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  1. 1. CRMYug ! Road Map to Success Satisfied Customers or Loyal Customers ! Propel your business into Cyberspace,INSIDER by online Marketing. INSIDE STORY Position your Business as the obvious choiceSatisfied Customers or in your industry .The one that people would drive Loyal Customers. across town for. Attract more client by targeting right target market. Networking ! Sowingthe seed of opportunity. Increase your sale through smart positioning. End of Standalone Business first and foremost is about people and the application integrating relationship that are formed between them. But howCRM & SOCIAL MEDIA. can we tap and retain them ???Possible fix for falling Seldom Qs arise……...How can we manage to stand in click. an ever increasing competitive era?? .
  2. 2. Networking ! Sowing the Seed of Opportunity CRM Social Media buzz! integrating Social Media ! ADenomination to grow your Marketing Mastery Business. Discover how to …… Set upFaceBook,Twitter,Linkedin,You Tube. Link your Social Media tools, So, that you can save time and maximize return Create Social Media Strategy to attract more client.
  3. 3. wow! My Bank is Buying is so easy on Facebook ,let Explore “Your” Bank on Facebook without losing sale. me click on “like” Satisfied Customers We cater to Is my a/c safe? So Let me check, no of your need. many hackers hear transaction in my a/c Propel your Business into Time to market Qs on your X-10 New Business trend ! Cyberspace ! rollout!  Build brand awareness. Make your website to work for you 24/7.  Visible Intelligence has been recognized by  Connect with customer  Attract constant flow of lead through industry analysts and customers alike for its  Promote events. Low–Cost online marketing strategies. speed, data quality and depth of analytics to support you in making better business  Educate customers & retailers  Automate your business and make it decisions.  Influence SEO and customer feed global.
  4. 4. THE EVOLUTION OF SOCIAL CRM ! End of standalone application, now integrating CRM & Social Media SOCIAL CRM? SOCIAL CRM PROCESS Facebook, Social “CRM “is a LinkedIn, Macrophilosophy and business Twitter, AUTOMATED BLOGS, strategy designed to News, Soci engage customer in a al Data mutually beneficial relationship. Its supported by social Listening technology ,business is Tool workflow & process.SOCIAL CONSUMER Phone Calls,Email,feed back forms, Letter.Social “CONSUMER” is awise customer who keep his eye on market and learn about new Micro Humanproducts through SocialChannels and Network. CRM APP’S !
  5. 5. Who we are ? Author Speak ….  We are a professionally managed IT services Connect me on company with specific focus on providing services around CRM and BI (Siebel and It’s time to make this Globe your niche for your Microsoft products) and custom application business by implementing 360 degree view on what development on MS platform. is happening and where is happening. Know and  We are a Gold partner for Oracle and certified groom your business by Social CRM which is no partner of Microsoft more a philosophy but a toll ,a business strategy designed to engage customer in a mutually Our Leaders beneficial relationship .Its Time to think beyondPB Narsimhan Strategy and IT Operations limit.More than 24 years of experience in Engineering & WARM WISHES FROM ! Maliya FServices, huge experience of MNCs in  If you are not willing to risk the usual youSingapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand and UK for many will have to settle for the ordinary.”fortune clients. Jim RohnMurali Krishna M Business Development  “Too many of us are not living ourOver 23 years of experience across the verticals like Banking dreams because we are living our fears.” & Finance, Manufacturing, IT and ITES Worked for Tier one Les Brown organizations and large conglomerates.Sendhil Kumar Delivery Let’s Talk…let’s Partner ! Connect on InDemand InfoTech Pvt Ltd.Brings rich experience on quality processes such as CMMi and ISO and multiple development methodologies Find us on LinkedIn ,Facebook including Agile .He was the Global Delivery Director for Phone: +91 44 4901 7555 CRM at a major software product & services company Email: