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Co-creation and microfactories – infographic


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Co-creating products at a small scale enables shorter time to market often at lower cost.

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Co-creation and microfactories – infographic

  1. 1. Sponsored by © The Economist Intelligence Unit, 2016. Part of the PRODUCERS OF TOMORROW series M ARKET EN TRY TIME TO MARKET 1-10 11-100 Microfactories 101-1,000 Mass production 100,000+ Units manufactured Mass production emphasises large scale and standardised, internal processes. However, sometimes smaller is better. GE Appliances, a Haier company, supported the online community FirstBuild to crowdsource innovative design ideas from engineers, hackers and makers everywhere. Selected ideas are prototyped and brought to market swiftly through a microfactory, a nimble and physically small operation with limited produced runs. Co-creation and microfactories In the case of GE Appliances, co-creation drives innovation and microfactories enable products to be brought to market relatively quickly. Consumers decide whether a product goes into full production.