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Share pointsummit vancouver2014 habanerocp case study


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Habanero worked with CP to create a fully responsive, enterprise website in just 90 days. This presentation was originally delivered at the SharePoint Summit 2014 in Vancouver.

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Share pointsummit vancouver2014 habanerocp case study

  1. 1. Canadian Pacific’s new fully responsive SharePoint website Steve Sugars, New Media and Technology Manager, CP Mallory O’Connor, Practice Lead, Customer and Member Portals, Habanero
  2. 2. Practice Lead, Customer and Member PortalsHabanero Consulting Group New Media and Technology ManagerCP malloryo’connor Hello! stevesugars
  3. 3. Early indicators of success, next steps for Outcomes and roadmap Today’s topics Features and technical highlights Solution review From research to prototype Building the vision for How we did it…in 3 months! Process Context for the initiative A new website: why now? Why SharePoint? Platform selection Insights and tips but no tricks (just hard work) Key takeaways
  4. 4. Q & A
  5. 5. vancouver calgary toronto
  6. 6. thrive people andorganizations we are passionate about helping
  7. 7. We SharePoint
  8. 8. •Makes organizations safer and healthier •Helps people build amazing careers •Improves customer experiences •Increases company performance
  9. 9. Our digital team
  10. 10. Our digital team
  11. 11. Case Study: CP’s new fully responsive SharePoint website
  12. 12. A new website: why now?
  13. 13. + 65% mobile devices + 90% increase in tablets Desktop slightly down MOBILE TRAFFIC
  14. 14. 404 ERRORS + 45% increase (2013 v 2012) Search + stand alone mobile site Challenging user experience
  15. 15. BOUNCE RATE Over 50% Mobile experience + content
  16. 16. New CEO = big changes
  17. 17. Add photo of ogdenyard<steve>
  18. 18. New message = new brand
  19. 19. business tool
  20. 20. Financial success
  21. 21. Building the vision
  22. 22. Research and strategy Internal research
  23. 23. Research and strategy Listening labs Internal research
  24. 24. Research and strategy Peer review Listening labs Internal research
  25. 25. Research and strategy Peer review Inspiration Listening labs Internal research
  26. 26. Vision for the new …
  27. 27. 1. Capture qualified business leads. 2. Focus on the customer experience (region, lifecycle, industry). 3. Be easily maintained by the business, not IT. 4. Use plain language to answer common questions and concerns. 5. Provide a seamless and responsive experience across devices. The new will…
  28. 28. Communicated the vision<image of angelawith the site on an iPad>
  29. 29. Why SharePoint?
  30. 30. Years on SharePoint Enterprise investment in the platform across multiple channels: the existing website and intranet
  31. 31. •Insourcing strategy •Consolidation of infrastructure and applications •Support and sustainment Efficiencies and in-house skillset
  32. 32. •New sales organization •Quality revenue •Qualified leads Business needs
  33. 33. Months to build! Significant enterprise push to get the new brand story in front of customers and investors
  34. 34. Highlights
  35. 35. Homepage: a new first impression
  36. 36. Customer education: Markets we serveChoose rail
  37. 37. Investors: Access to data
  38. 38. Community: Proactive outreach
  39. 39. The people behind the name
  40. 40. Technical highlights
  41. 41. •Fluid and responsive grid •Image handling •Effectiveness of panel design •Responsive and social video experience with Vimeo Technical highlights
  42. 42. How we did it
  43. 43. “Ruthless prioritization”
  44. 44. Collaborative / iterative approach •Sprint planning and retrospectives •Business and technology in the room •Brutal and ruthless prioritization •Daily standups •Light documentation Key success factor: In-the-moment decision making
  45. 45. Crossing the content chasm
  46. 46. Agile content mini-team •Started early •Blended team: content strategist, content lead, content creators and authors •Daily standups, devstyle checkins •Tools to support process and accountability Key success factor: Content in parallel to development
  47. 47. Agile content mini-team, Gather content<Mallory>
  48. 48. Outcomes and a peek into the future
  49. 49. •Reduced number of routine requests to the community connect team •Improved quality of leads to the CP sales team •Improved mobile performance •Reduced 404 errors and bounce rate Initial outcomes
  50. 50. Roadmap
  51. 51. Roadmap<Mallory>
  52. 52. Takeaways for your SharePoint website
  53. 53. Don’t underestimate content.
  54. 54. New site = new roles.
  55. 55. Unlearn your bad habits.
  56. 56. Fully commit.
  57. 57. Questions?
  58. 58. • •Webinar: Crossing the killer content chasmNov. 5, 2014 10:30-11:00am PST Resources
  59. 59. Practice Lead, Customer and Member PortalsHabanero Consulting New Media and Technology malloryo’connor Get in touch! stevesugars
  60. 60. Thank you for your attention! This presentation will be available on the VancouverSharePoint Summit website a few days after the event.
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