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Is the videogame industry sexist


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Published in: Business
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Is the videogame industry sexist

  1. 1.  This documentary will look into the video game industry to look at the current variation between male and female game developers.  The main question trying to be answered would be if both men and women have an equal chance succeeding in the industry or if it’s dominated by the male species.
  2. 2.  Originally I had three ideas, one about Anime, another was a mockumentary, and the last was about feminism.  I chose this one out of the three mainly because it was the easiest to produce and the one that I was the most passionate about making out of the three.  Furthermore, it would appeal to me.
  3. 3.  The conventions that will be used during this documentary will be:  Archive footage – To be used with voiceovers  Voiceovers – To be used when displaying a vast amount of information so audience doesn’t lose interest  Interview – I will be interviewing a contact that I have made who works within the gaming industry who will be voicing opinion on how it is working within the industry  Astons – To give information on who people are and to help convey information  Mise-en-scene – I will be trying to film in certain locations that would be relevant to the documentary to add professionalism to the look
  4. 4.  I have watched a lot of documentaries in attempting to research more into what kind of style I would use for my production but the two that stood out the most are “The F Word: Who wants to be a Feminist?” and “The Factual Feminist”. These both have had a big impact on how I would structure my documentary since they both had a slight connection to the topic regarding women and equality. Also the way that they conveyed information was a style that I was quite interested in.
  5. 5.  Primary Target Audience would be:  Aged 16-25  Female  Play videogames fairly frequently  Would be interesting in pursuing a career in the videogame industry  They may have tendencies to go on the internet a lot, like online forums such as Tumblr, Reddit, 4chan, etc  These kind of people would be labelled as geek, nerd, gamer, Tumblr Kid and occasionally hipster
  6. 6.  For my audience research I gave out some questionnaires to members of my target audience regarding what they thought about the video game industry and what they thought about videogames in general.  I also went to an event that I knew members of my target audience would be, comicon, and used that opportunity to pitch my idea to a focus group containing my target audience  I found out that most females don’t know much about the industry and are completely unaware that most gamers are now female.
  7. 7.  When it comes to filming, I had originally intended to film a segment inside the office of a gaming company but apparently filming isn’t permitted on that location so I chose to film some footage at an arcade instead.  Another place to film in would be a living room since gaming is a leisure most done at home.
  8. 8.  Most of my most useful information came from the ESRB website giving a lot of facts and figures on the games industry  Another thing I’ve looked into is the #Gamergate controversy regarding how females are being treating within the industry
  9. 9. Because I plan for my documentary to be web based, I plan for most of the advertising to be online. For example I would pay for YouTube to give their 30 second advertisements on their videos and I would get famous bloggers to talk about the upcoming production of forums and social networking sites. When it comes to placing the documentary somewhere to be viewed, it would depend on what I want the documentary to do. If I wanted the documentary to make me money, I would probably put it on Vimeo since viewing things takes membership which is paid for.