Gazette Spring Group 2011


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The Homestead Spring Group Newsletter 4/11

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Gazette Spring Group 2011

  1. 1. CELEBRATING 245 YEARSat the Birthplace ofSouthern HospitalityOn a day not unlike this one in the year 1766, the doorsof a rustic lodge opened to guests for the first time.Just like that, true Southern hospitality was born.In the beginning, they came to ‘take the waters’ andexperience the natural restorative powers of oursprings. But as The Homestead grew, it wasn’t longbefore they also came for the impeccable service, thebreathtaking landscape and the grand, yet welcomingsurroundings. Many groups have returned over thedecades, and our renowned golf courses, stables, andthe extensive list of activities we offer have become animportant part of what The Homestead is all about.We invite you and your colleagues to join ouraward-winning meeting specialists in finding waysto celebrate this unique and rich history together;through special events, lasting traditions, and most ofall, through the kind of hospitality you can only findin one special place. A place that continues to opendoors every day for guests like you. So, come visitsoon. We can’t wait to greet you at the threshold ofanother 245 years.Warm regards,Peter FaraoneVice President and General Manager
  2. 2. Don’t just work hard. Play hard.Just because we have some of the top golf courses in the country, don’t forget how many other unique and memorable recreationalactivities we offer at The Homestead. Meeting planners can choose from a long list of options, and history gets in on the act here, too.Indeed, our activities are broken into two categories:Madison activities include hayrides, bike rentals, bowling, archery, rifle range and more.Jefferson activities include the Shooting Club (skeet or clays), fly fishing, canoeing, kayaking, gorge hiking, the climbing wall,paintball, horseback riding and more.Whether it’s discovering how to build trust with your teammates on the climbing wall, shoot a rifle for the first time, or finally perfecta golf swing, our huge array of activities offer some unexpected opportunities to broaden horizons. Speaking of horizons, don’t missout on a self-guided mountain hike at dusk. There’s no better way to end a productive day.HISTORY LESSON: Skeet, Trap & Sporting ClaysIn 1933, The Shooting Club at The Homestead first openedand quickly began building a reputation as one of the bestrecreational shooting facilities in the country. Home to TheHomestead Cup, the first Sporting Clays Open in the nation, ourclub is a well known destination for shooters. “Skeet was inventedas practice for off-season hunters, but it’s now very popular withthose who want to shoot but aren’t comfortable with blood-sport,”says Shooting Club Manager, David Judah. Lessons are offered forbeginners and experienced shooters alike, and famous names suchas General Norman Schwarzkopf, Robert Stack, Cindy Crawford andRichard Gere have been among the many shooters to come here.Although skeet, trap and sporting clays all use targets made fromclay, each one has different rules and varied nuances regarding howthe targets are thrown and which guns are used. “Our goal is to makesure people have fun,” says Judah. “That’s what keeps them comingback.”
  3. 3. Vacation Perksfor MeetingPlannersWe are happy to introduce the 2011 Meeting PlannerIncentive Program & Reward Certificates, which allowsmeeting planners to vacation at one of KSL Resorts’magnificent locations after a meeting is booked.Imagine vacationing at the historic Hotel del Coronadoin San Diego, a favorite of Hollywood royalty, or at thefamous La Costa Resort and Spa in Carlsbad wherespa culture was created, the spectacular desert resortof Rancho Las Palmas, at Barton Creek Resort andSpa in fun and fabulous Austin, or right here at TheHomestead, birthplace of Southern Hospitality. Fordetails on rules, restrictions and rewards, go to Homestead Gives BackNever has The Homestead been a better choice for meeting planners than this year, with our new ‘Meet and GiveBack 2011’, a program that provides an opportunity for corporate groups to donate 5% of guestroom revenue to theircharity of choice. You will have goals to meet while you’re here, and this program allows your company to meet thegoal of making a difference in the world. Choose a charity that with which your company is already aligned, or one thatheightens the essence of your corporate mission. For more information, contact Group Sales at 888.796.5838.Chef Gallaudet bringsa taste of history toJames Beard HouseHere at The Homestead, we are well aware of Chef Mark Gallaudet’s manytalents in the kitchen, but it seems that word has gotten out! On March 23rd,Gallaudet was invited to host and prepare an exclusive meal at the esteemedJames Beard House in New York City, where he shared an impressive line-up of delectable dishes – some inspired by the history of The Homestead. Ourfamous Smoked Allegheny Mountain Trout was served with Crisp Pears and TroutCaviar, and complemented by two of our private label wines. The evening wasa great success, and we couldn’t be more proud of Chef Gallaudet and his trulymagical culinary gifts. Be on the lookout for an opportunity in the near future tosample a version of his James Beard House menu, right here at The Homestead.Right to left (standing): Michel Finel, Executive Pastry Chef; Mark A. Gallaudet, Executive Chef Right to left (sitting): Tom Ruth, Chef de Cuisine; Todd Bemis, Banquet Chef
  4. 4. 1755 23-year-old George Washington visits the springs.1820 Thomas Jefferson visits The Homestead.1832 The Homestead was acquired by socially and professionally prominent Virginia physician Dr. Thomas Goode. 11837 President Martin Van Buren and his son Abram 4 visit The Homestead and enjoy a soak in the Jefferson Pools.1845 President and Mrs. Tyler visit The Homestead.1851 President Millard Fillmore and his entourage arrive in Warm Springs to soak in the natural mineral springs and then travel to The Homestead.1854 President and Mrs. Pierce seek relaxation of “Taking the Waters.”1899 Benjamin Harrison, the twenty-third President of the United States vacations here. President McKinley is the first sitting President to play golf at The Homestead, teeing off from the legendary First Tee of the Old Course.1908 President William Howard Taft visits The Homestead with his family for three months.1913 Donald Ross, one of golf’s most renowned course architects, completed his work on the Old Course. Napoleon Bonaparte, relative of the Emperor himself, watches a tennis match with his wife. 51915 Woodrow Wilson visits The Homestead during his Presidency, on his honeymoon with his second wife, Edith Bolling Galt Wilson.1923 Calvin Coolidge (Silent Cal) visits The Homestead for relaxation. He walks trails; golf’s on the Old Course and fishes at The Cascades.1929 Herbert Clark Hoover visits with his wife and son Who’s Who & Cherished 2 during his Presidency and takes every opportunity to fish The Cascades as well as enjoy family horseback rides.1931 Franklin Delano Roosevelt stays at The Famed Homestead for the Independence Day holiday : A Gallery ofGuests while he is Governor of New York and preparing to run for President. gathered at the resort including FL Wurzburg, the Editor of Vogue. 3) FDR and Eleanor on a visit during the time that he was Governor of New York. 4) John D. Rockefeller, Jr. takes the reins. 5) The Duke of Windsor (3rd from left) joins friends on the golf course. 6) Jerome 1) Vice President Richard Nixon and Secretary of Commerce Sinclair Weeks. 2) Nearly fifty of America’s best known artists and writers 6 3
  5. 5. 1942 United States Senator, Harry S. Truman visits. Senator Truman walks early every morning, usually on the paths of the Old Course.1952 Before being elected President, Dwight Eisenhower visits The Homestead, especially enjoying golf.1958 Senator Richard M. Nixon visits to enjoy golf on the Old Course.1960 Now Vice President Richard M. Nixon visits to enjoy more golf on the Old Course.1968 Lyndon B. Johnson visits The Homestead during 10 his Presidency in May to address a meeting of the Business Council.1973 Governor of California, Ronald Wilson Reagan, posed for this photo on one of The Homestead lawns. visits The Homestead.1974 Vice President Gerald R. Ford visits and plays his favorite Homestead course, The Cascades. 71976 George Herbert Walker Bush visits with Mrs. Bush in May while he was Director of the Central Intelligence Agency.2000 President William Jefferson Clinton visits The Homestead to address a luncheon meeting of the Democratic Congressional Caucus.2002 Richard Petty arrives on motorcycle with ‘Ride Across America’2005 Sports royalty comes in the form of Dion Sanders, Magic Johnson and Cal Ripken for a group event.2006 Actress Ashley Judd enjoys the resort during a speaking engagement. 82009 Actor Tony Shalhoub, lead character on the hit TV series Monk, visits with his family.2009 Republican Party’s ‘Congress of Tomorrow’ and families that are Woven into the fabric of our centuries-old heritage. convenes with John Boehner, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney and Eric Cantor in attendance.2010 Howie Long, a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, Sports Analyst and actor had a relaxing We’re proud to boast an impressive guest list of celebrities, notable personalities, visit with his wife at The Homestead. Frances Royster Phillips, tall in the saddle. 11) During a joint meeting of the Maryland and Virginia State Bar Associations, the attendees Jacqueline Bouvier, during an early golf lesson. 9) Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jr. on their honeymoon. 10) Current Club Member, 7) The West Virginia Doctors travel in style during one of their many meetings at The Homestead. 8) Jackie Kennedy Onassis, then 11 9
  6. 6. Holidays are historic at The HomesteaDOver the decades, holiday traditions have become a meaningful part of The Homestead experience, and we take pride in ourunique celebrations. Join us in making a special day even more special with our upcoming spring events.EASTER ESCAPE PACKAGE - April 14-25, 2011 entire family. Enjoy golf, horseback riding, hiking, craftThis year promises to offer the most colorful, action-packed classes and more. Then, relax under the stars at our SundayEaster weekend yet. Enjoy craft workshops, photos with the night cookout on the Casino Lawn while listening to theEaster Bunny, magic shows, balloon artists, caricatures and “Venture Rays Band,” a Virginia-based rock band specializingmore. Attend “Afternoon Tea” on Saturday with the Easter in classic covers and contemporary hits from Paul Simon toBunny, and attend the Virginia Tech A Cappella Concert later Johnny Cash.that evening. On Sunday morning, children can frolic with theEaster Bunny while searching for over 4,000 eggs! A Golden The HOMESTEAD CUP - May 27-29, 2011Egg holds an extraordinary prize for one lucky winner. Don’t The Homestead is a famous venue for Sporting Clays, indeedforget to make reservations for our famous Easter Brunch. the first Open was created right here almost twenty years ago. We are proud to announce that The Homestead CupPackage includes: Sporting Clays Event is back! Here’s your opportunity to• Room Accommodations • Breakfast for Two • Easter Basket try something new, or to show off your shooting skills. 200 - Target Main Event on Saturday and Sunday, 100 - TargetMEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND PACKAGE - May 27-30, 2011 Preliminary on Friday, 5-Stand & Make-A-Break, AwardsStart your summer off with a bang, thanks to our spectacular Banquet on Sunday. For more info, contact David Judah atfireworks display, along with a variety of activities for the or call 540-839-7787.
  7. 7. <----- 1903 ----------- Indoor pool ----------- 2011 -----> The homestead: then & now<----- 1900 ------------ great hall ------------ 2011 -----><----- 1894 ------------ main resort ------------ 2011 ----->