Dnata airport operation csr activities in uae mba


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CRS activities in Dnata Dubai. Project presentation for University of Dubai.

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  • Encourages and promotes health in the corporate community Activities such as BMI testing, dance and yoga demonstrations, talks and presentations on healthy eating and exercise Awarding outstanding work Acknowledging staff makes them feel appreciated and valued.It encourages the staff to improve their skill and care about company.
  • Dnata has also been involved in group donations of 290,000 meals for devastating famine victims in Somalia in 2011 that killed tens of thousands of people. Emirates Group staff collected together Dhs 175,000 to donate to charity appeal. They worked with Dubai Charity Association, together with Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktom Foundation and Dar El Ber Society to launch emergency relief operation in Ramadan. This donation was the highest on Dnata's record due to media coverage of the disaster as well as the coming of the holy month of Ramadan. This donation was really a success as the foundations in Africa can feed three meals for one person for Dhs 1.80, so a total of 290,000 meals were given to famine victims.
  • Another local event was a walk for Autism that took place at Al Zabeel Park called “walking for Autism Awareness” which aimed to increase people's awareness of the disorder in month of Austism in 2011. It was organized by Child Early Intervention Medical Centre and Dubai Healthcare City together with Dnata airport operation. Approximately 300 Emirates Group colleagues participated in the Walk for Autism. The number of participating teams from the Emirates Group was larger than other groups who joined the walk. The event's atmosphere was filled with all types of entertainment from Dubai Drums, bouncy castles, face paintings, magicians, clowns, handcraft tools and much more. The idea of Dnata to help in creating awareness of Autism among the UAE residents is very important to diagnose the disorder in the early stages to control the symptoms, help cope with it and support the parents. The organizers of the walk attracted adults and children to not only enjoy the fun but also to gain knowledge about this disorder.
  • Dubai Terry Fox Run, it’s an event that aims to save lives of people through medical research on cancer. Dnata and Emirates have been actively joining and sponsoring this event for a number of years. More than 1000 staff took part in the 17th annual Dubai Terry Fox Run held in February 2011 at Al Mamzar Park. In addition to that, around 100 volunteers from the company helped in organizing the event from race registration to giving away prizes, a total of Dhs 500,000 was collected this year. The money raised from the event has covered the cost of 17 major cancer research projects at UAE University in Al Ain.
  • Dnata not only cares about its staff, but also the environment. It has participated in many environmental activities, like in World Clean-Up Day in 2011 which was organized by Dubai Airports under the auspices of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), focusing on cleaning waste from operational areas. Dnata has been taking part in this day since its initiation. In addition to that, Dnata staff has also participated in 'Whatever Floats your Boat' race that was done at Festival Marina as a part of the boating festival. The aim of this event was to grasp the attention of people to the amount of waste generated and its effect on Dubai's environment. The staff of Dnata who participated built a craft from plastic drums, discarded wooden scraps and other recycled materials.
  • TNT Group is a worldwide shipping company that delivers parcels, documents and freight items safely and on time all over the world. TNT owns 2,300 companies and employs over 75,000 people that operates 26,000 road vehicles and 47 jet freighter aircraft in 200 countries. Thus, TNT is economically viable and profitable firm that can ensure the sustainability of its social responsibility programs.
  • Even though, Dnata is considered very active in CSR, however after examining the CSR of TNT, we can say that TNT prone to be more committed towards the CSR activates than Dnata in several aspects. TNT management has dedicated CSR management that totally responsible for these activates in MENA, which supports and follows group’s Corporate Sustainability initiatives, this was not found in Dnata. In addition, TNT exceeds the expectation in all of the CSR activities by having the support from the top management as well as stating all of their CSR in their aims, values, commitment and principles. Though, Dnata wasn’t able to demonstration the same.
  • In philanthropic responsibilities; TNT believes in sharing the global responsibilities by participating in Planet Me program to reduce the global CO2 emissions. Also, since 2002 TNT committed its people to support the World Food Program (Largest Humanitarian aid agency in the world). Locally, TNT volunteers in Al-Noor Fun Fair using their personal time to support the causing of raising funds for the children with special needs. In UAE walks the world to fight hunger was organized by TNT in Dubai Mall with 1500 walkers turning up to raise awareness and funds. The walk was able to raise approximately AED 43,000 for the UN World Food Program’s school (WEP) feeding program. (TNT website, 2012)
  • Dnata's contribution in the three different aspects mentioned above shows its willingness and involvement in responsible development. However, there are other areas which can be addressed with regards to CSR implementation that can be developed and maintained.
  • Dnata airport operation csr activities in uae mba

    1. 1. DNATA AIRPORT OPERATIONS CSR ACTIVITIES IN UAE Course: MBA 640 Managing Ethical & Legal Issues of Business Dr. Timothy Campbel Our Team:Zainab Hamad - Amna Al-Tayer - Mamoon Al Jundi - Farzaneh Aliabadi - Laila Al Suwaidi
    2. 2. What Dnata stand for ?? What they do?
    3. 3. Outline.. Introduction  Company Background  Dnata Services CSR Theory (Carroll Pyramid 4) Dnata CSR Activities  Economic responsibilities  Legal Responsibilities  Ethical Responsibilities  Philanthropic Responsibilities Examples of other company Conclusion Our Recommendations
    4. 4. Company Background Dubai National Air Travel Agency (Dnata) established in 1959 Dnata is a public limited company that is a part of The Emirates Group. Founded by Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum and is owned by the Government of Dubai. Gary Chapman is the president of Dnata.
    5. 5. Dnata Services… Its the worlds 4th leading provider of combined air services in 38 countries and in 73 airports with over 20,000 workers worldwide. Services including:  Ground handling  Cargo  Travel and flight catering At the Dubai International Airport, Dnata has over 6,500 employees who handle over 192,000 passengers daily.
    6. 6. Dnata Services… Dnata has more than 200 retail travel outlets that receive every day around 2100 requests for travel plans Dnatas flight catering serves over 120,000 meals daily In 2010, Dnatas in-flight catering expanded to cover 62 airports and 12 countries.
    7. 7. CSR Theory - Background According to Carroll “corporate social responsibility involves the conduct of a business so that it is economically profitable, law abiding, ethical and socially supportive” Carroll’s four-part conceptualization has been the most durable and widely cited in the literature  The model is simple  frequently reproduced over the 25 years (Carroll, 1979, 1983, 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2004)  Carroll has sought to assimilate various competing themes (like: corporate citizenship & stakeholders)  The model has been empirically tested and largely
    8. 8. CSR Theory (Carroll Pyramid4)
    9. 9. Dnata CSR ActivitiesDnata is critically examined against “Carroll CSRTheory”: Economic responsibilities Legal Responsibilities Ethical Responsibilities  ENGAGE  Najms Philanthropic Responsibilities  Donations for Famine Victims in Somalia  Walking for Autism Awareness  Dubai Terry Fox Run  World Clean-Up Day
    10. 10. Economic Responsibilities – BeProfitable It is important for a company to be economically viable to ensure the sustainability of its social responsibility programs.  Dnata is generating the required profit, with 20,000 employees  The right economical decision by creating group of businesses (Cargo, Travel & Flight-Catering)  Dnata Travel Services annual turnover is about $500 million
    11. 11. Legal Responsibilities - Obey thelaw The firm should think of making profit in a manner consistent with expectations of government and law.  Dnata is owned by Dubai Government  Dnata offers travel solutions for government employees  Dnata complies with the laws and regulation within each country they operate
    12. 12. Ethical Responsibilities - BeEthical Business ethics involves the corporate practices and behaviors that go beyond simple compliance with laws and regulations  Dnata cares about employees health  Dnata (Najm program) acknowledges outstanding skills & innovative practices
    13. 13. Philanthropic Responsibilities –Be a Good Corporate Citizen Corporates have responsibilities to the society more than just being ethical  Dnata has many CSRs  Donations for Famine Victims in Somalia  Walking for Autism Awareness  Dubai Terry Fox Run  World Clean-Up Day
    14. 14. Donations for Famine Victims in SomaliaGroup donations provide 290,000 meals for famine victims -2011
    15. 15. Walking for Autism Awareness Aimed to increase peoples awareness of Austism in 2011.Approximately 300 Emirates Group colleagues participated in the Walk at Al Zabeel Park
    16. 16. Dubai Terry Fox Run Aims to save lives of people through medical research on cancer 1000 staff and 100 volunteers AED 500,000 was collected Covered the cost of 17 major cancer research projects at UAE University in Al Ain.
    17. 17. World Clean-Up Day in 2011Organized by Dubai Airports under the auspices of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), Focusing on cleaning waste from operational areas
    18. 18. Example of other company
    19. 19. TNT Company Background Shipping company that delivers goods worldwide in 200 countries:  Owns 2,300 companies  Employs over 75,000 people  Operates 26,000 road vehicles  47 jet freighter aircraft. Profitable firm that can ensure the sustainability of CSR
    20. 20. TNT & Dnata TNT more committed towards the CSR activities than Dnata in several aspects.  TNT has its own CSR management in MENA  Top management Support  CSR is stated in all of their CSR in their aims, values, commitment and principles.
    21. 21. TNT & CSR Theory Legal responsibilities:  TNT complies with the laws and regulation within each country they operate. Ethical responsibilities:  Operates business with fairness and respect  Prevent the use of child labor  Prevent discrimination among its employee.
    22. 22. TNT & CSR Activities Philanthropic responsibilities:  Participatingin Planet Me program to reduce the global CO2 emissions.  Support the World Food Program  Volunteers in Al-Noor Fun Fair funds raising event to support the children with special needs.  Organized World to fight hunger walk in Dubai Mall with 1500 walkers. Raised around AED 43,000 for the UN World Food Program’s school (WEP) feeding program.
    23. 23. Conclusion Carolls Pyramid Dnatas managers Follow the footsteps of Dnatas CSR
    24. 24. Our Recommendations CSR department with a CSR manager CSR report  Publishing their activities in news to:  Increase people`s awareness  Encourage other companies to participate in such activities. Start the CSR activities internally by:  Reducing wastes of electricity
    25. 25. Any Questions ?!
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