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Crm for manufacturing & distribution (1)

  1. 1. CRM in manufacturing & distributionMaliya F
  2. 2. Content Challenges Planning CRM presence Case Studies Forecast
  3. 3. Lack of visibility and approach undermines sales activity Insight across sales & marketing is critical to maintain relevance in highly competitive market with highly empowered customers demanding an evolving mixture of products/services/solution Misalignment b/w planning and execution. ! Lack of visibility into sales across channel. Inability to sell an evolving product/service/solution due to inadequate coverage to yield revenue opportunity ! !Decreased customer satisfaction ctCustomer can pull-out due to Dire mers to non availability of right product. CusError prone order impact revenue !customer satisfaction ,suffering lack of Unpredictable sale outcome l necustomer trust in the product services atthe end. an Ch es Sal Lack of transparency lead to pipeline and revenue leakage. Inability to real time access lead to lack of coordination exposes key account to competitors. Huge discount erode profitability and revenue generation ,which limit assessment and validation of credit risk .
  4. 4. Lack of end-to-end integration causes high cost of service After sale service business often fail due to operational inefficiencies and lack o integration between sale, service and marketing ! ! Lack of integrationLack of installed base between sales &transparencyImplication marketing.Slow response time. Implication.Inefficient customer service process. Outdated & difficult accessNo complete view of customers to keep information.Limited ability to access terms of Limited ability to offerSLAs. targeted products, servicesLow first time fix rate, caused by and long term contractlack of upfront visibility to skill,tools and spare part needed to fixthe problem. ! ! Lack of parts visibility Implications. Operational inefficiencies Inventory not at the right place and or in right Implications. quantity. Inefficient scheduling of field service staff. No visibility across global part supply chain. Inefficient deployment of technique. Inability to optimize storage and distribution of Lack of availability of skilled technique to parts. service specific equipment . Inability to effectively plan the entire part supply Limited ability to access terms of SLAs. chain,colloborate with suppliers and customers.
  5. 5. Coordinated strategy accelerate deal through “The Sale Cycle”. Streamlined business ensure accuracy, consistancy and coordination leading to improved efficiency and effectiveness across consumers and sales channel Capture “market” by strategic planning Benefits. Identify and nurture small opportunities with solutions/services/pricing. Target oriented planning across sale s channels increases forecast accuracyBalanced demand chainBenefits.Flawless ATP based upon actualfulfillment capabilities.Full traceability of order till delivery ismade. Transparent process & qualified pipeline Benefits. Monitor pipeline performance by real time access and respond immediately pertaining to the changing market and deal condition. 360 degree view of sale cycle (Indirect or direct sale) Clear boundaries and consistent erection boost sales effectiveness.
  6. 6. Integrated after sales service unlocks profit potential Aligned after-sales service operations help generate profitable growth Customer satisfaction Revenue and profit margin Benefits Benefits. Higher first call resolution rate and compliance SLAs lead to improved Increase revenue and margins. customer satisfaction. Increase share of wallet among Improved customer loyalty and installed base . resolution. Ensure additional and repetitive Decrease cost of service operation. revenues from existing customer baseCost efficient service deliveries On time part deliveryBenefits Benefits.Reduce costs with efficient utilization Improve on time deliveryof available resources while meeting lower inventory holding costs,customer commitment. operational cost including labor costCompliance to SLAs lead to improved Compliance to SLAs lead tocustomer satisfaction and avoidance ofcontractual penalties. improved customer satisfaction and avoidance of contractual penalties
  7. 7. A simpler view….. More customer data will be available.  Existing data to all and in better structured way.  New data-contacts, activities, call visit etc.  There will be more customer feedback collected. Loyalty management when B2C or B2B2C. Marketing will do smaller, direct and better targeted campaigns with a sales force. Sales will start to manage opportunities. Contracts and order management will change and there will be more connected channels to clients.  Internet  Call-Center  Sales  Partners Service will be automated, depending on sub industry and connected to rest. All process will be  Connected  Monitor-able and analyzable
  8. 8. A Closed CRM Lead Generation Segmentation Client Retention, Lead feedback ProcurementCampaignExecution Contact Management Marketing Activity Service & Support Customers Sales Management Campaign Planning Finance Opportunity Management Multichannel Ordering Contracts
  9. 9. BENEFIT OF IMPLEMENTING CRM IN AUTOMOTIVE INDUSTRY CRM enable you to gain competitive edge by knowing your customers and transferring that knowledge into successfully market strategy for future growthIntegration of SAP with CRM Enabling collaborative, customer centric businessCompanies like yours can integrate both SAP and CRM to CRM solution integrate, support for key automotiveimprove relationship with customer and dealers ,to enhance and business process including brand and customercommunication & increase profit. management, manufactured part life-cycle, distributionIn addition CRM suit can help global companies to understand interaction center, service part s management ,warrantyand adapt to shifting demands and service performance across management, dealer business management, analyticalall region. business process visibility. This Software focuses on 360 degree of people, sales and technology.Better communication across all channels. Build brand equity and customer loyaltyMakes channel integration across al network, possible in a cost CRM solution help structured and highly individualizedeffective manner & support key business process. customer treatment initiative across multi channel includingUsing contact and vehicle management tools, you can incorporate cal centre, brand third party website & dealer network.end-to-end customer information and history into sales process, With digital asset management tools all of your digital andproviding brand owners with a single comprehensive view into all rich media files such as broker-and-flyers will be available in ainformation relevant to sale account. central repository. It also enable you to trace marketing expenses using scenario planning and financial forecastingIncrease revenue and cut costs across the Value chain tools.Increased efficiency and reduced friction between dealer and Closing Loop on customer interaction cycle.brand operation. CRM Solution provide s a customer interaction center-Improved brand & customer management by enhancing access to tailored for automotive industry ,that give you access to thecustomer information across channels and access points. information which you need to implement case handling,Better channel management, enabled by CRM to collaborate marketing campaign ,customer satisfaction surveys,seamlessly from OEM to dealer point of sale complaint, appraisal, service request, cal back and accessory sale. You can also manage and track complaints to ensure proper resolution and provide higher quality customer service around the clock.
  10. 10. Our Team’s Global Experience MSCRM 4.0 Implementation for Singapore Servicemen Club MSCRM 3.0 Implementation for a Middle East Free Trade Zone MSCRM 3.0 & SharePoint for a Middle East Public Sector QlickView Business Intelligence - Singapore Deposit Insurance Siebel Upgrade to 7.7 for Leasing Company in Germany Siebel 7.7 Integration (EAI) for Leasing Company in Germany Siebel 7.8 App Support for Citibank in USA, UK and Singapore Siebel 7.8 EAI & Reports for major French Electric Mfg. company Siebel 6x Upgrade for Citibank in Japan Siebel 6x Implementation for Banks in Bangkok Vantive Implementation for Jurong Town Corp. in Singapore
  11. 11. Case Study # 1LEISURE Club Mgmt. System (Singapore)Customized MSCRM • MSCRM application to manage activities of a network of clubs providing social, recreational, MSCRM 4.0 | SQL Server 2008 | and educational facilities for military personnel MS Excel | MS Word • System had to be heavily customized to accommodate several unsupported features Landscape Overview • MODULES: Memberships - Interest Groups - Insurance – Renewals – Automated Alerts - AGM - Member Feedback - Payments • Business requirement called for heavy integration with other apps which was not possible with the integration tool, Scribe • Incorporated several custom modules using ASP.NET for Integration with other systems • Field level security was implemented for many relevant custom entities • Implemented 60+ workflows for business rules including nearly 10 complex ones • Customized the application to provide several intuitive features that significantly enhanced the usability and user productivity
  12. 12. Case Study # 2 COMMERCIAL PROPERTY MARKETING Free Zone in the Middle EastSales, Marketing & Services • The Free Zone was established with the MSCRM 3.0 | ASP.NET | C# | objective of providing a hassle free businessSQL 2000 | JavaScript | Word & Excel environment to the investors Landscape Overview • Scanning facility provided to the members to successfully incorporate the documents within the same form • Most advantageous in sending the reminder to the members systematically using Email Templates instead of manual process • Auto email functionality implemented using unsupported customization • Implemented 25+ workflows for business rules including nearly 10 complex ones • Incorporated several custom modules using ASP.NET and webservices
  13. 13. Case Study # 3PUBLIC SECTOR Public Sector Benefits MgmtCitizen Benefits AdministrationMSCRM 3.0 | SQL Server 2000 | ASP.NET • Comprehensive system for citizens that Javascript | Sharepoint | Excel & Word effectively monitors and maintains the modules such as Housing, Legal, Medical, Landscape Overview Education, etc. • Various documents pertaining to citizens were digitized and maintained in a Sharepoint server that was integrated • Every citizen was provided with a portal page that gave a complete snapshot of details including entitlements • Incorporated several custom modules using ASP.NET for Integration with other systems • Custom programming was done to enable displaying of images • Incorporated custom code to portray complex relationships among citizen households
  14. 14. Case Study # 4INSURANCE Deposit Insurance App (Singapore)Business Intelligence System • The entity collects premium contributions Qlikview 10.0 | SQL Server 2008 | from scheme members, manage the Microsoft IIS 7.5 | VB Script Deposit Insurance Fund, compensate insured depositors and educate the public. Landscape Overview • System was heavily customized to accommodate several unsupported features • Involved inbound data feeds from mainframe system and outbound formatted report to external systems • Reports confirmed to SDIC specifications • Automated daily generation of reports • Developed a special tool to logically split Qlikview reports into multiple parts for delivery to different individual users • System resulted in big cost savings • Wrote custom code to integrate Qlikview reports with third party tools in order to save the reports in user desired formats.
  15. 15. Case Study # 5 Actuate – BI PublisherLEASING MigrationSales Application • Siebel Sales application used by Sales & Siebel 7.7 | Actuate Version 7 | Marketing BI Publisher Version • Application was implemented in German language and Actuate was used for Landscape Overview Report generation • Since Oracle withdrew support on Actuate, Client opted to migrate the reports to BI Publisher. A Migration tool was used to convert basic reports • About 20+ complex Actuate reports were re-developed in BI Publisher • All aspects of the Actuate reports were covered in BI Publisher without any compromise • Used Utility to convert Report Objects to Integration Objects and also to convert .BAS files to .RTF files
  16. 16. Case Study # 6MANUFACTURING COMPANY Siebel Integration (EAI)Call Center Application • A Siebel Call Centre app was used to keep track of sales and service for UPS units. The Siebel Call Centre Application 7.8 | application is integrated with Oracle Apps. Actuate Ver 7 | MySQL Database Actuate is used for Report generation. A resource scheduling software (“Scheduler”) was used for fulfilling service reqs • Business objective was to integrate the Scheduler with Siebel Application to enable Activity Scheduling for service reqs • This enabled the Siebel users to send all activity related data for a customer to the Scheduler application • Once the Scheduler allocates and schedules a resource, a message with relevant status was sent back from Scheduler to the Siebel application • Created Inbound and Outbound Webservices to send/receive information between Siebel and the Scheduler
  17. 17. Case Study - Siebel - iPad Integration Project Background: Building a new interface between iPad and Siebel Pharma Application allowing bidirectional exchange of data. Siebel Pharma was rolled out as a common back end where the crucial business process takes place. The vital entities (Account, Contacts, Activities and Products) were requested from iPad to Siebel as Master Data Downloads. Siebel provided the Corresponding data in XML format for the entities as Response message. The transactions happened in iPad application was pushed to Siebel application as XML, and was subsequently saved in Siebel database.Challenges: Solution:•Though experienced in integration Provided assistance to client in generating the correct Siebel Schemabetween Desktop applications and Siebel structure to get the Updated Transaction Data.applications , this is first Integrationoccurrence between iPad and Siebel Benefits:application •Improved Product quality and Compliance•Significant revision of Schema structure in •Increased Customer centricityiPad application to match with Siebel •Enhanced end - end communication between any of the Mobile devicesstructure for transaction processing. with Siebel applications •Effective usage of Customer resources •Provision for changing the Sales plans, Activity Plans and Route Plans dynamically. •Cut the Operational Costs by 20%
  18. 18. Case Study – ContinuedMOBILITY INDUSTRY Siebel 8.1.5 | Oracle 11g Siebel Pharma application used by Pharmaceuticals, Medical IIS Server 7.5 | MS office 2010 and diagnostic industry. Application was implemented inPharma Application English language. Landscape Overview Siebel-iPad apps Integration (EAI Solution) • Siebel receives the user Id of the Medical Web Service Layer Representative as a request from iPad application to Webport invoke the web service call for the master data Request downloads like Account, Contact, Activity and Product. • The Master Data for the user Id is queried from the Siebel Database and sent back to iPad application as SOAP/ WSDL HTTP Response message Publish Transaction : • User Creates new record or updates the existing data in Administration Administration HTTP iPad application and submits the data. Invocation Service Siebel Screen Listener Layer • The data is sent as a web service request to Siebel. Siebel creates a new record / Updates the records as necessary in Siebel Database and sends the row Id of the corresponding records as the response message. SIEBEL Business Process Workflow Database Layer DATABASE Transactions Master Data Sync
  19. 19. Customer Voice “ Appreciation from the Practice head of a top-5 global I want to express our ” consulting firm deep appreciation for all the hard work you and your team have contributed to the Siebel engagement of our key client. I particularly appreciate InDemand Infotech making this engagement successful and smooth in a very short notice and address critical issues we had in Reports and Integration. We also thank InDemand Infotech in establishing their expertise in Siebel CRM with our client stakeholders and for continued remote support from Chennai. I hope to count on InDemand CRM consultants for our Siebel needs in the future. Best Wishes, Siebel Practice Head
  20. 20. Let’s Partner ……Contact Us….InDemand InfoTech Pvt Ltd.5th Floor, JVL Plaza ,501, Mount RoadTeynampet, Chennai - 600 18India.Phone: +91 49017555/