Visions in Marketing: Finding the signal through the noise


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Visions in Marketing: Finding the signal through the noise

  1. 1. Visions in marketing Finding the signal through the noise A report by the Economist Intelligence Unit Sponsored by
  2. 2. Visions in marketing: 1 Contents
  3. 3. Visions in marketing: Executive summary New ways of engaging with customers through multiple channels are changing the customer experience in the B2B space. Improving customer engagement is building customer lifetime value. Customer feedback, combined with the new insights gleaned through analytic tools, design, as well as increasing speed to market.
  4. 4. Visions in marketing: Metrics for valuing marketing’s new value are not uniform: many are company- or even Marketing’s remit is expanding beyond traditional lines, interweaving internally with other company functions and externally with a wider variety of customer touch-points. recognise the capabilities and limitations of the tools available to access their clients, deliver their message and glean customer insights.
  5. 5. Visions in marketing: Introduction
  6. 6. Visions in marketing: Freescale Semiconductor is competing online through user experience Multiple new channels are changing the customer experience in the B2B space 1 Henri Richard, former chief Freescale Semiconductor
  7. 7. Visions in marketing: Sonus Networks are building B2B connections through new media channels Wes Durow, vice-president of global marketing at Sonus Networks
  8. 8. Visions in marketing: Hitachi Data Systems New marketing agility Customer insights to build customer loyalty Case Study: Hitachi Asim Zaheer, senior vice- president of worldwide marketing at HDS
  9. 9. Visions in marketing: Customers drive product innovations at FXI Inc Customer feedback and new customer insights are driving product and service development 2 Customer feedback improves convenience at TD Bank Diane Adams, CMO at FXI Limited
  10. 10. Visions in marketing: 9 At Bell Canada, customer insights led to Mobile TV Sonus Networks redesigned to deliver an “out-of-the-box” experience Dominic Mercuri, TD Bank’s CMO
  11. 11. Visions in marketing: Wes Durow, vice-president of global marketing at Sonus Networks
  12. 12. Visions in marketing: 11 customer information3 Information drives cost management and customer satisfaction at Austrian Post
  13. 13. Visions in marketing: - Thomas Bissels, head of sales and marketing for parcels and logistics at Austrian Post
  14. 14. Visions in marketing: Expanding the role of marketing within the company, as well as outside 4 at TD Bank
  15. 15. Visions in marketing: Dominic Mercuri, CMO at TD Bank Freescale Semiconductor is marketing across the supply chain
  16. 16. Visions in marketing:
  17. 17. Visions in marketing: Conclusion
  18. 18. While every effort has been taken to verify the accuracy of this information, neither The Economist Intelligence Unit Ltd. nor the sponsor of this report can accept any responsibility or liability for reliance by any person on this article or any of the information, opinions or conclusions set out in this article. Cover image - © Mohd Shahrizan Hussin/Shutterstock
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