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Ipercompetizione 5. Capacità di creare delle Discontinuità


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Velocità ed effetto Sorpresa

Published in: Marketing
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Ipercompetizione 5. Capacità di creare delle Discontinuità

  1. 1. Capabilities for Disruption
  2. 2. Speed andSpeed and SurpriseSurprise Speed and surpriseSpeed and surprise are needed to take advantage of opportunities, to move quickly against competitors, or to respond to a competitor's attack.
  3. 3. Speed andSpeed and SurpriseSurprise SpeedSpeed is also a key part of competitive advantage, because it enhances the ability to serve customers and to choose the moment in time that the firm will enter the market (e.g., as a first mover or a fast follower).
  4. 4. Speed andSpeed and SurpriseSurprise Surprise is also crucial to success.Surprise is also crucial to success. The longer the first mover can delay entrance by competitors into the market by stunning them with a surprise attack, the more time there is to create a strong position and make gains before the competition responds.