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From prototyping to production


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3D printing will likely supplant mass production

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From prototyping to production

  1. 1. Sponsored bySources: PwC and ZPryme survey of more than 100 industrial manufacturers, Februrary 2014; Gartner. From prototyping to production 3D printing will likely supplant mass production © The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2016. 73% Expect 3D-printing to be used increasingly for final production as the market grows Forecast compound annual growth rates (CAGR, %). CAGR of 3D printer sales to 2019: CAGR of number of annual 3D printers purchases to 2019: 122% Companies are mainly using 3D printers to experiment and build models How is your company using 3D-printing technology? (% respondents). Prototyping only 25% Prototyping and production 10% Production of items not possible with traditional methods 3% Final production only 1% Not using 33% Experimenting 29%