CL900 For Healthcare


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CL900 For Healthcare

  1. 1. The MoTion CL900:TransforMing PoinT-of-Care TeChnoLogyMotion Computing®, the first company to deliver true point-of-care computing withthe C5 Mobile Clinical Assistant (MCA), is introducing a new tablet PC for mobile cliniciansthat is faster, lighter and more versatile than any other tablet in its class.The Motion CL900 is a rugged, lightweight, purposefully equipped tablet that’s ideal for healthcare providers who need to increaseproductivity, streamline workflows and ensure precise adherence to institutional protocols and government regulations.While the Motion C5v sets the standard for the most demanding medical environments, the CL900 helps hospitalists, therapists, roundingpharmacists and other mobile clinicians benefit from a smaller, lighter, and lower-cost tablet that meets all of their mobile computing needs.With the CL900, clinicians benefit from technology that can deliver non-stop access to the critical, real-time information and applications theyneed to reduce errors, simplify compliance, and enhance patient care. DurabLe, PowerfuL anD reaDy To work Every Motion CL900 comes out of the box ready to work. Weighing less than one kg1, the CL900 helps clinicians and physicians work faster, smarter and more effectively, providing the capabilities, Take your CL900 with you no applications, and ergonomic ease of use they need to be more matter where your work takes you. productive in today’s decentralized healthcare environments. The CL900 is designed for the challenging conditions healthcare workers face every day and is more durable than any other comparably priced tablet. Built around an internal frame for structural rigidity, it can withstand a drop from a countertop or hospital bed, and is easy to clean. And the CL900 is the first 10-inch tablet equipped with Corning® Gorilla® Glass, the resilient display material renowned for its lightweight strength and durability. So the display is as tough as it is brilliant, delivering crisp, colorful graphics that stand out even under harsh fluorescent lighting. The CL900’s dual touch input enables physicians, nurses, therapists and other clinicians to input data using both multi-touch and active stylus2. So it’s easier than ever for clinicians to complete forms, enter instructions and submit data at the bedside. With the integrated digital camera, clinicians can quickly add images to the electronic medical record (EMR) or collaborate with other caregivers using the web camera. The CL900 features the Intel® Atom™ “Oak Trail” processor, which is specialized for tablet PCs and provides the ideal balance between power and battery consumption. As a result, the CL900 can effortlessly run multiple applications, enabling clinicians to simultaneously consult drug references on the web, run EMR applications, and collaborate with other healthcare providers via email. And since all Motion Tablet PCs are built to run on Windows® 7, there’s no need for IT to rework infrastructure, support a new OS, restrict manageability or sacrifice security.
  2. 2. The Motion CL900 Ultra Mobile, Rugged and Built for Healthcarenon-sToP MobiLiTy, ConneCTiviTy anD ProDuCTiviTyThe CL900 helps clinicians to be more efficient and effective – no matter where their work takes them or what they need to accomplish. Bycombining a lightweight, ergonomic design with an extended battery life of up to eight hours3, clinicians can easily carry and use the CL900throughout their work day. And Motion’s industry-leading charging technology provides a work-to-charge ratio that reduces downtime.Mobile clinicians can’t afford to be disconnected. That’s why the CL900 offers a rangeof reliable connectivity options. With the CL900, users can capture or access real-timepatient information at the point of care using integrated Bluetooth®, WLAN or Gobi™ aCCessories To MeeT every neeD3000 3G mobile broadband. As a result, clinicians can distribute secure, real-timepatient data to the entire healthcare team, without ever leaving the patient’s side. Carrying Case Protect and transport your CL900 with the CL900geT More froM your PoinT-of-Care TeChnoLogy carrying case.The CL900 is helping healthcare providers dramatically boost productivity by empoweringclinicians with a potent combination of resilient, reliable hardware and powerful technologythat simplifies and accelerates every part of every task, from reducing information delaysand inaccuracies to simplifying compliance procedures. And the CL900 can be tailored Docking Stationand optimized to work within the application, workflow and facility constraints of any Provides storage, charging,healthcare institution. Most importantly, the CL900 helps healthcare providers improve expansion and desktop use.patient care where it’s needed most, at the patient’s side.The CL900. no CoMProMises.It doesn’t take a “genius” to understand that while some tablets are great for having fun, Active Styluswhen it comes to the daily grind of real clinical work environments they just don’t make Enables more precise actions, convenient markup andthe cut. That’s where Motion delivers. note taking.We don’t stop at building a better tablet PC. We keep working until we build the best.The best design for users in demanding clinical environments. The best balance ofweight and ergonomics. The best efficiency and extended battery life. The best, mostresilient connectivity. Simply stated, we build the best tablet PC for healthcare. feaTures anD benefiTs Adaptable and Configurable Lightweight and Highly Mobile • Standard front and rear facing cameras • Weighs less than 1 kg (2.1 lbs) • Optional countertop docking station includes expandability options • Delivers up to eight hours of battery life • Flexible carrying solutions • Built-in wireless connectivity (mobile broadband with GPS, • Convenient dual input (multi-touch and optional active stylus) Bluetooth®, WLAN) Resilient Display CPU Designed Specifically for Tablet PCs • Delivers clear visibility even in bright sunlight • 1.5 GHz “Oak Trail” Intel® Atom™ processor • 10.1” screen featuring HD 1366 X 768 resolution • Delivers high-quality video and graphics • Added durability with Corning® Gorilla® Glass • Uses less power and provides longer battery life • Runs Windows® 7 Professional for business integration Rugged, Durable Form Factor • Meets MIL-STD-810G (48-inch drop) • Works in challenging conditions (IP 52 tested; dust and splash resistant) • Standard Solid State Drive (SSD) Strategic Telecom Solutions o: 1 702 363 8127 | f: 1 702 453 8127 Product Not Yet Released. Specifications as of 2011. 1 Weight represents approximate system weight. Actual system weight may vary depending on component and manufacturing variability. 2 Active stylus for pen input available as an optional accessory. 3 Battery life varies by configuration, applications in use, utilized features and operating conditions. Motion battery life estimates based on MobileMark® 2007 performance testing. ©2011 Strategic Telecom Solutions. All rights reserved. Strategic Telecom Solutions and logo are registered trademarks of Strategic Telecomof Motion Computing, Inc. Intel, the Intelare registered trademarks of Motion Computing,trademarks ofIntel logo and Atom are © 2011 Motion Computing, Inc. All rights reserved. Motion Computing and Motion are registered trademarks Solutions. Motion Computing and Motion logo and Atom are trademarks or registered Inc. Intel, the trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation or its subsidiariesits subsidiaries in the United States andAll other marks areAll other marks theirthe property of their respective owners. 003.87.0402 Rev. 001 Intel Corporation or in the United States and other countries. other countries. the property of are respective owners.