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Marvel Technologies Overview


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Company Overview 2012

Published in: Education
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Marvel Technologies Overview

  1. 1. TM TMGlobal Grid for Learning EdPay TM We The TeachersConnecting all the Dots in Education Marvel Technologies 2012
  2. 2. Company OverviewMarvel Technologies is a social enterprise that was founded in 2009. Our vision is to provide betteraccess to Quality Education for All by providing Learners & Educators with access to Information andTools that will enable Individual & Inclusive Learning.As the authorised value-added reseller of EduTone for the African region, we are able to offer school-centric solutions that enable personalized learning anytime, anywhere and from any device. Oursolutions span areas of application, system and device integration, IP networks and wirelessinfrastructure.Marvel Technologies is a Level 3 B-BBEE accredited business.EduTone HQ’s is in Alameda, California with presence in 4 continentsOver 11 years in business serving K-12 Education IndustryServing over 3,600,000 learners and 100,000 teachers in 7,000 Schools worldwideEduTone Xchange™ Platform: SIIA CODiE Finalist: 3-years in a row “Best K12 Enterprise Solution” 2011 CODiE Winner: “Best K12 Education Solution”, “Best K12 Enterprise Solution” and “Best Education Administrative Solution”Global Grid for Learning™ is an Online library with over 1.8 million digital multimedia resourcesWe The Teachers™ is a Social Community for teachers and has over 60,000 members worldwide.EdPay™ is a Payment Processing solution for schools 2
  3. 3. Understanding the Challenges• Education in South Africa receives the biggest share of the countrys budget (R165B in 2010/2011), R3 Billion of which is allocated to Teaching Materials.• Shortage of teachers (25000 new teachers every year in order to cope with learner demand)• Qualified Teachers (in one province, there were 4303 unqualified teachers teaching)• Teacher/Union strikes• There are significant backlogs in the delivery of Learner and Teacher Support Materials (LTSM).• High teacher to learner ratio (29.3 compared to 25.8 for Sub-Saharan Africa and 18.0 compared to the global average according to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics) – Inequality• Traditional paper-based textbooks – Carbon Footprint – Cost – Relevance• The digital divide and the widening gap between the rich and poor, urban and rural• The unemployment rate was reported at 25.7% in the second quarter of 2011 and the number of registered individual taxpayers in South Africa was 5.9 million in 2009/10 from a population of +50 million
  4. 4. Thoughts...?• It is apparent that South Africa still has significant educational challenges as reflected in the current Literacy rate and matric pass rate. We also rank amongst the lowest middle income performing countries in quality of learning outcomes.• Schooling 2025 – Increased learner performance in Numeracy and Literacy – Amongst some key action items, the goal of providing a textbook for each child in each subject is of high significance – Programme of Action: “Teachers are to be in class, on time, teaching and making use of textbooks”, This is underlined by the Quality Learning and Teaching Campaign (QLTC), a multi-stakeholder campaign, which underlines the importance of ‘Teachers, Textbooks and Time’ in improving learning.• If improving learning outcomes is the key challenge for South African schools, how can this be achieved?
  5. 5. The way teaching and learning occurs must change.We need an ecosystem that enables personalized learninganytime, anywhere and from any device.
  6. 6. Recognising the Future of Learning, Today.• Our approach to overcome the limitations associated with paper-based textbooks, the high teacher to learner ratio and the quality of instruction, is to introduce a Mobile Tablet Solution together with digital textbooks and other teaching and learner aids. – Cost • Textbook (Digital vs. Paper-based) – Logistics • Electronic delivery • Environmental impact – Teacher time and the quality of instruction • Automation • Teacher Community • Real Time reporting – Inclusive and Individual learning • Language of learning and training (LOLT) • 11 official languages • A multitude of digital learning resources e.g. Document, Audio, Visual, ILO, games – Job Creation • Translation Services • Local Content Development • Support Services – Creating an ecosystem that embraces all key stakeholders – Learning that is Fun, Interactive and Engaging
  7. 7. Education Resources: Files, Apps & Bookmarks Online Courses LMS CMS eBooks Curriculum Lesson Plans Socially Driven Video, Audio Assessment & images + Searching + Authoring Games & + Sharing Prof Dev Simulations + Rating + Correlating Content Presentations + Monitoring Repositories + Discussing Test Items & + Aligning Classroom Assessments Admin Tools + Enhancing + Mentoring Open Repositories Bookmarks + Collaborating Reference Libraries + Communicating Open Wikis Websites Blogs6/22/2012 Proprietary & Confidential ©2010 7
  8. 8. Solving the Challenges •Single Sign-On across Enterprise Applications •Data Interoperability across Applications •Enabling Cloud Computing in Schools •e-Safety in Schools and at Home •Content Exchange across Schools •School-to-Home Connectivity •School Web 2.0 Community/Collaboration •Enabling Mobile Applications in Schools •Deliver a sustainable 1:1 Computing for schools6/22/2012 Proprietary & Confidential ©2010 8
  9. 9. EduTone Xchange™Enables educational institutions to integrate all their digital resources, learning tools,administrative applications, and communication systems into a single deliveryplatform that encourages social networking, embraces wireless access devices, andinvolves new stakeholders to sustain it. Digital Education MarketplacePaaS Infrastructure Xchange Gateway powered byConnecting all the Clouds Schools SIS HRMS LDAP 6/22/2012 Proprietary & Confidential ©2010 9
  10. 10. EduTone Xchange™ Community Passport Resources Connectors Marketplace Content Repository6/22/2012 Proprietary & Confidential ©2010 10 10
  11. 11. Security• Deployments occur within firewalled environments either on-premise or in-the-cloud• Authentication and SSO use secure, standardized communication protocols such as SSL or vendor- specific protocols• Data is stored in either a non-recoverable format or encrypted• Role-based policy engine ensures access is limited
  12. 12. Authentication• Active Directory• Google Apps• ETX Gateway• Moodle• Other LDAP’s• Student Information Systems• HR Systems
  13. 13. EduTone Connectors• Connector Catalog – Over 200 application connectors available for subscription – Automated download and installation on EduTone Gateways – New connectors are available to clients/partners on request – Unlimited support on subscription-based connectors• Types of Connectors – Type 1: Single Sign-On only (optional: Capture Credentials) – Type 2: Single Sign-On and Automated Provisioning – Type 3: Data integration required (e.g. SIS, LMS, Assessment, etc…) 13
  14. 14. Benefits of the Xchange PlatformStudents, Teachers and Parents:• Enhance communication and collaboration in a secure, reliable environment.• Greater use of school created and purchased resources.• Anytime, anywhere access to resources, applications, information and services.• A single login name and password for all services that a school provide.• Familiar Web 2.0 social networking environment requiring little or no training to get started.• Create, access and manage bookmarks to favourite websites from within the EduTonePassport™Schools and Education Enterprises:• Effectively communicate with students, staff and parents.• Remove barriers to adoption by providing simple anytime, anywhere access to resources,applications and services.• Make better use of scarce resources by avoiding the need to create individual accounts, resetpasswords, and manage interoperability.• Manage usage patterns and to help make the right decision when subscriptions are due forrenewal.• Promote the development and use of professional learning communities.• Promote exemplary content through teacher content rating, comments and collaboration.• Establish a school branded community to foster collaboration, communication and resourcesharing. 14
  15. 15. is powered by Global Grid for Learning (GGfL) and ensures that teachersand students have seamless access to the digital content they need, when theyneed it for anywhere, anytime teaching and services provide a safe and reliable way for teachers and students tosearch, stream and download high quality and copyright-cleared learningresources from trusted content providers. Our growing library of over 1.8 milliondigital multimedia resources makes it easier for teachers to engage, motivate andinspire media savvy students.
  16. 16. Benefits of zibuza.netSchools, Education Enterprises and Government:• A single source and access point for digital media content from multiple providers, which represent’sexcellent value for money and simplifies content procurement.• Copyright-cleared resources for educational use gives teachers the freedom to use, edit, or repurposeresources for lesson plans, homework and coursework. This protects educational institutions from thefinancial risk of copyright infringement.™ is powered by Global Grid for Learning (GGfL)providing assurance and security in standard of service backed by the expertise and support from anestablished, trusted global educational organisation.• Improves e-safety and the quality of teaching and learning in schools through trusted and educationallycredible content providers.• Compatibility and interoperability with commonly used educational software and technologies as well asmultiple models for delivering and consuming digital content (e.g. subscription, pay per use, discretepurchases; delivered online or via integration with existing infrastructure) allows teachers and studentsthe flexibility to access the content they need, when they need it. This flexibility allows us to meet thevarious needs of schools and teachers and how they want to use and access digital content. Wemaximise the value of current and future software and technology investments by ensuring efficient andeffective use of budgets, while saving money by reducing the need for multiple products and services. 16
  17. 17. Benefits of zibuza.netTeachers and Students:• Our single source of school-relevant digital content from multiple providers allow teachers and studentsto quickly and simply find digital content that supports teaching and learning across the curriculum, thusenabling teachers and students to make the best use of their time.• Compatibility and interoperability with commonly used educational software and technologies providesteachers and students seamless access to the digital content they need, when they need it. Teachers areable to create and deliver engaging lessons through chosen learning platforms, interactive whiteboards(IWBs), as well as other software and technologies.• We deliver safe, reliable, high quality resources which can be searched, streamed and/or downloadedfrom trusted providers, thus improving the quality of teaching and learning.• Our digital resources are 100% educationally relevant thus reducing the time and effort in evaluatingdigital content online as well as eliminating the often overwhelming , inappropriate and inaccurate natureof online searches.• Our wide selection of digital multimedia resources allows teachers to engage, motivate and inspire theirstudents, thus achieving more and increasing learner performance.•™ has a simple and intuitive search engine that is easy to use requiring little or no training,thus reducing the anxiety for teachers and students about mastering a new system.•™ is fun, engaging, interactive and extends learning opportunities beyond the classroom. 17
  18. 18. Benefits of zibuza.netLocal Publishers and Content Providers:• Local and/or Global distribution of content to markets that providers might not otherwise be able toaccess. This represents a low risk investment for incremental revenues.• Non-exclusive distribution allows providers to pursue other distribution options.• Sales, marketing and distribution is managed by™ thus eliminating the cost of reaching localand worldwide education markets, providing a higher return on investment.• A single service solution reduces and/or eliminates the need to support multiple metadata and systeminteroperability standards.• Extend revenue cycles for existing content, thus maximising sales of content by repurposing andreusing existing and legacy content for new segments and markets.•We offer multiple licensing options providing flexibility in the delivery and pricing of content which givespublishers and content providers increased control over business models. 18
  19. 19. We The TeachersWe the Teachers™ is a community designed topromote sharing and collaboration amongteachers locally and around the world. Itprovides free access to lesson plans, tools,community forums, professional networking,topical interest groups, and much more.
  20. 20. Complete Customization – Your School, Your Site. You Name It, We Make It.Broad Participation – Multiple Accounts with Fund Independence.PCI Compliance – EdPay Safeguards all Your Data and TransactionsIntegration / Reporting – Integrates with Existing Accounting Software
  21. 21. Mobility• Anywhere, anytime, any device access• Vendor neutrality• Mobile Apps for all platforms• Affordable high-tech range of tablet devices – Packaged Deal
  22. 22. Serving over 3,6M learners & 100K teachers in 7,000 schools across the globeCustomers Applications + Content Partners 22