Fsc 3&4 OAR


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This presentation only contain OAR.
O-bserved A-nalyze R-eflect

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Fsc 3&4 OAR

  1. 1. Technology In The Learning Environmen t
  2. 2. The school’s Learning Resource Center
  3. 3.  Library
  4. 4.  Library
  5. 5.  Chemistry Laboratory
  6. 6.  Principal’s Office  Office of Student Discipline
  7. 7.  TLE laboratory  P.E room
  8. 8. At New Era University the learning resources are arranged properly according to their functions and characteristics. The guidelines and procedures are easy to access because the person in-charge is always around.
  9. 9.  The good thing about their library is that they always open so the student can go there anytime.  They still using the old units of computers.
  10. 10. The books really caught my interest. The gadget that I am confident to use is the computer.  Although I am confident that I can use the computer as an instructional tool, I definitely would like to learn more about creating webquests that I think it help to modify the class.
  11. 11. Bulletin Board Displays
  12. 12. • It got the interest of the viewers • It gives idea on what was happened every month • Less description.
  13. 13.  The display actually reflect the interest of the audience.  It is clearly shown the purpose of the board display.  Although the display is creative I think it would be better if they put some information about the activity.
  14. 14. To come up with effective board displays teacher should have: • CREATIVITY- have a unique way to present a concept. • RESORCEFULNESS- use available resources in hand.
  15. 15. See and Say
  16. 16. “BOARDWORK ” STRENGTH WEAKNESS  It improves classroom learning.  Lack of explanation
  17. 17. I would probably do the same. I’ll do the motivation at the beginning of the lesson and gave many simple-to- complex sample.
  18. 18. Tools of the Trade
  19. 19. Benefits of doing a survey of available materials before making your own: • I can save time – instead of making my own, I can just focus on how to use the available materials for the lesson. • I can save material resources and money. • I can also find out what other resources are available which can be use in the future lessons.
  20. 20. • As a future teacher, make the teaching materials easy to access, easy to brought anywhere so that you can deliver it clearly and efficient.
  21. 21. PAPER WORKS!
  22. 22. • A good hand-out help students prepare for the coming lesson. Also serve as study guides, containing summaries and highlights of key points covered in class or in the text.
  23. 23. • In making hand-outs, it is always best to start with an outline so that one will be guided on what topics to include. • Among the most important design features is the need to keep the handout simple, especially when it’s being used as a presentation aid. Don’t include a lot of unnecessary detail; keep the focus on a single topic.
  24. 24. SLIDESHO W BIZ (Slide Presentation )
  25. 25. • A good slide presentation must be concise, direct to the point and insightful at the same time. It’s design, lay-out and the format should be balanced with the concept presented.
  26. 26. • In making the slides, I always encountered the difficulty in choosing the information that should appear on my slide. • To overcome them, I choose one reference to follow and collect the different example given by the different references.
  27. 27. My E- WORLD (websites)
  28. 28. • I was able to come across the role of the teacher in making a responsible choice in determining the appropriateness of the instructional tools especially when it comes from the World Wide Web.
  29. 29. Exploring the Curriculum
  30. 30. Look deeper into the concept, nature and purposes of the curriculum
  31. 31. Traditional Curriculum • Teacher-centered • Paper and pencil test • Skill focused • More on memorization for mastery Progressive Curriculum • Student-centered • Performance test • Task focused • More on reasoning and open-ended question
  32. 32. • We need to consider the traditional and progressive points of view curriculum because these two will be the basis of curriculum development. • We revise the curriculum from time to time because of the need and interest of learners that changes over the period of time.
  33. 33. • As a future teacher, we can choose what kind of teacher we want to be. Traditional curriculum point of view has been tested for many years so we can say that this old one is also good while the new one can be said as adhering to the change.
  34. 34. What’s the curriculum made of?
  35. 35. • The school’s vision, mission and goals is important in designing the curriculum because it will serve as trademark of the school. These are what the school needs to accomplish.
  36. 36. • Just like in our lesson plan our mission and vision serves as our guiding stars for it allows us to decide what to be included in our curriculum.
  37. 37. What’s new in teaching and learning?
  38. 38. • Needs of the learners • Achievable goals and objectives to meet the needs • The motivation to carry out the goals • Strategies that suited to carry out the goal PLAN • requires the teacher to implement what has been planned. Based on the objectives, implementation means to put into action the different activities in order to achieve the goals through the subject matter. IMPLEMENT • It will answer the question if the plans and implementation has been successfully achieved EVALUATE
  39. 39. Behavioral Learning Experi- mentation s Research work Cognitive Learning Recitation Exam Quizzes Discovery Learning Experi- mentation Reception Learning Performan -ces Role playing
  40. 40. • If there is an effective teaching-learning process, it’s really a big help to the curriculum. A good curriculum can be judged by the kind of teaching and the quality of learning derive from it.
  41. 41. Let’s craft the curriculum
  42. 42. HORIZONTAL ARTICULATION VERTICA L ARTICUL A-TION A curriculum can be organized either horizontally or vertically.
  43. 43. Learner-Center Design Model It focuses on the learners, their needs and the learning's that they should acquire from the teachers and from their activities and experiences as well.
  44. 44. • As a future teacher, you can choose what curriculum design do you prefer. You can choose the Subject-Centered, Problem- Centered or Learner-Centered Design Model. Each of these has their own strength in teaching-learning process.
  45. 45. What’s the Basic of the Curriculum ?
  46. 46. DIMENSIONS OF THE CURRICULUM DESIGN  Basic  Articulation  Scope  Sequence  Integration  Continuity
  47. 47. • Teachers need to articulate the lessons from grade school to high school to avoid confusion in the part of the student. So that when they entering high school they will not surprise because the lesson still related when they are in elementary.
  48. 48. As a teacher, I need to understand fully well the dimensions of curriculum design.. • so that wherever schools I will be assigned, I had already had the knowledge about the dimensions of curriculum design that they’re using.
  49. 49. Tell me your features
  50. 50. There are six feature of the curriculum we need to know: 1. Teachers 2. Students or learners 3. Knowledge, skills and attitude 4. Strategy and methods 5. Community 6. School performance
  51. 51. As a future teacher, I need to know and understand the six (6) features of the curriculum; • To become an effective and efficient teacher someday; • To be able to know the things I should do for the good of my students.
  52. 52. The teacher should use the 3H’s in teaching the students. HEAD- teaching lots of ideas to learning, by molding them academically; HEART- help them if they have a problem, be a compassionate teacher; and HANDS- be helpful, be approachable.
  53. 53. The Wh- of the Curriculum
  54. 54. Curriculum Implementatio n Parents Learners Administrators Community members Other Stakeholders
  55. 55. Technology is a big help. It is the symbol of how the curriculum is progressive. If the schools have lots of technologies/ high-tech for a better teaching, this will entertain the students to stay in the school. Through technologies, it helps the students to acquire knowledge from them.
  56. 56. What’s new in the Curriculum ?
  57. 57. K to 12 Basic Education Curriculum • The proposed program is good but it still won't work if the needed elements to make it work isn't present.
  58. 58. • In curriculum, changes and modifications are being introduce to keep pace with the changing world. • We need to innovate to change for a better and to come up with which is something new, and to improve the quality of teaching.