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SharePoint Summit Vancouver: Reach your audience with a SharePoint mobile app


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This presentation from the SharePoint Summit in Vancouver covers some different approaches to mobile solutions and includes a case study of SchoolLink, a SharePoint mobile app Habanero designed for the Surrey School District. A custom SharePoint web service allows content published on the district’s website to be pushed out to different mobile devices, increasing the communication between administrators and parents and managed by district staff through their SharePoint portal. The app was developed using the PhoneGap open-source framework which allows for easier development across different device platforms.

Hosted by Customer and Member Portals Practice Lead Mallory O'Connor, the one-hour session will also provide helpful insights on content, app maintenance, and technology that may help participants with a current project, as well as offer a chance to learn about the ways content can be extended from a SharePoint portal to mobile devices.

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SharePoint Summit Vancouver: Reach your audience with a SharePoint mobile app

  1. 1. Reach your audience with a SharePoint mobile app Mallory O’Connor –Practice Lead, Customer and Member Portals Dan Helmer –Service Delivery Manager Habanero Consulting Group
  2. 2. malloryo’connor Practice Lead, Customer and Member Portals Hello dan helmer Service Delivery Manager
  3. 3. About Habanero
  4. 4. We are passionate about helping people and organizations thrive.
  5. 5. We believe that ...
  6. 6. EmployeePortals MemberPortals and intranets and extranets CustomerPortals and websites
  7. 7. Employee experiences Customer experiences = Exceptional Amazing
  8. 8. Employee experiences = Exceptional Amazing Customer experiences
  9. 9. Reach your audience with a SharePoint mobile app
  10. 10. reviewapproaches for mobile experiences SchoolLink insights casestudy Goals for today thingsto consider data and feedback initialoutcomes
  11. 11. Let’s refresh on approaches to mobile experiences
  12. 12. Selecting a mobile approach Delivery timelines Available budget Development / sustainment capacity Business objectives Nature of content / functionality Anticipated user scenarios
  13. 13. Mobile Requirements Mobile Web Dedicated Mobile Site Responsive Site Mobile App Native App iOS Android Windows Blackberry Hybrid App PhoneGap Titanium Mobile decision tree Smart Phone Devices -iPhone -Android smartphone -Windows smartphone -Blackberry smartphone Tablet Devices -iPad& iPad Mini -Android Tablet -Microsoft Surface iOS 5, iOS 6 Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich WP7, WP8 OS 5.x , OS 6.0+ Hybrid Devices -Galaxy Note
  14. 14. mobile web vs. mobile app Mobile experiences consumed via a local device browser (i.e. Safari) Mobile experiences consumed via specific app downloaded from an OS marketplace (i.e. App Store, Google Play, Windows Store)
  15. 15. Mobile development approaches Mobile Web Mobile App 1.Dedicated mobile site 2.Responsive site 3.Native app 4.SharePoint 2013 native app 5.Hybrid framework app
  16. 16. Dedicated mobile site
  17. 17. Responsive site Desktop Tablet Phone
  18. 18. Native apps
  19. 19. SharePoint 2013native apps
  20. 20. Hybrid framework app Wrap your app with an open source framework Deploy to multiple OS platforms
  21. 21. Case study: SchoolLink
  22. 22. A little background: Surrey School District
  23. 23. Vancouver
  24. 24. Vancouver Surrey
  25. 25. 70,000 Primary, secondary and adult education students
  26. 26. 130 + Schools, learning centres and programs
  27. 27. 328 km2 Largest school district in British Columbia
  28. 28. 900+ Content authors across school and district staff
  29. 29. Why a mobile app?
  30. 30. Sources: ICD Report: Always Connected: How Smartphones and Social Keep Us Engaged March 2013
  31. 31. Sources: ICD Report: Always Connected: How Smartphones and Social Keep Us Engaged March 2013 Smartphone usage: 2013 181.4 In 2013million smartphone users in the United States That’sof the entire population 57.3%
  32. 32. Sources: ICD Report: Always Connected: How Smartphones and Social Keep Us Engaged March 2013 Smartphone usage: 2017 222.4 By 2017, that will increase to Orof the entire population 67.8% million
  33. 33. Mobile traffic to the District
  34. 34. Mobile traffic to the District of mobile traffic 87%
  35. 35. Crumpled notice syndrome
  36. 36. Good existing content
  37. 37. Designprinciples Technologychoice How we got started Identifyaudience Establish scope
  38. 38. What’s relevant to me? What do I have to know about? What would disrupt my day? Credit: iStockPhoto —Parentsat the Surrey School District
  39. 39. Goals: Improve communications with parents
  40. 40. Goals: Establish a first step into mobile (iOS) Today
  41. 41. Goals: Leverage existing SharePoint content and authoring process
  42. 42. Goals: Use existing skillsets for design, development and maintenance
  43. 43. Goals: Build for extensibility and growth
  44. 44. Demo
  45. 45. A quick note aboutiOS6 vs iOS7
  46. 46. Outcomes
  47. 47. 4,500 Installs in the App store
  48. 48. 60,000 Push notifications in September
  49. 49. I downloaded your new SchoolLink app when I first read about it in our local paper. The information that gets sent out is great and I feel more connected to what's happening at my childrens' schools - especially my son who is in high school. —Parent of two students, Surrey School District
  50. 50. December
  51. 51. Considerations
  52. 52. Same content, new context
  53. 53. Coach authors on themobile experience
  54. 54. Be mindful of notifications
  55. 55. Plan launch strategies
  56. 56. Soft launch with pilot group
  57. 57. Official launch: Sept 2013
  58. 58. Technical considerations
  59. 59. Working with anexisting solution
  60. 60. From website to app
  61. 61. Architecture Special announcements News and announcements Featured story SharePoint lists School data list App Webservice Schooldata nightly Urban Airship Event receiverson inserton update on delete
  62. 62. Device / OSconsiderations
  63. 63. Device and OS considerations Operating System Devices OS Version Speed 3GLTENetworked
  64. 64. Working with PhoneGap
  65. 65. Wrap your app with an open source framework Deploy to multiple OS platforms
  66. 66. iOS ecosystem
  67. 67. 3 things to take away
  68. 68. Complex landscape –but there’s a just right approach.
  69. 69. Mobile second can be ok too.
  70. 70. You can extend SharePoint content to mobile apps.
  71. 71. Educate. Plan. Pilot.
  72. 72. Questions?
  73. 73. Resources • • •
  74. 74. Get in touch malloryo’connor Practice Lead, Customer and Member Portals 604.709.6201 x114 604.709.6201 x254 dan helmer Service Delivery Manager
  75. 75. Thank you for your attention! This presentation will be available on the Vancouver SharePoint Summit web site a few days after the event.
  76. 76. Please rate this session! Fill out the survey and get a chance to win a Surface