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Botvinnik webinar


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With the impending release of ManageIQ Botvinnik, we wanted to walk through what we're doing in the ManageIQ Community, and what you can do with the new release. In this session, we discussed the following:

- OpenStack infrastructure management
- The Foreman integration - enabling providers for config management
- Comprehensive systems management for modern IT
- Inventory and asset management, the core of ManageIQ

Download the new release at

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Botvinnik webinar

  1. 1. All About Botvinnik A Tour of the New ManageIQ Release June 9, 2015
  2. 2. Agenda ● Looking back ○ A brief history of ManageIQ ● Botvinnik Features ○ Provider arch changes and additions ■ AWS, OpenStack, Kubernetes, Foreman ○ UI changes: Patternfly, Angular ○ Automate additions ● Demos of new features
  3. 3. What is ManageIQ? ● A single pane of glass to provision, view, manage, and control infrastructure for popular virtualization and cloud platforms ○ AWS, vSphere, OpenStack, RHEV, oVirt ● A single set of APIs to integrate with existing infrastructure management frameworks or to create new cloud infrastructure apps
  4. 4. What Makes ManageIQ Unique?
  5. 5. What Makes ManageIQ Unique? ● Comprehensive view of infrastructure ○ From infrastructure hosts to tenants ● Dedication to inventory management ○ Informs provisioning, config management, other aspects of cloud management ● Comprehensive cloud management platform ○ Not *just* about provisioning, a la cloud brokers
  6. 6. What is ManageIQ - Some Features ● Inventory Management via “fleecing” ● Self-service provisioning & service catalog ● Capacity and Utilization ● Quotas and chargeback ● Configuration and change management ● Policy Engine and Management ● Automation and orchestration ● Reporting
  7. 7. Evolution From “Your gateway to the open cloud.” To “Control all the things.”
  8. 8. ManageIQ History ● Virt management platform since 2006 ● Acquired by Red Hat in Dec 2012 ● Open Sourced in June, 2014 ● 1st release, Anand, in September, 2014 ● Botvinnik will be released any day now ○ Latest is RC4 ● Next release cycle will be Capablanca
  9. 9. ManageIQ Community ● Home: ● Extensions Depot v2 in development ○ v1 available at ● Discussions about ManageIQ ○ ○ #manageiq on freenode ● Demo videos at com/c/ManageiqOrg
  10. 10. Botvinnik Release New Features!
  11. 11. ● Overcloud view added in 2013 ● Infrastructure Provider (undercloud) in 2015 ● Inventory for Heat Stacks ● Connect Cloud provider to Infra provider ● Autoscale compute nodes via Automate ● Infrastructure Host Events & Event processing ● Handling of power states (paused, rebooting, waiting, etc.) ● Tenant filtering based on security groups, floating IPs, and networks. Managing OpenStack
  12. 12. Foreman Provider Integration ● Enabled Reporting / Tagging ● Exposed Foreman models as Automate service models ● Zone enablement ● Added tag processing during provisioning ● Added inventory collection of direct and inherited host/host-group settings ● Organization and location inventory
  13. 13. Amazon AWS Support ● Inventory collection for AWS CloudFormation ● Parsing of parameters from orchestration templates ● Amazon Events via AWS Config service ● Enables event-based policies for AWS ● Added C4, D2, and G2 instance types. ● Virtualization type collected during EMS refresh for better filtering of available types during provisioning. ● Handling of power states
  14. 14. Orchestration Changes ● Orchestration Stacks includes tagging ● Cloud Stacks: Summary and list views. ● Orchestration templates ○ Create, edit, delete, tagging, ‘draft’ support ○ Create Service Dialog from template contents ● Enabled Reporting / Tagging ● Improved rollback error message in UI ● Collect Stack Resource name and status reason message
  15. 15. Other Changes ● REST API: now at full parity with SOAP ○ VM Management w/ custom attributes, add lifecycle events, start, stop, suspend, delete ● Automate: new retirement workflow ● Fleecing: now supports qcow3, VSAN, OpenStack instances, systemd, XFS ● Kubernetes: EMS refresh scheduling, inventory collection
  16. 16. Demos John Hardy, Red Hat
  17. 17. ● RC4 released today (June 9) ● If good, will be GA Thursday, June 11 ● Download RC4 today and give feedback ○ ○ Discuss at ○ @manageiq on Twitter Botvinnik Release
  18. 18. Next Release Cycle: Capablanca ● Conversion to standard Rails app ○ Extract lib, build and system directories from ManageIQ repo ○ Reset root directory to what is currently vmdb ● Ruby 2.2, Rails 4.2, Postgres 9.4, Apache 2.4 ● Pluggable providers
  19. 19. Next Community Day ● Thursday, June 25 @ Red Hat Summit ○ RSVP: ● Review of Botvinnik ● Upcoming features in development for Capablanca