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Community - Carol Chen, Sergio Ocon - ManageIQ Design Summit 2016


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Community Discussion with Carol Chen and Sergio Ocón at ManageIQ Design Summit 2016

Published in: Technology
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Community - Carol Chen, Sergio Ocon - ManageIQ Design Summit 2016

  1. 1. Community ManageIQ Design Summit June 2016
  2. 2. Agenda People Status of the community Ways to collaborate Channels for collaboration Licensing Where do you want it to go?
  3. 3. People You can find a longer list of people here Carol Chen (cybette) Community Development Sergio Ocón (sergioocon) Customer Driven Innovation Oleg Barenboim (chessbyte) Chess master
  4. 4. Status of the Community Website (Documentation) Community members Events Meetups Social Media Blog
  5. 5. Ways to collaborate Write: Tutorials / articles Documentation Developer docs Develop: Bug triage Rails / AngularJS Dev environments Design: Artwork and designs Usability Use cases Translators: Develop Translate Ambassadors: Represent Promote / Media Recruit Mentoring Web: Blog posts Website update Images by Fedora Project Package: Policies Workflows Reports Depot QA: Test Rspec
  6. 6. Channels for collaboration Gitter Talk (forum) IRC Google+ Communities? Mailing lists?
  7. 7. License news With the merging of PR 7481 and PR 7629, ManageIQ has transitioned to use the Apache License 2.0 exclusively ( The Apache License 2.0 currently enjoys widest acceptance among the businesses and organizations that we anticipate will be interested in using and contributing to ManageIQ Permissive open source licenses are also popular in the Ruby and Ruby on Rails communities Apache vs. MIT: explicitness around grants of patent rights Permissive: All existing and potential community members enjoy equal status from a legal perspective. Used by other open source projects related - i.e. OpenStack
  8. 8. Where do you want it to go?