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Temple of the Arts


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Published in: Business, Spiritual
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Temple of the Arts

  1. 1. Energizing Kowloon East Temple of the Arts Malcolm Murray & Owen Dalton
  2. 2. Our Vision We want to create an environment where kids of all ages can discover their love for learning through free exploration of the arts guided by materials and trained professionals.
  3. 3. Montessori Education • Mixed aged classrooms • Student choice of activities • Students learn from working with materials • Free activity • Beauty and harmony • Cleanliness of environment • Order • An arrangement that facilitates movement • Children are naturally trying to learn • Grab their interests while its hot
  4. 4. Chinese Temple Progression • Central movement directly through houses • Ends with the most important house
  5. 5. Temple Progression Design Concepts: •Central movement •Progression of houses •Grand final house (most important) •Incorporate courtyards between houses •Arrangement that facilitates movement Really Emphasize the Final House: •Everything narrows in towards it •Culmination of the work done in the different houses •Only the most prestigious art •Auditorium effect •Stage like feel 4D 3D 2D
  6. 6. Concept Elevation • Clear distinction between houses • Spillover on the second and third floor • Auditorium feel • Everything eventually leads to the presentation room
  7. 7. Goals 1. Wide connectivity scope 2. Adhere to a working indoor/outdoor environment 3. Address flexibility issues and long term function 4. Transparency and involvement with the community 5. Keep the kids and vision in mind with every decision
  8. 8. Connectivity: MTR We have an elevated covered foot bridge that extends from our site all the way into the MTR terminal in Kwun Tong. It will look something like this: = connection points
  9. 9. Connectivity: MTR, Laguna City & Ferry 1. GREEN = Street level foot traffic 2. RED = Elevated covered walkway foot traffic 3. This way our space can be used by other members of the community not involved with the actual Temple of the Arts External Elevator External Elevator External Elevator To Ferry To MTR Laguna City
  10. 10. Connection Rendering External Elevator To MTR To Laguna City To Ferry Pick Up/Drop Off
  11. 11. 不聞不若聞之,聞之不若見之,見之不若知之,知之不若行之;學至於行之而止矣 ~Xun Zi
  12. 12. I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand.
  13. 13. You can only understand something by trying it yourself.
  14. 14. Ground Floor Plan Community Space •Outdoor space for community members •Thai Chi •Lunch spot •Benches •Shaded •Versatile open space M WEating Kitchen Elevator Sitting/Reading Lobby SculptureMaterial Storage Equip. Visual Art Studio 2D Media Incubation & Administration Presentation Idea Wall WC Wood Concrete Terrazzo StoneGrassWater
  15. 15. Second Floor Plan Wood Concrete TerrazzoGrass Music Library Band Room M W Jam Area 1 Seating/ Jam Area 2 Sculpture Garden Vegetable Garden Presentation Mezzanine Vegetable Garden •Kids grow food for kitchen •Teaches healthy eating from the ground to your plate •Life skills learned by doing
  16. 16. Third Floor Plan Wood TerrazzoGrass Dance Studio 1 Dance Studio 2 4th Floor Mezzanine Walkway to MTR & Laguna City External Elevator •Portal for people trying to travel across Shing Yip without crossing at street level Elevated garden between highway and site M W W all Mirror W all Mirror
  17. 17. North Elevation through central axis South Elevation through central axis
  18. 18. “2D House” Section Visual Art Studio 2D Media Room Central Axis Walk Through (3m wide) Where am I looking? 2nd Floor Walking Bridge Elevated covered walking path across Shing Yip Street Area of Interest: •Notice the indoor/outdoor interaction between the two spaces. •Both spaces belong to the same house and spill out into one another •Double sets of sliding doors on each facade
  19. 19. Flexibility Plan: Work around fixed structure 2 main materials in construction: Concrete = Fixed Structure Wood = Replaceable •Design lends itself to a flexible set of buildings. •All of the main mechanical rooms, stairwells, and elevators are housed in the concrete structures •The wood structures house the current functions of the building but are subject to change if the function of the site were to change. Simple construction. With Structure House it is possible to redesign “in house”
  20. 20. Model
  21. 21. Second Floor
  22. 22. Model