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  1. 1. Australia-International Institute of WORKPLACE TRAINING Perth, Western Australia Ihis is to certfi that gVlafcofm Coffins has fuffilled the requirements for Certfttote IQ 'Traintng ment (traintng anfAs s e s sment) rAtr4o110 TracYTeo trr- Director Austr alio-lnternotional lnstitute of Wo*ql ace Tr aining Certificate No.: 2ZZ4 Date of lssue: Nwnnfier 11, 2011 *rotr* '*o'i!,*:yP*:,y*u The qualificotion certified herein is recognised within the Austrolion Quoliftcotions Fromework A summory of the employability skills develqed through this quoliftcotion con be downtooded from National Provider Code 5l 174 tn ---