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Sprint 16 report


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This is the sprint 16 report for ManageIQ. The things reported here are part of the Botvinnik release cycle. If you want to know what's the latest and greatest, come by every 3rd Wednesday for the latest.

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Sprint 16 report

  1. 1. ManageIQ Sprint 16 Report - Sprint End December 2, 2014 December 3, 2014
  2. 2. Overview ●Sprint Statistics ●Charting Enhancements (D. Clarizio) ●I18N Progress (D. Clarizio) ●Cloud Orchestration (G. McCullough) ●Automate Enhancements (G. McCullough) ●Default LDAP Group for Authentication (G. McCullough) ●Amazon Events (G. Blomquist) ●Technical Debt - SmartProxy, Rails Backports (J. Rafaniello) ●IPv6 Communications (J. Rafaniello) ●Rest API Enhancements (A. Bellotti) ●Fleecing Tests (R. Oliveri)
  3. 3. Sprint 16 Ended December 2 ● ne%3A%22Sprint+16+Ending+Dec+2%2C+2014%22 ●96 Pull Requests Merged o48 issues labeled as “bug” o27 issues labeled as “enhancement” o11 issues labeled as “technical debt” o8 issues labeled as “refactoring” o6 issues labeled as “test”
  4. 4. jqPlot Default Charts
  5. 5. Chart Styling Chart styling enabled: ●themes (Patternfly,etc ) ●backgrounds ●borders ●fonts ●colors ●highlighting ●pie chart formatting ●legend positioning
  6. 6. Coming Soon ●Donut Charts ●Responsive Charts ●Enhanced Patternfly color scheme
  7. 7. I18N Progress ●Currently follows browser language selection ●Will be adding admin and user settings ●Video - Login screen demo
  8. 8. Cloud Orchestration ●Modeling PR merged (PR #899) ●In progress ○AWS Inventory collection (PR #919) ○Creation of Service Dialog based on Template ○Prototype of Provisioning through automate
  9. 9. Automate Enhancements ●Specify Zone for Web Service Automation Request ○Usage: Pass ‘miq_zone=<zone_name>’ ■Parameter not specified: Zone of current appliance used ■Parameter specified without value: Tasks queued with null zone; any appliance in the region can process. ●Example: 'parameters' => ‘miq_zone=’ ■Parameter specified with value: Request runs in specified zone. (Note: Request creation fails if zone does not exist) Example:, :message => 'version' => '1.1', 'uri_parts' => "namespace=System|class=Request|instance=test|message=create", 'parameters' => ‘miq_zone=Mahwah’)
  10. 10. Automate Enhancements ●Request Message override ○user_message= #New method available on MiqRequest instances Example: request = $evm.root['service_template_provision_task'].miq_request request.user_message = “Custom User Message” Reset to normal messaging: request.user_message = nil
  11. 11. Default Group for LDAP Authentication ●Settings and Operations Guide - 5.2.1. Creating a User Note: If you are using LDAP, but did not enable Get User Groups from LDAP in your server's Authentication tab, you will need to define a user. ●Enhancement allows new user logons when “Get User Groups from LDAP” is disabled
  12. 12. Amazon AWS Event Collection ●Worked with Amazon during closed beta to develop ●Third of three pieces of provider functionality ●Enables event-based policies for AWS NB: Need to review AWS Config setup requirements and document ManageIQ configuration
  13. 13. Technical debt ●SmartProxy removal ○Functionality not needed or replaced by winrm gem ○PR #1090 ●Rails backports/fork removal ○Backport and use disable_ddl_transaction! ○Added bigserial support for primary keys to rails, backported and used in manageiq ○Next: Get “areas” (tests, migrations) of manageiq running on Rails 4.2
  14. 14. IPv6 Communications ●VMWare (done) ○PR #1080 (includes upgrading httpclient to 2.5.3) ●RHEVM/Ovirt (in progress) ○ManageIQ/ovirt PR #16 ○Ruby 2.0 and 2.1 backports (net/http regression) ■ ■ ○rest-client/rest-client PR #332 ○rest-client/rest-client PR #333 ●Next: Model changes/openstack communication
  15. 15. Rest API - Accounts subcollection ●API versioning to follow Semver standard oi.e. v1.1 development version now set to v1.1.0-pre ●Added VM accounts subcollection queries oQuery via GET /api/vms/#/accounts Example: GET /api/vms/320/accounts?expand=resources { "name": "accounts", "count": 3, "subcount": 2, "resources": [ { "id": "http://localhost:3000/api/vms/320/accounts/3", "name": "Alberto", "homedir": "/home/aab", ... }, ...] } oAlso via --expand parameter GET /api/vms/#?expand=accounts
  16. 16. Rest API - Software subcollection ●Added VM software subcollection queries oQuery via GET /api/vms/#/software Example: GET /api/vms/320/software?expand=resources { "name": "software", "count": 1, "subcount": 1, "resources": [ { "id": "http://localhost:3000/api/vms/320/software/1", "name": "LibreOffice", "vendor": "DocumentFoundation", ... } ] } oAlso via --expand parameter GET /api/vms/#?expand=software
  17. 17. Rest API - VM accounts & software ●Querying both subcollection types can be done as follows: oQuery via GET /api/vms/#?expand=accounts,software Example: GET /api/vms/320?expand=accounts,software { “id”: “http://localhost:3000/api/vms/320”, “name”: “aab-vm1”, … “accounts” : [ { “id”: “http://localhost:3000/api/vms/320/accounts/3”, ... }, ... ] “software” : [ { “id”: “http://localhost:3000/api/vms/320/software/1”, ... }, ... ] }
  18. 18. Questions?