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Vive la révolution!


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Vive la révolution!

  1. 1. Vive la révolution! the movement that set art free
  2. 2. impressionismA derogatory term used by an art critic when describing Claude Monet’s painting Impression: Sunrise
  3. 3. But first ...What gave rise to this revolution?In the early 1800’s life was changing fast with new industry, ideas of freedom in everything and frustration with the old ways.Modern life had arrived and nothing was sacred anymore.
  4. 4. old school rejectedClassical art styles had little to do with modern life – nor the real world.
  5. 5. the tyranny of the salonsNational Academies controlled the art that was exhibited at salons. Artists rejected from salons could not make a living.“It is high time that someone have the courage to be an honest man and that he say that the academy is a harmful, all- consuming institution, incapable of fulfilling the goal of its so called mission” Gustave Courbet
  6. 6. salon of the rejectedIn 1863 the rejected artists held their first exhibition. The revolution had begun. The painting that shocked the crowds... Manet’s Le Dejeuner sur l’Herbe
  7. 7. new opportunitiesNow new markets opened for new artists. Art dealers could promote new artists directly to the public.Fresh, exciting and controversial art added new life to the art market.Impressionism was no longer an insult, but rather an open art form accepted by artists and the public.
  8. 8. art for the peopleImpressionists painted real lifeModern lifestylesRural scenesThe fleeting moment Light and air and Colour.All subjects were open for interpretation
  9. 9. different approachesImpressionists did not follow the same rules.They painted in different styles, with different materials, different subjects and went their own way. Free to explore
  10. 10. Famous ImpressionistsGALLERY
  11. 11. Eduard Manet the enfant terribleBar at the Folies-Bergere 1881
  12. 12. Claude Monetthe giant of impressionismHouses of Parliament
  13. 13. Berthe Morisota woman who defied convention Jeu De Paume, Paris
  14. 14. Renoirmixed tradition with modern methods The Luncheon of the Boating Party, 1881
  15. 15. Edgar Degasbrought new life to figure studies The Dance Class
  16. 16. Toulouse-LautrecGraphic art showing the underbelly of Paris life. Modern commercial art was born.
  17. 17. Some stood apartLike Vincent Van Gogh
  18. 18. Others tried new techniquesLike Seurat’s pointillism in Sunday Afternoon on the Ile de la Grande Jatte
  19. 19. and then GauguinUnique and full or symbolism:Vision after the Sermon
  20. 20. New directions: Paul CezanneThe father of abstract art reduced shapes to cylinders, cones and spheresTo open the way for Picasso and others to forge new paths.
  21. 21. democratic artchange was widespread...With innovations in the manufacture of paints and the invention of the paint tube painting became portable. Artists and hobbyists could paint anywhere at any time en plein air or in the studio.Vive le révolution!
  22. 22. thank you! Want to learn more about painting?