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Definition project 5th hour geometry mallory collier


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Definition project 5th hour geometry mallory collier

  1. 1. Definition Project Mallory Collier 5th hour Geometry
  2. 2. Acute Angle The measure of an angle with a measure between 0° and 90° or with less than 90° radians. Pizza
  3. 3. Collinear Points A set of points that lie in a straight line. Easter Island
  4. 4. Circle The set of all points in a plane that are fixed distance from a point called the center of the circle. Baseball
  5. 5. Cone A three dimensional shape with only one vertex, having a circular base. Ice cream cone
  6. 6. Cyclinder A shape with a parallel circle and each end and joined by a curved surface. Candles
  7. 7. Line An undefined term in geometry, a line is a straight path that has no thickness and extends forever. Street
  8. 8. Angle A figure formed by two rays with a common endpoint. Street Intersectoins
  9. 9. Point A precise location or place on a plane, usually presented by a dot. A map
  10. 10. Obtuse Angle An angle having a measurement of more than 90 A hand fan
  11. 11. Perpendicular lines Two lines or line segments intersect and form right angles. Windows
  12. 12. Plane When a set of points joined together form a plane, the plan can extend without end in all directions. The twin tower site
  13. 13. Prism A solid object that has two identical ends and all flat surfaces. A tissue box
  14. 14. Pyramid A shape where the base is a polygon and the sides are triangles that join at the top. The Egyptian pyramids
  15. 15. Ray A straight line with one end point, the line extends infinitely. Power lines
  16. 16. Parallel lines Two lines on a plane that never meet, they are always the same distance apart. Train tracks
  17. 17. Parallelogram A quadrilateral that has both sets of opposite sides that are parallel. Building architectures
  18. 18. Rectangle A parallelogram that has four right angles. A carpet
  19. 19. Right Angle An angle that is equal to 90 A bird house
  20. 20. Sphere A solid shape that resembles a ball, every point on the surface of the shape is the same distance from the center. The Earth
  21. 21. Square A four sided flat shape with equal 90 angles. a handicapped sign
  22. 22. Triangle Three sided polygon. The pool table ball set up
  23. 23. Vertex A point of intersection that where two or more rays meet, often called a corner. A spider web
  24. 24. Line segment A straight path that has a beginning and an end. A cross walk
  25. 25. Trapezoid A quadrilateral with exactly two parallel sides. A popcorn holder