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  1. 1. Aerografia
  2. 2. What is it?• Create the picture, close to a work of art, or a unique masterpiece on the sides of your car, to create an artwork in different styles and directions, breathe life, beat the shape and geometry of your mechanical stallion - this is Aerografia.
  3. 3. Why? • The Style. • The Beauty. • Exclusive. • Self-Expression. • Anti-theft protection. • Advertising • To hide damage • Colorful • Gift
  4. 4. Description of the process• The Idea• Special equipment, materials and technologies• Several stages of processing: removed upper glossy coat. The remaining parts of the body stuck a protective film. Then directly applied to the drawing. Upon completion of the airbrushing, the car must be a few final stages - application of several layers of varnish, drying and removal of small defects. After the pictures on the sides of the cars are as realistic as possible, aerography on auto purchases bright colors, appears depth and volume.• After the approval of the sketch of the project, work on airbrushing in our studio typically last from 5 to 20 days, depending on the complexity and size of the picture.
  5. 5. Technology of painting works• painting original textured paint;• the combination of the various colour gamut;• painting opaque and tactile varnish;• art painting.
  6. 6. Basic colors Hawaiian Hues• Magic Hawaiian Hues is in their bright saturated colors, they were created with the help of world- famous artist on airbrushing Denis Матьюсена, using the theme of Hawaii in his works. His works are distinguished by its breathtaking beauty and warmth of a tropical paradise.• The tropical colors are important role in the line of paints Alsa. These paints are designed specifically to meet the needs of artists who are engaged in works. Hawaiian shades will make a bright notes and will help to convey the warm mood in the work of all the artists. These basic and auxiliary colors are created with the use of intensive pigments, which guarantee excellent opacity and color saturation.• What associations cause Hawaii? A game of colors, fiery lava flow, lush green ferns in a tropical forest, fresh juicy pineapples, clear blue ocean and the raging waves. All of this reminds us of the real bright colors
  7. 7. Base PearlsBase Pearls - this is a basic paint with the effect of mother-of-pearl, has awide range of colors. They can be used,as a final layer, as a basis for additives, Concentrates, Exclusives, or mixedwith any other effects. By combining them, you can get any color pearl effect.The top is covered by any of the varnish of the Alsa.
  8. 8. Skin Tones• Skin Tones are specially chosen to paint scheme, intended for drawing the human form. They are better suited for the transmission of this shade of the human skin, a picture or a portrait of the man.• These tones were provided Fonzy, world-famous artist in the field of drawing of the man, whose works are astonishingly realistic. They will help you understand how professional craftsmen with a minimum of equipment create masterpieces decent артмузеев.
  9. 9. Stylin Basecoat• Paint Stylin Basecoat gives excellent coverage, and eliminates the coverage of additional layers. Reaches the full coverage of one or two layers, thus saving your time and money.• The secret of the special formula of the company Alsa, which transmits the optimum moisture content for the perfect coverage and is applied to metal, plastic, or any other surface.• You are still in search of a special shade? Try Stylin Basecoat with any of Candy Concentrate. You get unlimited комбинацияю colors and just pick the desired color.
  10. 10. Concentrates:• Candy Concentrate unlike the majority of concentrates, Candy Concentrate contain more pigment than the solvent. It gives you more brightness and saturation, effect on the color palette.• Concentrated pigments Candy maximum compatible with other systems without color loss. Candy Concentrate can be added to a variety of materials, including Speed Clear, Color Blander, Clear4Chrome and others.• Candy Concentrate can be mixed with lacquer, enamel and paints on a water basis. Convenient cover in the form of syringe on the bottle minimizes losses. Candy Concentrate gives a real black and gold color.
  11. 11. Kicker Candy• Kicker Candy is used for any saturation acrylic concentrate. Kicker reduces the required number of layers, for a high color saturation or hue. Is 15 shades
  12. 12. MirraChrome• MirraChrome paint - decorative paint with bright chrome-effect.• The largest of retroreflective force MirraChrome only 2% to 5% inferior to хромовому spraying, received by electroplating. This paint has embodied in itself the latest achievements in a number of retro-reflective COATINGS. MirraChrome the reflecting currently paint, which can be applied without expensive equipment. This versatile product may be caused by any high-quality spray and dries instantly turning into a mirror. The reflection is so strong that it can be used instead of chrome coating. Today, many companies are trying to create a paint to look like chrome effect, but as close as the company Alsa, did not come any manufacturer.• Various companies selling paint with the effect of chromium, trying to sell the usual silver paint, not having to chromium nothing. Buying a set of MirraChrome Kit, you can be confident that you are buying the best paint with chrome effect.• MirraChrome can be supplied ready to spray, it should not be diluted with solvent or add hardener, it just needs to fill in the sprayer and used for the purpose. The rest of the paint can be poured back into the jar and use later.• MirraChrome can be applied on any surface: metal, plastic, wood.• Applying MirraChrome together with Candy Concentrate, youll get a terrific coating color of chromium. You will reach the bright, saturated colors and reflection!• MirraChrome is covered with high-quality instant varnish Lightning Clear, or of a two-component fast varnish Speed Clear, without losing reflection. In the end you will get an excellent reflective coating, secure durable high-quality varnish
  13. 13. MirraColor• MirraColor are ready - made color solutions, obtained by mixing MirraChrome paint and Concentrates. Now for the basic colours you dont need to mix the paint. Applying MirraColor you will get delicious coating color of chromium.• MirraColor as easy to use as MirraChrome. MirraColor can be covered with any varnish Alsa for maximum preservation of the reflecting effect.
  14. 14. Ghost Chrome• Ghost Chrome - decorative paint with the effect of brushed metal. Ghost Chrome contains the smallest particles and special pigment which gives the paint metal structure.• Ghost Chrome is widely used in industry, in particular, the wheel disks BMW, finishing in Mercedes and Ford, it just covered by household appliances: irons, knobs, switches, razors Gillett, etc.• Ghost Chrome - finished to spray paint is applied by any standard a paint sprayer. The paint is applied to a substrate from light-grey to black. The same can be applied to any other color and get metallic effect. Layer remains transparent enough, through the Ghost Chrome will see the main color.
  15. 15. MultiChrome• Multichrome - latest development, the spray chrome with the effect of the relocation of the colors of the rainbow.• MultiChrome combines the best of technology chrome paint and intensive prismatic color effect. Particularly strong this effect in the sun. Considering MultiСhrome from one angle, you will see only the effect of the chrome cover, change the angle of view leads to призматическому splash of color
  16. 16. The Exotics Prizmacoat• Prizmacoat - a unique межслойный varnish, with the effect of refraction of light through a prism, is absolutely transparent in the dark or in cloudy weather and at the same time explodes bright the shifting color in the sunlight or under light
  17. 17. Crazer• Crazer creates an incredible figure textured marble to snake skin. To work with paint may be used as an airbrush, as well as any more traditional tools of brushes and roller to packaging film. For more in-depth color effect you can add the Candy Concentrates. To achieve even greater visual effect can be applied on top of the first layer Crazer another, with the other effects, and create their own unique texture.• A new color of Solid Crazer give phenomenal coverage and are unique in color. They were developed to simulate the old coating or stone surface. There are 11 new Solid Crazer colors, which can be applied to any basic framework.• Mystic Crazers - chameleons - the second new addition to the line of flowers Crazer. Mystic Crazers have different color tints.
  18. 18. Xposures• Xposures - a unique термохамелеон, shimmers 8 colours depending on the temperature.• Xposures - can be applied with a spray gun (gun), roller, brush, and even with the help of a napkin. It reacts to the heat, the sun, touch, and reaches a maximum effect on the dark surface, especially bright выраженом on a black background.• Xposures can be applied to any surface: plastic, metal, fabric, leather, wood, glass
  19. 19. Mystic• Paint Mystic - chameleon paint, which changes its color depending on the angle of view and light conditions.• Mystic is available in four colours: Violet Dreams, Tropical Passion, Mystic Autumn, Burning Ice. Such colors you will not find any one manufacturer.
  20. 20. Crystal FX• Crystal FX is a decorative recoatable mask to get a special effect in the form of crystals. The secret of the special formula of the composition, which crystallizes at room temperature in just 15 minutes. This stunning effect you can receive hundreds of combinations.• Using the mask Crystal FX you can get the crystals of different sizes. The size of the crystals depends on the time of drying.• Crystal FX is ready for use, it should not be anything dilute - simply apply to the surface.
  21. 21. Eclipse• Paint Eclipse - decorative acrylic термокраска changing its properties depending on the temperature.• The Effect of the Eclipse is that when heated from any source of heat, the paint becomes transparent. The strongest effect is obtained on the white basis. On top of this paint can apply a different cover, it can be Candy Concentrate, Spectra FX, a variety of Flakes and other pigments.
  22. 22. Cobweb• Cobweb - web right from the gun. Cobweb is incredible patterns and lines
  23. 23. Striper• Striper - paint for the пинстрайпа (from the English. "striping" - for the application of bands and "pinstripe" - a thin stripe). Striper - this loop paint, which is applied special brushes. This technique is very common in the united states.• Paint Striper has a consistency that allows you to do a line almost endless, leaving no trace behind of bristle.• The colours are present as metallica, and перламутры (a total of 21 color), they will give you full freedom in translating their ideas into life.
  24. 24. Добавки Crystal Pearls• Crystal Pearls attaches to the surface of the appearance of the traditional mother- of-pearl. The Pigment of the Crystal Pearls are produced in the form of powder. It contains particles of different size, which gives the surface of the effect of depth of color. For additional decorative effects coat the surface of any Candy Concentrate.
  25. 25. Flakes• Flakes - sparkles-additives for paint and varnish.• Sparkles Flakes designed to provide additional effects in the automotive chart. They are added as in the finished paint, so and in межслойный varnish. In the sun the car covered with sequins plays and sparkles different colors
  26. 26. SpectraFX• SpectraFX - additives for paint and varnish, changing colour depending on the angle of view.• Traditional paint chameleons create the effect of transition of different colors, unlike them SpectraFX creates a striking effect of this change color from one to another.• The painted surface flowers Copper/Patina or Blue/Emerald gives the coverage of impressive color solution.
  27. 27. Retro Glow• Fluorescent pigment Retro Glow - shining in the dark powder additive, which can be mixed with any net basis, interlayer or the top cover. Unlike other luminous additives Retro Glow will glow for hours. For more strong effect it should be applied on the white basis.• C Retro Glow you can get interesting effects, combining with different materials Alsa, for example with Crystal FX. Retro Glow - another material, which expands the boundaries of design, interior design and automotive chart.
  28. 28. Super Glow• In contrast to the Retro Glow, Super Glow colourless to light, but in the darkness bright blue or white. To SuperGlow glow for hours, requires a small period of time for the "charging".
  29. 29. Soft Feel• Final coating, Soft Feel, its not just matte varnish or paint, like that of other manufacturers, and this velvet to the touch. He does not simply creates a visual matte effect, and creates a pleasant tactile sensations. In different concentrations of the matte varnish can be like a silk, velvet, rubber, skins or soft skin, but at the same time strong, scratch from a nail or nail.• Soft Feel can be applied as a transparent top layer on top of the large variety of basic colours, resulting in an excellent matte effect. Soft Feel mixed with pigments Candy Concentrate, creates a solid matte layer (the most popular - the black and red color). This product is widely used in industrial purposes, car interiors, expensive furniture, computer peripherals, they cover household appliances and even a panel of aircraft interiors create the perfect anti-glare coating.• The main advantages of varnish Soft Feel:• easy application - it is applied with the help of traditional painting equipment;• many options can be either transparent, and any other color, using the Soft Feel you can create these different to the touch of texture, like silk, velvet, rubber, suede or soft skin;• is used on almost any surface - coated Soft Feel well kept practically on any surface;• low cost;• durability - matte painting the Soft Feel of Alsa not only creates a soft matte finish, but also improves qualities such as wear resistance and durability of the coating. The covering is well scratch-resistant and shock.
  30. 30. Therefore, begins with the airbrush? desire choice of studio. creating a thumbnail. This is a picture of Your car with imposed on it the image of the desired pattern. a photograph of Your car. clean, understands, she removed all the necessary removable elements: "scratched" the application of the approved sketch. the customer appearing in the studio at least every 2-3 days, approval of the picture. the decision to cover picture varnish. training vehicle to cover varnish - re - decorating paper and film not лакируемых parts, sticking the cracks of special rollers, degreasing, and dedusting surfaces. covered with lacquer in 2-3 layers After that the car, dried in the camera within 30-40 minutes at a temperature of 60-80 degrees, can withstand a day or so, for the final curing varnish. After that he polished off. checking: check the work of lighting, mirrors, glasses, and other things. The final stage in work at the machine is the guidance of cleanness and shine on the car as a whole. Hes cleaning up outside and inside, polished at this time it is a protective composition, and only after that is considered to be ready for delivery to the client.
  31. 31. THE END