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Malbork - Calendar of Events 2014


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Produced and published by: Malbork Welcome Center

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Malbork - Calendar of Events 2014

  1. 1. Calendar of Events 2014 JANUARY - APRIL / SEPTEMBER - DECEMBER MARCH - DECEMBER 13.IV-15.IX FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL MAYJANUARYALL YEAR ROUND JUNE 3.V - Malbork May Picnic Organizer - Malbork Centre of Culture and Education Place - Casimir Jagiellon’s Square The May Picnic will include an entertainment program organized for the citizens of Malbork presenting Mateusz Ziółko. Culinary Academy Organizer and place - Gothic Cafe & Restaurant (at the castle) The event gained recognition among both Polish and foreign visitors to the stronghold at the Nogat river. We invite you for a three-hours’ culinary journey to the Grand Master’s kitchen at the Castle of Malbork. EXHIBITION. Holy Intercessors. Gothic sculpture at The Malbork Castle. The castle in Malbork has been presenting medieval sculptures in a modern arrangement since April 2013. Conceived on a grand scale, enriched with multimedia presentations and an educational area, it is a modern exhibition, especially attractive for children and youth. The Exhibition in the Castle Museum is a tale about culture, religion and aesthetics of the middle ages. Its main theme is the cult of the Christian saints, the characteristics of the local cults and certain patrons. Who were the saints? Who and what did the saints patronize? What miracles did they perform? Why were they so important for the medieval people? The exhibition is the opportunity to look at the medieval devotion issue from the perspective of the art of that period. EXHIBITION. Amber Contexts. The renown and presented many times throughout the world Malbork amber collection, has been exhibited in the castle since November 2013, in a modern in a visual art setting, complemented by multimedia. The Malbork Amber Contexts exhibition shows the richness of the natural forms and colors of the living stone, as well as it presents the everyday objects and jewelry made of amber. The collected for over 50 years amber collection is considered to be the most beautiful in the world. Chamber Music at the Castle Organizers - The Malbork Castle Museum, the Malbork Music Appreciation Society Place - The Malbork Castle This is a special series of classical music and jazz concerts, which takes place at Malbork Castle. Once a month, outstanding artists from Poland and abroad present their repertoire and musical talent during emotional concerts. Further information regarding the repertoire is available at: and the Malbork Music Appreciation Society. LIGHT AND SOUND, “With Cross and Sword” Organizer - The Malbork Castle Museum Place - The Malbork Castle The night light and sound show, entitled “With Cross and Sword”, presented at the Malbork Castle, guarantees an adventurous meeting with history. The show includes the voice performances of Piotr Fronczewski, Daniel Olbrychski and Gustaw Holubek. 13.I - The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity Foundation Concert Organizer - GOCC headquarters at Primary School No. 5 Place - the Elementary School nr 5 The Mr. J. Owsiak’s nationwide charity. Collection of money by volunteers, internet auctions, children and youth ensembles and soloists’ performances, miscellaneous stands, auctions of the donated objects. 20.I - Safer together Organizer - CPiTU (Addiction Prevention and Treatment Center), St. John Accident Assistance Society Place - CPiTU, Nowowiejskiego 48, Malbork Promotion of healthy lifestyles, development of pro-health attitudes. 28.II, 6:00PM - “Remembering Anna German” Organizer - Malbork Centre of Culture and Education, The Malbork Castle Museum Place - Karwan (The Malbork Castle) You are welcome to attend the concert of the Vladyslava Vdovychenko, the artist who is known by her great talent and the quality of her voice, strikingly reminiscent of the voice, which was admired by Anna German’s enthusiasts. The artist performed in a few songs in the TV series of the same title, with Anna German’s role played by the actress Joanna Moro. The tickets to the concert of 50PLN may be acquired at the Malbork Culture and Education Center in Malbork. 20.III - “Bull’s eye” Organizer - SOSW (Special School and Educational Center) in Malbork Place - Club 22 of Tactical Air Base The concert is organized outside the center, among others in the Club 22 of the Tactical Air Base in Malbork, where the center’s students present their acquired skills and theatrical, dance, vocal and art talents before the wider public: parents, city and county authorities. 12.IV - I III Bicycle Tour “Visiting the Griffins” Organizer - the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society, the Guide Branch by S. Dubyn in Malbork Place - Malbork - Tczew - Malbork The tour’s initiative is to motivate different communities to cultivate qualified - bicycle tourism, as well as popularizing the sightseeing, ecological and historical values of Zuławy (marshland) and the city of Tczew. Program includes visiting places of tourist interest, such as Vistula Museum and the Art Factory. It is an open type event. 1.V - May picnic of PRL Organizer - The “Spiżarnia” Jazz Club Place - pedestrian zone on the Kościuszki Street, The “Spiżarnia” Jazz Club The historical staging showing the grotesque reality of the communism times. 3.V - III Zulawy Bicycle Tour Organizer - the S. Dubyn Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society, the Guide Branch in Malbork Place - Malbork - Nowy Staw - Borety -Szymankowo - Malbork Thetour’sinitiativeistomotivatedifferentcommunitiestocultivatethequalified-bicycletourism,aswellastopopularize the sightseeing, ecological and the historical heritage of the Malbork Greater Zulawy values. It is an open event. 9.V - The Review of the Preventive Performances Organizer - CPiTU (Addiction Prevention and Treatment Center) Place - Club 22 of Tactical Air Base Promoting healthy lifestyles, developing pro-health attitudes, and introducing to the active and healthy leisure time. 1st half of May - the XVI Cello and Double Bass Competition Organizer - The Ignacy Jan Paderewski National Music School in Malbork Place - the Concert Hall, Pl. Slowianski 18 The students of musical schools, cello and double bass classes from entire Poland will take part in this competition. The students – the young instrumentalists are graded by a professional jury, including musical academy professors of our country. The persons of the jury change, what provides an unbiased character for the event. The winners receive material rewards, and all participants receive individual diplomas and diplomas for schools. 24-25.V - III Malbork Bicycle Tour Organizer - “Rama” The Malbork Bicycle Team Place - Malbork - Szropy - Start Targ - Waplewo - Malbork The beginning of the tour - by the Malbork Castle Museum ticket booths. 22-23.V - The V Malbork Accordion Meetings Organizer - The Ignacy Jan Paderewski National Music School in Malbork Place - the Concert Hall, Pl. Slowianski 18 It is a two day event, including workshops for teachers and students of musical schools and the interested persons. The Concerts of: students - the competitions winners, accordionists - professionals. The lecture shall be conducted by the respected Polish accordionist and specialist in the area of improvisation in the folk music, Mr. Jaroslaw Bester. He will also perform (1st day). 2nd day - panel - a discussion conducted by the teachers, who arrange accordion ensembles and mixed chamber ensembles (with accordion); the theme of the discussion will regard the reform of the art schools, introduced since September 1. The concert that day will be performed by Pawel Janas on the Roland electronic accordion. 17/18.V - Night of Museums at the Castle Organizer - The Malbork Castle Museum Place - The Malbork Castle On this unusual night, the Castle opens its gates to tourists. There are lots of attractions to be expected. 17-21.IV - Easter Traditions and Customs Festival Organizer and place - The “Spiżarnia” Jazz Club Presentation of the old customs related to the Easter Holydays. Paschal Triduum - musical and theatrical performance. 26.IV - Opening of the Dino Park 27-28.III - “Our Bird Radio” Organizer - Malbork Centre of Culture and Education 20.I-2.II - Winter Holidays in the Malbork Centre of Culture and Education Organizer - Malbork Centre of Culture and Education Place - activities in town and excursions are planned. The program of the winter camp will include visits to the bowling alley, cinema, dance classes, visual art classes, IT lab and more. Night Tour of the Castle Organizer - The Malbork Castle Museum Place - The Malbork Castle A journey throughout the Castle with the aid of a guide in the crusader’s outfit. The night tours include the castle areas (the courtyards, terraces, cloisters) and the most beautiful interiors, and it gives opportunity to see the castle in the unusual nightly illumination. Tour time - 1,5h. Calendar of Events 2014 Calendar of Events 2014 Calendar of Events 2014 Calendar of Events 20141 2 3 4 1.VI - The International Kids Day, III Malbork Districts Festival Organizer - The Malbork Culture and Education Center, St. Ursula Ledochowska Parish Place - Malbork, Poludnie district 6-8.VI - Malbork Days, International Festival of Antique Culture Organizer - Malbork Centre of Culture and Education, Malbork Welcome Center, The Malbork Castle Museum Place - pedestrian zone on the Kościuszki Street, the Castle Museum premises As in every year, the city festival is marked by the performances of the music stars. This time, on June 6, the Malbork Days stage will present : Kamil Bednarek with the band, the COCHISE band, including Pawel Malaszynski, Radoslaw Jasinski, Wojciej Napora, Cezary Mielko, as well as the CETI band with Grzegorz Kupczyk (the ex soloist of the TURBO band). This year’s festival of every citizen of Malbork will be enriched by the International Festival of Early Culture concerts and attractions, from the review of the early music ensembles, through the colorful procession through the city streets, to the concerts of the Irish music and the festival’s winners. The members of the brotherhood of knights in Malbork and the vicinity also actively engage in the festival, who will prepare many surprises for the festival’s participants. 8.VI, 10:00am - IV Friendly Stadium Jumping Competition for the Town and Commune Mayor’s Cup and the Open House at the ISKRA Stable Organizer - The Horse Riding Appreciation Society, The ISKRA Horse Riding Club Place - The ISKRA Stable A spectacular competition, horse riding under the supervision of instructors, chaise tours through the woods, many games and plays for children – that’s only a part of the attractions planned for the guests, who will decide to visit the ISKRA Stable on June 8. During the Open House, the entire stable will be made accessible to the visitors, so that every guest may have an opportunity to familiarize with the horses and learn the customary conduct at the stable. 14.VI - II Nationwide Night of Prevention in Malbork Organizer - The PAT Group “Podaj Dalej” (transl. pass on); CPiTU, KPP in Malbork Place - The Malbork Castle Museum or Casimir Jagiellon’s Square This event happens on the same day throughout Poland and promotes life without addictions. During the event there will be prevention shows , concerts and dancing performances. 21.VI - Enmusic Festival Organizer - the Makul@tura Cultural Initiative Society, The Malbork Castle Museum, Malbork Culture and Education Center Place - The Malbork Castle This is the most energetic music festival in Malbork! A festival of youthful energy, freshness and joy. During the shortest night of the year, a Midsummer’s Night, young bands will compete to win the third edition of the festival ENmusic, giving venttoapositiveenergyandnewideas.Therewillbealotofotherattractions:vocalworkshops,fireshowdemonstrations, stilt walking, etc. A concert of a star will be the highlight of the evening! 21-22.VI, 10:00PM - III Welcoming of the Summer Night Tour Organizer - The Malbork Bicycle Team “RAMA” Place - Malbork - Stegna - Malbork The start place of the tour - by the Malbork Castle Museum ticket booths. 21.VI - The IV Edition of the “Remember Shultz” Bicycle Tour Organizer - The Malbork Active Initiative The route of the Tour is on the Malbork - Sztum - Malbork route (mainly through the woods), a campfire is planned during the tour. 23.VI - Midsummer night - Feast of St. John the Baptist Organizer - The “Spiżarnia” Jazz Club Place - Nogat River Boulevard, pedestrian zone on Kościuszki street A performance reflecting early Slavic customs. 27.VI - End of School Year Festival Organizer - CPiTU of Malbork Place - Malbork OSiR Arena, Parkowa street Integrative fun sports games, inculcating the principles of healthy sports competition, introducing to active and healthy leisure, developing pro-health attitudes, education through play. The Kids Day for Adults Organizer - The “Spiżarnia” Jazz Club Place - pedestrian zone on the Kościuszki Street
  2. 2. The constant patronage over events in the city is taken by: Produced and published by: Images from the archives of: Malbork Town Hall, Malbork Welcome Center - Tourism Centre in Malbork, Malbork Castle Museum, Malbork Centre of Culture and Education, Sports and Recreation Centre, Magic Malbork photography contest, Event organisers. Calendar of Events 2014 Calendar of Events 2014 Calendar of Events 20147 8 9 OCTOBER NOVEMBER DECEMBER ATTRACTIONS 3.X - Inauguration of the Cultural Year Organizer - Malbork Town Hall Place - Karwan (The Malbork Castle) The Malbork City Mayor awards will be given for special achievements in the area of culture. 31.X - „Dziady” Organizer - The “Spiżarnia” Jazz Club Place - The “Spiżarnia” Jazz Club The performance presenting Slavs and Balts’ early customs. 6.XII - City St. Nicolas Day fun Organizer - Malbork Centre of Culture and Education Place - Malbork City 1. The Castle A masterpiece of military and residential architecture of the Middle Ages. It is the largest Gothic castle complex in the world! In 1997, it was included in the prestigious UNESCO World Heritage List. On display, the visitors can find permanent exhibitions including rich collections of amber, arms and Gothic sculpture as well as various temporary exhibitions. 2. The Town Square with fountain and Monument of King Kazimierz Jagiellończyk Town Square with a fountain, which in an allusion to mediaeval history forms the shape of a knight’s shield and sword. Monument of king Kazimierz Jagiellończyk reminds his arrival to the city in 1457 during three-teenage war. The square serves as a venue for numerous exhibitions, processions, fairs and street theatre shows, which make visitors’ stay in the town more attractive. Daily shows of fauntain, particularly those in the evening, made more spectacular by light effects, draw hundreds of interested spectators in the summer season. 3. Model of Malbork Castle A great place to take a souvenir photo of your visit to Malbork. This model is made of more than a million specially baked bricks. With a base measuring 11 x 5 metres, and built to a scale of 1:30, the model attracts both tourists and residents of the town. This is one of the features characterising of the modern pedestrian precinct. It lets you see close-up how the Teutonic castle looked before the damage it suffered during the Second World War. 4. The Marina The marina is located in the city park area Nogat river, within a walking distance from the Castle of the Teutonic Knights and the city center. It is an important point on the water route of Żuławska Loop. At the marina, floating piers were built with gangways and mooring branches. Platforms allow berthing of 24 yachts and sailboats at the same time. The harbor facilities include boatswain quarters, sanitary facilities and kitchen. You can rent kayaks and pedal boats. Additionally, the infrastructure is complemented by land-use elements such as footpaths and shared zones, network December 6 - until the middle of January 2015 - the XXIV Christmas in Art Festival Organizer - Malbork Town Hall; implementation - Malbork Culture and Education Center Place - the city premises Literature and knowledge of the Christmas traditions competitions addressed to children and youth. December - Advent Market Organizer - The “Spiżarnia” Jazz Club Place - the City Fountain 28-30.XII - X New Year’s Girls Volleyball Tournament Organizer - UKS Eagle Malbork Place - the Sports and Entertainment Hall at the Gymnasium Nr. 3 December - The holydays gingerbread event Organizer and place – Gothic Cafe & Restaurant (at the castle) Baking gingerbread, painting Christmas tree balls. 31.XII - the New Year’s Eve in Malbork Organizer - Malbork Centre of Culture and Education Place - Casimir Jagiellon’s Square 8-9.XI - Wielcy Nieobecni Organizer - Malbork Centre of Culture and Education Place - Malbork City Another edition of the “Wielcy Nieobecni” Works of the Polish Poets Competition, during which the young people will present the works of the deceased Polish poets in the form of a recitation or through singing. 5.VII - Malbork Skillz UP – Polish Championship in Freestyle Motocross Organizer - Malbork Town Hall, Malbork Center of Culture and Education, Malbork Welcome Center, Sportainment Place - stands on the Wały von Plauena This is the official Open Polish Championship in Freestyle Motocross. The event is a combination of the happening utmost sport importance with a spectacular show. Freestyle Motocross is a very impressive sport and the accompanying emotions last for a long time in the fans’ memory. The best Polish and foreign Freestyle Motocross players accompany in the battle for points great extra attractions, such as Monster Truck, Trial, MTB and BMX shows, thanks to it the whole event programme is over 2 hours of excellent fun for fans in every age irrespective of gender. 8-9.XI - XI Nationwide Polish Dance Tournament “O muszlę Bałtyku” (for the Baltic’s shell) Organizer - Club 22 of the Tactical Air Base. ARS Longa, the “Malbork Song and Dance Ensemble Place - Club 22 of the Tactical Air Base, the gymnasium entertainment arena This is a cyclic event, written in the dance calendar of the CIOF events - it has over 100 best dance pares from Poland. It is an entertainment event. 11.XI - „Przybyli Ułani Pod Okienko” Organizer - The “Spiżarnia” Jazz Club Place - Route of the March of Independence, The “Spiżarnia” Jazz Club This is a historical performance dedicated to the celebration of the Independence Day. November - Goose on the St. Martin’s Day Organizer and place - Gothic Café & Restaurant (the Castle) The goose and St. Martin’s croissants are the tradition at the Malbork Castle. The event is about baking goose with red cabbage, cooking barley soup on goose meet and baking the croissants with poppy seed and delicacies. 11.X - XV Hubertus at the ISKRA Stable and the Friendly Stadium Jumping Competition for the Sztum County Governor Organizer - The Horse Riding Appreciation Society, The Horse Riding Club ISKRA Place - The ISKRA Stable The St. Hubertus Day celebrations - the hunters, foresters and horsemen’s patron - spectacular competitions, rides in the saddle and the horse wagon through the woods - it’s part of the attractions planned for the guests, who on Saturday, October 11, will decide to visit the ISKRA Stable. On this day, the whole stud farm will be made accessible to the visiting guests, so that everyone will have an opportunity to familiarize with the horses and to learn the customary conduct at the stable. End of September - the VI Edition of the Foreign Language Song “EUROSONG 2014” Organizer - the Malbork Youth City Council Place - Karwan (The Malbork Castle) The participants are the youth from the entire Poland. The competition is held in two age categories, 12 - 16 and 17 - 21 years of age. The participants will present two songs in the Polish and a foreign language. The competition will be held on the first day of the festival, and final concert with a performance of an invited star will be held on the second day. During the festival there will be musical workshops available for the participants, they will visit the city, the Castle Museum and they will integrate with the Malbork youth. Calendar of Events 2014 6 AUGUST SEPTEMBER 14.VIII - “The Mustang Race 2014 – the Malbork Stop” Organizer - The Mustang Club Poland Society, Malbork Welcome Center Place - The Malbork Castle premises The cars exhibition for the residents and tourists, fitness competitions for the participants of the tour. August - the Christian GOSPEL Music Concert Organizer - The Malbork Castle Museum Place - The Malbork Castle It is a part of the annual International Festival of the Christian Gospel Music. It has become a tradition, that one of the festival’s concerts takes place at the Malbork Castle and is attracting an increasing interest. 7.IX - Castle Triathlon Malbork Organizer - MKS “TRIATHLON” Malbork Place - the Nogat River Boulevard, the Malbork Castle Museum, the surroundings of the “Flisak” Barge, the county roads. 4-7.IX - WELCOME SCHOOL! Open days at the Latin School together with an opening ceremony of the building. Organizer - Malbork Centre of Culture and Education, Malbork Welcome Center, Malbork Town Hall Place - Malbork City, the Nogat River Boulevard, the surroundings of the Latin School September 4 - the official opening of the new educational and cultural center in Malbork. The educational picnic with attractions will follow. September 4-7 - Open days at the Latin School - You are welcome to come and see how it functions, learn about how to spend time there! 20.IX - II Anniversary of the “Podaj dalej” Group’s activity Organizer - the Theatrical Group PAT “Podaj Dalej” Place - 1st High school in Malbork / Casimir Jagiellon’s Square We want to celebrate our birthday for the second time, this time in the presence a larger group of the Malbork City’s residents. We will show our performances, as well as we will invite guests for a shared theatrical fun. 8-9.VIII - Magic Malbork Organizer - Malbork Centre of Culture and Education, Malbork Welcome Center Place - City Square on Kosciuszki Night show - the viewing area on Parkowa street (von Plauen earth banks) This is an outdoor event, organized for the 6th time, awarded many times for the unusual presentation of history through the modern forms of dance, acrobatics, music, lasers and lights. The main part of the Magic Malbork is the unique evening show, which combines different types of art: music, dance, picture and light. The combination of talents of reknown dance 8-10.VIII - The International SAAB Car Show Organizer - SAAB CLUB Poland Place - OSiR field This is the first international show of this type in Poland. It is organized in a different country every year. The candidacies are presented 3 - 5 years earlier. Cars from the entire Europe and Middle East appear in this type of shows. The show is visited by guests from regions across the ocean. On Saturday, 300 - 400 vehicles will be available for viewing at the OSiR field. Eric Carlsson, also known as Mr. SAAB, the rally legend, is also being announced to attend the show. connections and lighting installation. The marina is monitored throughout the year, with additional 24-hour supervision by boatswain from May to September. The marina was created within the framework of the regional project “Żuławska Loop - development of water tourism.” Calendar of Events 2014 5 June - Juvenalia, WSG CUP (Futsal Tournament) Organizer - Student Government / the Management and Engineering Faculty in Malbork Place - Malbork (Gymnasium Nr. 3, Sports hall) Juvenalia - an open cultural event, organized by the student government of the Malbork Higher School of Economics Faculty in Malbork WSG CUP - a ball tournament for higher education schools, companies, the internal faculty teams June – Agnieszka Cegielska’s Charity Concert Organizer - Agnieszka Cegielska and the “Szkola Otwartych Serc” at School Nr.5 in Malbork Place - Karwan (The Malbork Castle) The charity Concert together with the performance of a singer, an actor or a bard. There will be an auction of the objects acquired by Mrs. Agnieszka Cegielska. JULY 5.VII - II Dabrowka and Juranda Tour Organizer - the Malbork Bicycle Team “RAMA” Place - Malbork - Gronajny - Dabrowka Malb. - Koniecwald - Malobork 18-20.VII - The Siege of Malbork Organizer - The Malbork Castle Museum Place - The Malbork Castle and its surroundings The surroundings of the castle during those days will be a medieval full of life city with camping knights, archers, cannoniers, as well as with fairs with products relating to the medieval cuisine and crafts, tournaments and shows of the art of chivalry, the fighting art, armament, theater and medieval music all around. This year’s Siege program will include the staging of the battles of knights between the Polish and the Teutonic armies, the cavalry battles, crossbow and archery tournaments. There will, of course, be horses and stunts. The knights’ struggles will be accompanied by medieval theaters, a puppet theater, street concerts, as well as animations with jugglers, stilt walkers and fire swallowers. 26.VII - III “Summer on two wheels” Bicycle Tour Organizer - the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society, the Guide Branch by S. Dubyn in Malbork Place - Malbork - Sztum - Biala Gora - Malbork The tour’s initiative is to activate different communities to cultivate the qualified - bicycle tourism, as well as to popularize the sightseeing, nature and the historical heritage values of Zulawy and Powisle. It is an open event. 1.VIII - “Gdzie są chłopcy z tamtych lat” (where are the boys from those years) Organizer - The “Spiżarnia” Jazz Club, Malbork Centre of Culture and Education, The Malbork Tourist Cluster Place - the City Fountain and the pedestrian zone on Kosciuszki street The historical staging and the events accompanying the 70th anniversary of the outbreak of the Warsaw Uprising. Organiser of the Main Events: Malbork Centre of Culture and Education ul. Kopernika 1 tel. +48 55 272 38 52 Department of Education, Culture and Sport Malbork Town Hall pl. Słowiański 5 tel. +48 55 629 04 00 ext. 428 Media relations for events: Malbork Welcome Center Center of Tourism in Malbork ul. Kościuszki 54 tel. +48 55 647 14 30 Note: Events may be cancelled or dates and times changed. The calendar is also available on the websites: Malbork Castle Museum ul. Starościńska 1 tel. +48 55 647 08 00 Sports and Recreation Centre ul. Parkowa 3 tel. +48 55 272 24 13 and acrobatic teams together with the laser, light and pyrotechnical effects shows makes the spectacle hypnotize a few thousands of viewers every year. The permanent element of the event are the breathtaking stunts at high altitudes, and the event organizers provide the viewers with new attractions and effects every year. The event ends with a fireworks show. This year the event will begin on Friday, August 9, with the evening attractions in the Malbork Castle vicinity. 3.VIII - 71 Tour de Pologne - stage in Malbork (I phase of the cycling race) 5. Rock-climbing, tennis, sports pitch and ice rink In the summer season, visitors can enjoy the climbing wall. With the surface of about 100 m2, it is 11 m wide and its height reaches from 5.5 to 10.5 m. Skilled instructors ensure the safety of the amateurs of climbing. Moreover, brick tennis courts and roller skating arena are available for tourists and citizens of the town. In the winter season, from November to March, municipal ice skating rink is open in Malbork. With its dimensions of 20 x 40 m, it can receive 100 amateurs of this sport at the same time. 6. Dino Park The park, with the surface of 5 hectares, hosts such attractions as: 5D cinema, fossil museum, play land for children, educational path with 40 animatronic dinosaurs in 1:1 scale, souvenir shop, mini zoo, laser tunnel as well as Rope Park. Food and drinks are available in gastronomy facilities. The parking can accommodate 150 passenger cars. 7. Jumpy Park The “Jumpy Park” rope park in Malbork is one of the biggest attractions of this kind in Poland. On the surface of 1.2 hectares, 1500 metres of routes with different obstacles hung on trees were prepared (bridges, footbridges, nets, Tyrolean traverses and others). The routes are divided into as many as 6 levels. Everybody, irrespective of the age and physical condition, will find an appropriate and safe route to test their skills and experience unforgettable moments, great fun and adrenaline. A new climbing complex opened within this area, called “Himalayas in the Żuławy region”, is the only attraction of this kind in Poland. It is the place where you can reach all 14 eight-thousanders, choosing your own climbing route. Additional attractions include fitness playground, shooting range, bouncies, trampolines, castles and playgrounds for children. During summer holidays, children and teenagers can take part in theme workshops (9 am - 4 pm), where they can learn climbing, shooting, fishing, music, dance and participate in survival classes. Each day is devoted to a different theme. The workshops are conducted by qualified instructors. 8. The Medieval Siege Engines The exhibition was prepared on a grand scale and it is the largest collection of its kind in the world. All machines have been reconstructed with the utmost attention to detail using original medieval craft techniques. The multitude of the exhibits presented in a full-scale will charm not only enthusiasts, but also children and people who value peculiarities and curiosities. 10. Tourist train This remarkable vehicle, consisting of a locomotive and two carriages, travels on the streets of Malbork between 1 June and 30 September, starting at 9 am. It makes it easier for travellers to see the town, and provides an unforgettable experience. The route takes in attractions of the town such as Malbork Castle, the town’s mediaeval buildings, the dancing fountain and a scale model of the castle. The train serves both individual passengers and organized groups, and is fully adapted for disabled passengers. There is a stop for embarking and alighting at ul. Starościńska (next to the Castle Museum ticket offices). 9. Minigolf This is a superb way of spending free time in the fresh air, suitable for everyone regardless of age and fitness. It has 9 holes with obstacles, with a total length of 80 metres. Equipment is available on the spot at no extra cost. The course is open from May to the middle of September. JUNE JUNE - City Game Organizer - The City Public Library, The Malbork Castle Museum Library Place - Malbork City The literature city game, including the elements of history and topography of Malbork, addressed to all residents of the city.