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Gestione del Tempo 3. I Quadranti del Tempo per Gestire le attività


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Sistematizzare per non perdere Tempo

Published in: Self Improvement
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Gestione del Tempo 3. I Quadranti del Tempo per Gestire le attività

  1. 1. time time management
  2. 2. time understanding time “A no uttered from the deepest conviction is better than a yes merely uttered to please, or what is worse, to avoid trouble.” Mahatma Gandhi
  3. 3. time understanding time “Why have a time log? memory energy
  4. 4. time understanding time I. Quadrant of__________ II. Quadrant of__________ III. Quadrant of__________ IV. Quadrant of__________ Urgent Not Urgent importantnotimportant
  5. 5. time understanding time move into quadrant II  quadrant I—manage: the quadrant of necessity; things are both urgent and important  quadrant II—leadership and quality: the quadrant of focus; things are important but not urgent
  6. 6. time understanding time move into quadrant II  quadrant III—(AVOID): the quadrant of deception; things are urgent but not important  quadrant IV—(AVOID): the quadrant of waste; things are neither important nor urgent
  7. 7. time move into quadrant II connect to mission review roles identify goals organize weekly exercise integrity evaluate How do I get there? The six step process
  8. 8. time  What is most important?  What gives your life meaning?  What do you want to be and do in your life? Consider the big picture. The key to this connection lies in the clarity of your vision around such questions as: step 1: connect with vision & mission
  9. 9. time step 2: identify your roles  we have important roles at work, in the family, in the community, or other areas of our lives  Roles represent responsibilities, relationships, and areas of contribution
  10. 10. time step 3: select quad II goals for each role  what is the most important thing I could do for each role this week that would have the greatest positive impact?  consider the relationships for each role  review a “perhaps” list for ideas  identify the steps that need to be taken to achieve long-term goals
  11. 11. time step 4: organize weekly  translating high leverage quad II goals requires a framework  most people are always trying to find time in their overflowing quad I/III schedules  They move, delegate, cancel, and postpone— all in hopes of “putting first things first” the key is in scheduling your priorities, not prioritizing your schedule
  12. 12. time step 4: organize weekly Distinctive Elements of Effective Weekly Goals  they can be either an area of focus or a specific activity  they are usually quad II goals rather than typical “to-do’s” or daily action items  they are driven by conscience