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Digital Signage One Page


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Digital Signage One Page

  1. 1. MediaTile Cellular Digital Signage incorporating Sprint 3G/4G Broadband ServicesMediaTile Cellular Digital Signage enables businesses to easilydeploy and operate a network of digital displays and improve theeffectiveness of their communications. With integrated Sprint3G/4G Broadband data services, the all-in-one displays andmedia players are internet-ready right out of the box,eliminating the need for on-site network setup and ongoingmanagement. You control your network of displays using theMediaCast system, a SaaS (Software as a Service) basedapplication you control from your web browser. 32” All-in-One Display MediaTile’s 32” all-in-one system integrates everything you need to quickly and easily deploy and manage an informational, educational or promotional broadcast network. This 32” wide-screen system is ideal for deployments that require a big presence yet have limited space. The system includes: a commercial grade, high-definition LCD display with optional touch screen, embedded fanless computer fully configured with media player software, and built-in internet connection with cellular-broadband (also supports LAN and Wi-Fi). 32” Touch, All-in-One Display MediaTile’s 32” Touch Screen all-in-one system integrates everything you need to quickly and easily deploy and manage an informational, educational or promotional broadcast network with built-in viewer engagement capabilities. This 32” wide-screen system can “engage” viewers by enabling them to select specific videos for playback, while also collecting and capturing real-time information, such as buyer attitudes, product surveys and contact details. Viewers are able to register their opinions immediately by using add-on services for interactive audience measurement. Component Player MediaTile Component Players are fully integrated digital signage media players that can easily be connected to industry standard displays including LCD displays, plasma displays, projectors, billboards and other devices. MediaTile Component Players include all the technology necessary to receive, store and play digital promotions. They are fully automated environments that do not require any on-site interaction, additional software, computer systems, or IT infrastructure to operate. MediaCast System With the MediaCast system, you can easily manage a handful of displays, or a worldwide network of thousands. The MediaCast Portal is a 100% SaaS-based application hosted in a secure data center facility that scales to meet your precise needs. From a standard web browser, you have complete control over your signage network. It will automatically deliver the appropriate media assets to each display or media player, and program displays to run playlists, multi-zone playlists, collect RSS, news and weather feeds in accordance with your schedules. Cellular Digital Signage™
  2. 2. TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS 32” All-in-One Component Player MediaCast & Touch Screen PLAYER COMPLETE SYSTEM DISPLAY / AUDIO • Secure Windows XPE OS with Media Player • All-inclusive • 32 GB HD Storage (19 GB Available for Content) • Web-based Portal • 32” TFT HD LCD Display; 16.7 M Colors (8 bit) • Op Temp 0-40C; Store Temp: 20-70C; H: 20-80% • 100% SaaS-based platform • 176º / 176º H/V Viewing Angle • Certificate: CE, FCC • Brightness:500 cd/m 2 1200:1 Contrast Ratio DIGITAL SIGNAGE, SIMPLIFIED • Full Remote Player Control Via BroadCast Portal • Standard Screen or Optional Touch Screen • Timed Check-in / Status / Files-Played Logging, • Easy to use, GUI interface • 1280x720 (HD); 16:9 Aspect Ratio • “Auto-on” following power interruptions • Video training VIDEO/AUDIO OUTPUT • Drag-and-drop playlist management • “Sleep mode” for off-hours power saving • • Multiple Video inputs; Switch-able from Portal VGA Video Out Cable • Intelligent playlists scheduling • RCA Audio Out Cable; SPK out • Tamper-free design; no user-accessible controls • Max 1280 x 720 (HD); Adjustable VIEWER RELEVANCE, AUTOMATED • Stereo speakers included • 16:9 or 9:16 (Portrait) Mode • Automated “relevance” with dynamic media • Touch Screen Option NETWORK • Enhanced media services MEDIA PLAYER • Cellular Broadband (CDMA or GPS) – Option1 • Supports popular media formats • Embedded PC with Multimedia Player Software • Wi-Fi Network (802.11g) – Option 2 • Support for Touch-enabled Applications • 32GB Storage available for user content • LAN Networking 10/100 Mbps LAN (RJ-45 Port) • YOUR FUTURE, UNDER CONTROL • Support for Multi-zone Motion Graphics and RSS Satellite Networking; Via LAN (RJ-45 Port) • Automatic system enhancements • “Files-Played” Logging (For Reports / Billing) Systems come standard with Cellular and LAN Support • Detailed reporting and audit logs • Remote Player Control via Broadcast Portal FILES SUPPORTED • Private branding and labeling solutions available • Timed Check-in / Status / Files Played Reporting • MPEG1-4 Hi DEF VIDEO (@ 6 MBS) • Extensible and flexible architecture NETWORK SUPPORT • SWF FLASH (Including Dynamic Flash Support) • CHANNELS • 3G Cellular Broadband (CDMA ) – Option1 AVI VIDEO FILES (@ 5 MBS) • Wi-Fi Network (802.11g) – Option 2 • WMV VIDEO FILES (@ 5 MBS) • Media Channel • LAN Networking 10/100 Mbps LAN (RJ-45 Port) • JPEG, JPG, PNG STATIC FILES • Displays Channel • RSS for Ticker (text crawl area) • Schedule Channel FILES SUPPORTED • Dynamic URL file Support • Reports Channel • MPEG1-4 Hi DEF VIDEO (@ 6 MBS) • Microsoft PowerPoint PPT and PPS • Admin Channel • SWF FLASH (Including Dynamic Flash Support) • Help Channel • AVI VIDEO FILES (@ 5 MBS) WEIGHT/DIMENSIONS • WMV VIDEO FILES (@ 5 MBS) • Height / Width / Depth: 14” / 11” / 2.25” • JPEG, JPG, PNG STATIC FILES • Net Weight Installed: 10 lbs • RSS for Ticker (text crawl area) • Dynamic URL file support • Microsoft PowerPoint PPT and PPS ENCLOSURE / MOUNTING • Commercial grade, all metal enclosure • VESA standard 200mm x 200mm Pattern • Secure access only OPERATING PARAMETERS • Standard 110 / 220 VAC Power • 180 Watts / Display Max ~20 Watts / Sleep Mode • Operating Temperature: Min: 41º F Max: 104º F WEIGHT / DIMENSIONS • Height / Width / Depth: 18” / 30” / 4.5” Cellular delivery, using a SaaS-based approach to digital signage, has the advantage of an easy- to-deploy and simple-to-operate system that engages the audience efficiently and effectively. • Net Weight Installed: 51 lbs© Copyright The MediaTile Company, 2010 All Rights Reserved. MediaTile, the MediaTile logo, Digital Sign in a Box, World’s First Provider ofCellular Digital Signage, Cellular Digital Signage, and the MediaTile Broadcast Portal are trademarks or registered trademarks, or service marksof The MediaTile Company, Inc. U.S. and International Patents Pending. Other company, product and service names may be trademarks orservice marks of others. This information may be subject to change without notice. Consult your local MediaTile contact for information on theproducts, features and services available in your area. The MediaTile Company, 5900 Butler Lane, Scotts Valley, CA 95066.