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Why is Information Technology SO Expensive?


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Why small businesses must embrace the Cloud or risk losing their businesses to poor performing IT experiences year over year.

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Why is Information Technology SO Expensive?

  2. 2. Average IT improvements change at 20% per year, while SMB revenue is generally less than 7%; leaving SMBs in a service gap as IT outpaces SMB revenue. IT OUTPACES SMB REVENUE 2
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  5. 5. 5 IT COST T H E E L E M E N T S O F The advancements in IT put strains on SMB budgets to stay current in technology with Strategy, Concepts, Standards, Training, and Equipment. Maintaining IT efficiency is expensive.
  6. 6. 6 IT COST T H E E L E M E N T S O F IT hurts SMBs where it hurts most: In the wallet with outages and disruptions demanding cash outlay at the moment. Shortcomings in IT budgets are paid for with capital dollars.
  7. 7. 7 IT COST T H E E L E M E N T S O F IT hurts SMBs with executive distraction, ad-hoc manpower consumption, and loss of productivity and initiative. Shortcomings in IT budgets hurt other ways too.
  8. 8. 8 Meeting IT Pace is Unsustainable Resulting in gaps in service such as quality, productivity, equipment, and business priorities. The Cost of IT is Poor Financial Performance The burden IT places on the SMB is a drag on financial performance, over years; this condition can be chronic resulting in mediocre performance and unrealized corporate dreams. The Cost of IT Hurts Operating Efficiency in Manpower & Time Lowest cost solutions are elected over quality ones, compounding the problem and accelerating the cycle. The Cost of IT Puts Company Data at Risk Lack of IT standards and quality understanding can put all company data at risk with the possibility of total company data loss. THE REAL COST OF IT
  9. 9. 9 HOW DOES THE CLOUD HELP? The Cloud Preserves Cash The cloud is state of the art, modern, with help desk included; unplanned capital requirements are eliminated. The Cloud is State of the Art The Cloud is enterprise-class and clients enjoy the economic benefits of shared services. The Cloud Reduces Risk & Eliminates Waste The Cloud is subscription-based, so companies no-longer have to maintain their local area networks. The CAN is a platform replacement for traditional IT ownership, lowering your IT costs, reducing your risk, and allowing you to focus on growing your business and not IT. The Cloud Normalizes Your IT Budget The Cloud is subscription-based, scalable, and consistent and costs less than traditional IT ownership.
  10. 10. MANAGEWATCH Sean Teague President 10 OUR MISSION ManageWatch is a cloud service and technology provider founded on the belief that we can play a small part in helping our customers become great companies. C O N T A C T D E T A I L S (214) 207-4249 @managewatch