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Deaf Awareness And Culture Wdw March 2010


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Deaf Awareness And Culture Wdw March 2010

  1. 1. Malia K. Johnson Deaf Talk, LLC ©
  2. 2. To enhance your knowledge of the Deafcommunity, how to work with Deaf employees,how service animals help, and how you can help bridge the gap with Deaf and Hearing employees. Deaf Talk, LLC ©
  3. 3. What percent of Deaf people have Deaf parents? 1) 10% 2) 25% 3) 50% 4) 75% 5) 90% Deaf Talk, LLC ©
  4. 4. To get the attention of a Deaf person who is looking the other way, you should:1) Yell as loud as you can2) Tap him/her on the shoulder3) Wave in his/her face4) Go around and stand in front of the person Deaf Talk, LLC ©
  5. 5. Wasted effort….and energy….and time….on communication…. “We must bridge the gap.” Deaf Talk, LLC ©
  6. 6. Lip-reading Not everyone can lip-read. The Deaf can only lip-read 30% of what you sayEducation There are many education opportunities for the Deaf. Elementary, Middle, High School, and College options Deaf Talk, LLC ©
  7. 7. Words are 7% effectiveTone of voice is 38% effectiveNon-verbal clues are 55% effective. Mehrabian, Albert and Morton Wiener (1967) “Decoding of Inconsistent communications,” Journal of Personality and Social Psychology 6:109-114 Deaf Talk, LLC ©
  8. 8. Job Hiring and promotion Prevented from moving up the ladder due to hearing disabilityNot providing hearing devices to help communication in meetingsNot providing interpreters Deaf Talk, LLC ©
  9. 9. What is a Service Animal?Animal uniquely trained to assist persons that are:BlindConfined to a wheelchairDeafHave a unique disability Deaf Talk, LLC ©
  10. 10. For the DeafAlert their Deaf owner of certain sounds such as:DoorbellsKnocking (door)Phone ringingSmoke alarmsAlarm clockAny other unique sounds Deaf Talk, LLC ©
  11. 11. Ayla is a beautiful companion and partner.We work together as a team everywhere we go Deaf Talk, LLC ©
  12. 12. Deaf Talk, LLC ©
  13. 13. Deaf Talk, LLC ©
  14. 14. Phone set up with light Deaf Talk, LLC ©
  15. 15. Strobe Light Video Phone Light Deaf Talk, LLC ©
  16. 16. Video Phone Deaf Talk, LLC ©
  17. 17. People want to BELONG“Missing the Huddle” Deaf Talk, LLC ©
  18. 18. Deaf Talk, LLC ©
  19. 19. Deaf people can do anything that hearingpeople can do except hear.Provide the Deaf the same understanding andopportunities that you would give a hearingperson. Deaf Talk, LLC ©
  20. 20. Deaf Talk, LLC ©