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Economist readers fly high


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Explore a new infographic from The Economist Group and discover how you relate to the rest of our Economist readers.

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Economist readers fly high

  1. 1. How do Economist readers fly? Traveling for fun in style Autonomy in business The number of domestic round-trip business flights taken by a reader in a year usually fly first, business, or premium economy when flying for leisure Extra amenities are appreciated, but at the end of the day, it’s the basics that really matter to premium flyers Economist readers are tech-savvy; in the past year, they have used their smartphones to: Loyalty Programs Seat Comfort Service from Attendants They also travel internationally for work – 2.8 short-haul and 1.9 long-haul round-trips a year of readers would not switch their business airline due to price, despite a general trend towards business cost-cutting of readers are not impacted by employer restrictions in air travel 64% Access a boarding pass Check in for a flight 4.9 68% 66% Many readers have preferred airlines, but most are open to other options and often comparison shop BUT of comparison shoppers still refer to airlines’ branded websites 76% VIP Leisure Flyers 88% Business Flyers 73% >75% >50% Source: The Economist Group 2015