
  4. 4. Why “Learn It Yourself”? •  We are our best teachers (though we could surely learn from others!) •  There are enough books and literature to confuse a new learner •  Instead of writing another “big book”, I think a “small book” might actually help
  5. 5. How to “Learn It Yourself”? •  The first book “Agile Software Development” is released 25-Jan at dp/B01N5TDK9J •  10 Paid and 81 Subscription readers!
  6. 6. Get involved… •  Follow @TathagatVarma for future releases •  Let me know if you have suggestions or feedback, or can review the manuscript of future books •  Thanks for your support!