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Flipbook: ManageForce Culture Code


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Prior to the establishment of ManageForce nearly a decade ago, a great deal of planning took place to set our corporate mission into motion. We believe in sharing our mission and values with prospective employees, partners, and customers. While we believe in "improving, always," the core foundation has remained the same over the years.

Our values are what have helped us grow and be profitable every year we've been in business. It's also contributed to our low turnover rate--around three percent. What started as a small team of IT enthusiasts has grown into a globally recognized managed services provider.

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Flipbook: ManageForce Culture Code

  2. “Our success is not an entitlement.” Challenginggoals
  3. “Our success is determined by our customers’ success.” Communication+Skill=RightFit
  4. “Individual commitment and performance is above industry standard.” measureableresults
  5. “We hire the best. Especially if they’re better than us.” Beyondbenchmark
  6. “Each team member will have already known what it’s like to be the best. They’ve been there before.” Number-one-ness
  7. “Innovative thinking, passion, and resourcefulness are valued as much as technical skill .” Contagiousenthusiasm
  8. “Team members are encouraged to drive and share ideas for best practices and are recognized for their leadership.” Improving,always
  9. “We are easy to do to business with from the beginning. We’re friendly, knowledgeable, reliable, and available.” Reliable,Friendly,andsmart
  10. “Our culture often reflects our customers’ culture. One customer said it’s as if we’re on their team, but just sit on a different floor.” Intunewithcustomerneeds
  11. “We understand the whole stack and have been employed by the largest and most relevant technology companies. We each have no less than 10 years of experience.” BalancinglegacyandnewIT
  12. “What I love about working for ManageForce? I’m a crucial resource to customers—big and small. I see immediate results from my contributions. It’s an awesome feeling to go from production to live! My efforts are recognized, and I’m challenged everyday.” Proudtobemanageforce
  13. “Our collaboration, experience, expertise, and passion help us create solutions, provide the best support, and maintain a strategic balance between legacy and new technology in our customers’ IT environments.” #Onesizefitsone
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